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posted a comment on Agent Orange (7) - Living In Darkness. 5 days ago
Only knew this band by their name before now. Great rock and roll, guitar/bass work is phenomenal, and the vocal is very Cali sounding. Nice Vibe-Punk.
posted a comment on Ocean Colour Scene - One From The Modern. 10 days ago
Gorgeous green vinyl. Remastered version is flat and quiet. No pops or clicks, very happy with this pressing. Those were the days!!! OCS.
posted a comment on Terry Hall - Home. 26 days ago
I have an advanced copy of Terry Hall Home on vinyl. The sounde is great but, vinyl is a tad noisy....I've owned my c.d. version since new, great album. Graig Gannon cooks on this album!!! Les, Chris, Ian , Andy and Terry etc. are at the top of their craft. See full review
posted a comment on Tin Machine - Tin Machine II. about 1 month ago
Man, I tell you...I was in my 20's when this came out. I recall loving the music but hating the "look", suits, headless guitars.
Flash ahead to now, modern, new, rockin, Bowie's voice was gutsy. I found some interviews on the net, Bowie was so... See full review
posted a comment on The Deviants (2) - The Deviants. about 1 month ago
Picked this up at a local Flea Market. Was weary about sound quality, but it doesn't sound bad at all....Not really a huge fan of Deviants, but this is the one album I enjoy.
posted a comment on Agents Provocateurs - The Missing Persons. about 1 month ago
Let me be the 1st to give this an honest review. It's obviously influenced by NYC GBGB type rock and roll. Television, Richard Hell, it sounds more like someone else, but can't put my finger on it!!! Agents Provocateurs should of been up there with... See full review
posted a comment on Billy Squier - The Tale Of The Tape. about 1 month ago
Yeah, until Don't Say No happened. That LP was not typical at all.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II. about 1 month ago
I've been listening to this album since my childhood in the late 70's. This is absolutely a splendid way to hear this record. Canadian Red Label Atlantic!!! Get some!
posted a comment on Green (8) - Elaine MacKenzie. about 1 month ago
I think of Big Star meets R.E.M. when I listen to this. It just has that purist, roots rock kind of feel. Very different than the debut, which is also perfection.
posted a comment on Eddie Criss Group. 3 months ago
This record is available from HOZAC in the USA. Let me tell you all it's fantastic!! I said to myself, " it's the missing link to something".
This was before I new the recordings included Wayne Kramer. It's good.
posted a comment on Baby Grande - Baby Grande. 3 months ago
I own this record and I think it's good stuff, very interesting to hear.
The important thing is to thank EMI for rejecting the Baby Grande demos. Without that decision there would not have been a band called The Church.
posted a comment on Peter Murphy - Deep. 3 months ago
For those of you too young to know...Peter Murphy was HUGE on "college radio" in the 80's!!! A voice as classic as Bowie, Lennon, Morrissey,Stipe etc.
posted a comment on Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up...It's Tomorrow. 3 months ago
As a collector of 4 decades, I usually go for originals 1st. Sundazed has always been a respected label for me. For this release, why take a chance on a possible "played" copy...The Kevin Gray cut is absolutely great.
posted a comment on Marion (3) - The Program. 3 months ago
Being a "Brit popper" years before the title was even muttered. Marion was one of those groups that hit hard at people who were listening with ears open. Of course when NME labels a sound, they all sound alike....With Suede and Shed Seven arriving a... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Blossom Toes - We Are Ever So Clean. 4 months ago
Very nice AAA pressing here. Bonus lp is the cherry on top.
posted a comment on Paul McCartney - McCartney. 4 months ago
Listening to the red vinyl pressing right now, and it sounds delightful. Came out of the packaging ready to play, dusted with my brush....and enjoyed. Poly lined inner would have been nice.
posted a comment on Lord John - Six Days Of Sound. 4 months ago
If you're into good 80's stuff this is for you. Bomp! had an ear for great bands. I think lost classics sound better. This record once again proves that all 80's music is not dated.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II. 5 months ago
I own LZ ll: RL, 77 RE, Page RM, Japan '92, Mono, MFSL. The MOFI takes the cake on this one. It's all about balance and tone. It's just as "in your face" as a RL....
posted a comment on The Monkees - Changes. 5 months ago
Been a Monkees fan for most of my life (that spans about 5 decades) Changes is my least favorite Monkees lp. But. My genuine feeling is it's not that bad. Get rid of 3 or 4 tunes, invite some Nez stuff in, this would be a keeper. Can't change the... See full review
posted a comment on The Rising Storm. 5 months ago
Great Massachusetts local sound...coolest thing is the Love cover tune. Makes me wonder which kid in the band bought the Love album.
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 6 months ago
The live set should be from Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts 1986. My older brother invited me to go but I had to endure double session summer school that summer. My father forbid me. No teenage rebel here!!! :(
posted a comment on Magic Carpets - Guided Naffi Missile. 6 months ago
Picked this up in my "Probe phase" Geoff Davis signed up some mighty cool rock and roll bands and Magic Carpets are one of them. Plus the singer has those nasally, gruff, Liverpool vocals.
posted a comment on Dry Ice (5). 6 months ago
This album oozes. What a spectacular compilation of this north shore band. Mr. Sawyer is a highlight, but as a whole the lp should be part of anyone's collection that's into the 60's spectrum of tastes.
posted a comment on The Waxmen - Slick View. 6 months ago
Definitely one of the best kept secret weapons in my collection. Great tunes. Vocal delivery, musicians are tight and punchy. This band got no love, but they deserved it. This band ain't chopped liver!!
posted a comment on The Woodentops - Giant. 6 months ago
Am I allowed by the masses to say this was (is) more, just as important to me than, say...Queen is Dead or Life's Rich Pageant. Still blows me away!!
