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posted a comment on Ian Broudie - Tales Told. 13 days ago
Fantastic solo album originally released in 2004. First time on lp. Sounds very clear and crisp after a cleaning. Well deserved vinyl release.
posted a comment on The Del Fuegos - Boston, Mass.. about 1 month ago
Back when there were "local" music video channels, V66 and Outrageous. Back when some of the best local acts played on Channel 2 once in a while. "Don't run wild" came out my 1st year of High School (yuck)
posted a review of Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres - Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres. about 1 month ago
Fantastic collection of tunes on this one.
Pete's delivery gets better, smooth almost.
And unique as : Lee Mavers, Ian Brown, Moz, Kurt Cobain, Terry Hall. Mark E Smith etc. With no direct relationship with any of the above, just in the same class. Vinyl ... See full review
posted a comment on Terry Hall - Laugh. about 1 month ago
I'm listening to the vinyl version right now, sounds great! Brings me back....all star cast of musicians Hall, Albarn, Gannon, Stephen Duffy. Perfect collection of pop songs that should of made it to at least #14 on the charts.
posted a comment on Ian Brown - Unfinished Monkey Business. about 1 month ago
Owned the CD version since '97. Was never able to find a vinyl copy in the U.S. MOV has made my ears happy. Quiet pressing and a nice replica of the original record/sleeve with inner included.
posted a comment on Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue. about 1 month ago
My original USA Jet/UA copy with SR2 in the dead wax make my speakers swirl around the room. Jeff Lynne and co. are geniuses of musical innovation. Timeless stuff I first heard as an 7 year old in the 70's, summers by the pool....in the the big city!
posted a comment on Stealers Wheel - Stealers Wheel. about 1 month ago
I had never heard this album start to finish in my life. I just picked the Intervention release at my friends shop....wow, quality music. Although, "Stuck in the middle" is the highlight ,no contest.
posted a comment on Nirvana - Incesticide. about 1 month ago
He probably should of waited for Chris Bellman to recut this LP. He probably would of shot someone else. Sounding really nice.
posted a comment on Johnny Marr - Call The Comet. about 1 month ago
A rocker with stripes....Johnny's always had big soul. Call the Comet live did not disappoint. I own all three vinyl versions of this, Black sounds the best to me....less $ too.
posted a comment on The Zombies - Begin Here. about 1 month ago
This is not a fail release. Technology in the 60's was sub par for what the engineers were trying to produce. Today these missing tech points can be tweaked with the incorporation of digital mastering. I don't own an original of begin', but My Zombies O ... See full review
posted a comment on The Zombies - R.I.P.. about 1 month ago
I find a quick use of a RCM will improve sound, performance....crud and slag can get caught in the grooves on new pressings , believe it or not.
posted a review of The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle. about 1 month ago
Original Big Beat from '97: WIKD 181 A/B (ETCH)
Stacked or stamped are later pressings.
1969 US Terre Haute pressings are nice if clean.
Time of the Zombies is a 2 lp that contains both USA lp's and sounds great.
2012(?) Repertoire Mono lp is my go ... See full review
posted a comment on The Beatles - Abbey Road. about 1 month ago
Original: George Martin
Remaster: Stan Richer with Martins tapes...at newly discovered 1/2 speed.
posted a review of Joe Jackson - Night And Day. about 1 month ago
Nice sound on the MOFI. Huge record back then. Even this guy as a 12 y/o. His Bacharach moment....
posted a comment on Violent Femmes - Hallowed Ground. about 1 month ago
Sounds a tad better than my German original.
Or maybe it's the RSD gypsy spell....
posted a review of Alex Chilton - A Man Called Destruction. about 1 month ago
Loose and "under"produced, just the way we like it. Alex Chilton always made it sound like he just walked in and said "hit it!" Nice sounding colored vinyl, even without a wash. Clean, clear sound with some punch....
posted a comment on Frank Black - The Cult Of Ray. about 1 month ago
I have the vinyl version of this. Bob Ludwig mastered, and probably the best solo stuff he ever did. The album as a whole just seems put together.
posted a comment on Billy Bragg - Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy. about 1 month ago
My original UK "black sticker" 12" sounds great. I think I paid $7 for it NM. Billy made the 80's a pleasure to listen to....
posted a comment on The Bluetones - Return To The Last Chance Saloon. 2 months ago
After a "nice try" with an original white pressing, I decided to go for this repress. Not bad at all. Decently quiet vinyl, sounds like The Bluetones to me. Still available on the 3 loop site too....
posted a comment on Lou Reed - Ecstasy. 2 months ago
The last Lou Reed record I purchased was New York in '89. From the run in on vinyl, this record is hooky, tough, and almost as cool as Lou himself!! He wasn't young by any stretch, but this lp has some angst aboard. Loose, but put down with the skill of ... See full review
posted a comment on Morrissey - Bona Drag. 2 months ago
I own an original UK press of this, and let me tell you....this pressing is quiet, clean playing, well balanced, a pleasure to listen to. A definite improvement from the original which sounds "thin". This RM Rhino USA pressing is stellar in comparison.
posted a comment on The Charlatans - Us And Us Only. 2 months ago
I own the RSD clear vinyl. My copy sounds like ABSOLUTE rubbish. Pop and crackle galore. A real shame!
posted a review of Frank Black - Teenager Of The Year. 2 months ago
Sounds absolutely tremendous. Never really took his solo stuff in back then. This pressing it quiet, clean and detailed as pop rock can be ....que thumbs up emoji.
