I listen to almost all kinds of electronic music, from industrial to drum'n'bass. My favorit bands are NIN, Snog, Oomph!, Fluke, Orbital, The Crystal Method, And One (untill Nordhausen), ....

I prefer real releases instead of CDRs, because a CD isn't only music, it's also artwork. Only a cover and booklett makes a CD complete. I'm not interrested in MP3s, they sound like shit!!! I'm a high end freak and MP3s just suck on good soundsystems!

For my tradelist just follow the homepage link.
Sometimes I'm selling stuff at ebay (joschi.tm), look there too!

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posted a review of Les Berrtas - Metamorphosis. over 14 years ago
This release is as crazy as the other Les Berrtas splatter sound-style sh**! Whether you hate it or it brings a big smile on you face. :-)))

‘Es War Sommer’ (it was summer) was even a big scandal when the original release, performed by german Pop-Rock ... See full review