posted a comment on The Wicked Whispers - Maps Of The Mystic. 6 months ago
Yeah man, this debut is fantastic. Nicely pressed vinyl too. Very 1966 sounding like later Shack stuff. The entire record flows like an exhale from a bong hit.
posted a comment on Morrissey - Low In High School. 6 months ago
I bought the 1st pressing clear vinyl too, but my copy sounds perfectly fine (after a machine cleaning). I remember initially there were pops and crackle, but all was remedied by my machine. Great tunes, decent pressing. After all for a man who is 60... See full review
posted a comment on Morrissey - I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. 6 months ago
As a fan since 1985, Morrissey has never claimed political allegiance with any party. He thinks and says what he feels and what he wants. How human is that? How punk? How real? VERY. Most of these naysayers to Moz's words were never fans in anyway or... See full review
posted a comment on Big Country - The Crossing. 6 months ago
1983 when MTV actually helped talented people, played their promo videos and put some money in bands bank accts. Big Country definitely had the songs, and as a 13 year old kid, hooked me with the Big Country video way back when the "New Wave" was new.... See full review
posted a comment on XTC - Skylarking. 6 months ago
I like this pressing/remaster. Back in the 80's I was in a cassette phase, never imagined XTC sounding this lush and detailed.
posted a comment on The Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour. 6 months ago
I think that the upfront vocal was the way this recording was mastered from the start. I have The Weeds (aka) Comp. and that very effect goes away if I turn the volume up. Keep in mind some tracks are Mono, Stereo and experimental in sound. O.G.... See full review
posted a comment on The Real Kids - The Real Kids. 6 months ago
The 2018 Remaster of this album is mindblowing and fresh. I picked it up on a whim and I like it. The tunes are raw, fast and rockin. The way these four guys look stinks of rock and roll. I like rock and roll stink!!!
posted a comment on Wilco - A.M.. 7 months ago
Anyone else think Jeff Tweedy slept with a The Band lp every night?
posted a comment on The Primitives - Everything's Shining Bright: The Lazy Recordings 1985 - 1987. 7 months ago
Buy this and fall in love again....the vinyl version is shorter but smooooooth. Long time ago my friends
posted a review of The Merry•Go•Round* - The Merry-Go-Round. 7 months ago
I have the 2010 Sundazed release. Sonically it sounds great as it's remastered by WG?
Vinyl needed a deep cleaning due to some pops, crackle in quiet spots. I can't stop listening to this...fantastic.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity. 7 months ago
Not a bad little reissue for $14.99.
A few pops here and there but nothing too disturbing. Record came out of the shrink with paper flecks and smears, but cleaned up fine. Music still flows out of the speakers nicely.
posted a comment on Big Star - #1 Record. 7 months ago
My Classic Records pressings of the two lp's are good. #1 sounding better than Radio City (to my ears).
My Craft reissue of #1 sounds fantastic but the 1978 UK twofer beats em' all. I never play the originals.....
posted a comment on Big Star - #1 Record / Radio City. 7 months ago
My favorite way of listening to these two records. Classic Records release and original Ardent pressings are close but not as "tight", to my ears. My copy has NICK in the deadwax. I believe not all pressings of this twofer were created equally... See full review
posted a comment on Spacehog - Resident Alien. 7 months ago
Spacehog wasn't a bad band. Hooky tunes obviously borrowed from Bowie and Bolan etc. As far as the "In the meantime" riff.....give Suede a call and thank them personally. ;)
posted a review of David Bowie - Space Oddity (2019 Mix). 7 months ago
I was like OMG another posthumous release blah blah. Then the needle hit the groove and all is well!! Great mix. Bowie and Visconti were mates and clearly it shows here.
posted a review of The Waxmen - The Waxmen. 7 months ago
Stand by for a positive review....
This LP is fantastic! Female vocal reminds me of a Pylon, Siouxsie Sioux and Aimee Mann cocktail. Great 80's jangly, bass driven, genuine rock and roll. Will seek out the 2nd album. Good stuff.
posted a comment on Shoes - Bazooka. 7 months ago
Shoes Bazooka? This beautiful slab of vinyl rates with any power pop record in your top 3!!! A perfect record.
posted a comment on The Act (6) - Too Late At 20. 8 months ago
This is crazy good power pop. A good description is a pinch of The Romantics with a some mello Replacements and The Police.
posted a comment on The Leopards (2). 8 months ago
This band is a cross between (IMO) The Kinks, Monochrome Set, Be Bop Deluxe. Quirky 60's style tunes. I own both full length LPs, loved from first listen. Quality stuff.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Presence. 9 months ago
My two cents: To my 49 y/o ears, if you want "punch" go for a U.S. original. If you want punch with nice detail and separation, go for the Jimmy Page RM. Pressed at Pallas....beautiful. They're his tapes, he knows what his tunes are supposed to sound like. See full review
posted a comment on The Real Kids - 28:18:39. 9 months ago
This is like an old pair of sneakers with new laces, still loose but rigid when tried on. Listening right now and liking it!!
posted a comment on The Hot Dogs. 9 months ago
There's 11 reasons on "Say what you mean" to prove that The Hot Dogs are one of the best bands the 70's ever produced.
posted a comment on The Things* - Outside My Window. 9 months ago
Tell you all something.....if you missed this in the 80's, you missed something spectacular. Psychedelia galore. This should of had massive airplay...one of those records where there's not a bad track on it.
posted a comment on The Clash - London Calling. 9 months ago
Nice quiet vinyl, beautiful clear records with with white epic labels. Very nice packaging with the obi strip and inlay extras. Mastered flawlessly.