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posted a comment on Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks. 2 months ago
Just picked up the RSD NYC mix Test press.
Nice sounding slightly different mix, vinyl sounds great and 9/10 on the quiet scale.
Bought on a whim, as an "extra".
posted a comment on Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience. 2 months ago
This version is a joke compared to the original version on "Dusted" , all fluffy and clean......
posted a comment on Daniel Johnston - Fun. 2 months ago
I got mine for free. After the first 2 tracks, I probably would have paid for it.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin. 2 months ago
I have this too, 00A/00B etchings. A few pops here and there. Nice clean sound though. Beats shelling out $$$$ for an original.
posted a comment on Shack (3) - The Corner Of Miles And Gil. 2 months ago
I own this 2 lp, and as a long time fan of the Head bros. stuff, it's not even funny how good this record sounds.
posted a comment on Steve Kilbey - The Slow Crack. 2 months ago
Long time fan of The Church, I just picked this lp up for about $10. 1987, I think we overlooked something!!!!
posted a comment on The Jesus And Mary Chain - Darklands. 3 months ago
Back in these days, only the REAL COOL KIDS liked this band. And a few others.....!
posted a comment on The Servants. 3 months ago
I don't recall this in the 80's/90's, when I was fresh out of High School. But it hooks me because it sounds like Postcard Records stuff from a decade before. Josef K, Orange Juice, etc.
posted a comment on The Replacements - All Shook Down. 3 months ago
I have the 2013 ORG reissue, and to second another reviewer, my reissue copy sounds like The Replacements should.......ballzy.
posted a comment on Gruff Rhys - Babelsberg. 3 months ago
Aside from the cash in...
The album is a masterpiece. Goes to show us that everything starts and ends in the 60's (La's interview) Sounds like Pet Sounds did LSD with Sgt. Pepper. Gruff Rhys is an artist, a fan, artist again. I know his secret, well ... See full review
posted a comment on The Stone Roses - Garage Flower. 3 months ago
Being an O.G. Stone Roses fan, I purchased this upon release in the 90's. These recordings are important, because they forced changes and delivered the magic.
Recall the early UK interviews with Ian and John...? High as kites and knew they had the world ... See full review
posted a comment on Doves - Lost Souls. 3 months ago
600 US copies were pressed. No idea on UK.
This needs a repress. Yeah, more than the white album!!!! ;)
posted a review of David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. 4 months ago
I own 9 pressings of this, one being an OG 1E 2E UK copy. I can't imagine a 1E 1E sounding any better to any given set of ears. As long as the vinyl is clean and the grooves undamaged, a 2E copy should melt your ears.
posted a review of The Beta Band - Heroes To Zeros. 4 months ago
I've owned the CD since it's release, the vinyl version of this reissue sounds nice. Remastered but no credits avail that I can discern. Perhaps Ludwig one would hope!
posted a review of Tuff Darts!* - Tuff Darts!. 4 months ago
The cover art hints this band should sound like The Damned or the like. But, surprisingly Tuff Darts! is very power pop/70's Rock and Roll sounding. Tight band, good singing, rocking production.
posted a review of Traveling Wilburys - Volume One. 4 months ago
Solid recording on my first US pressing. Great songs by 5 legends. I recall thinking that Petty was the odd man out early on, but of course he proved me wrong! Brought together by the Carl Perkins special.... back then?
posted a comment on Buzzcocks - Love Bites. 4 months ago
Nice pressing on white vinyl. Pre ordered my copy and was surprised with the "product" bag. Circle is complete for me.
posted a comment on David Bowie - Aladdin Sane. 5 months ago
I think the grey/silver tones on the cover were purposely done. It is a silver edition after all.
The sound? Sounds like Aladdin Sane to me.
Plays nicely.
posted a comment on Sub Sub - Delta Tapes. 5 months ago
Before DOVES took flight. Firesuite was turned into something magical.
posted a comment on Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Kaleidoscope. 5 months ago
Figuring the 1st time I heard this was on cassette in about '84, and I 've owned a few o.g. vinyl copies since, this reissue is a keeper. Plays clean and quiet, no clicks, distortion etc. during playback. Excellent remastering.
posted a comment on Doves - Lost Souls. 6 months ago
Caught them live in Boston a couple times Lost Souls and Kingdom of rust. Jaw droppingly good.
posted a comment on Doves - Lost Souls. 6 months ago
Ok that's it! I've had enough.....reissue on vinyl pressed at a quality plant, NOW. I saw this performed live in 2000. This problem is I bought the CD. No time machine available so...what are you waiting for?
posted a review of Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady. 6 months ago
I have this particular copy US silver lable IRS pressing with barcode upper right. Odd cursive signature in deadwax looks like it says " ERWIN" ??? Any info? I've owned it since early 90's. Sounds nice.
posted a review of The Rationals - Out On The Floor. 6 months ago
One of The Best bands of the 1960's BAR NONE! Four Michigan honkeys doing their thing. The "beat" "soul" and then..... "sunset"! Holy shit, that, to me is THE quintessential 60's tune. Listening right now, and wishing I could have been there at The ... See full review
posted a comment on J Mascis - Elastic Days. 6 months ago
Record sounds great. Used the download card for kindling. I'd rather have a lyrics sheet....
posted a comment on Richard Ashcroft - Alone With Everybody. 6 months ago
Couldn't agree more. Just popped it on, sounds great on my system. Bought two accidentally. I'll archive one as I believe this will go OOP before we know it.