In no particular order... I like IDM, detroit techno, electro, tech house, minimal... as well as breakcore, rhythmic noise, harsh noise... and black metal, death metal, grindcore,

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submitted Cos BV - Thousand Knives Of Cos BV. 26 days ago
submitted Secundus (2) - Secundus. 26 days ago
submitted PHSNWSKY - Dryfield. 26 days ago
submitted Blood Vibes - Bounce To The / Rinse Cycle. 26 days ago
submitted DJ Aflow - Addicted. 26 days ago
submitted DJ Béeso - Abe' Yistiní. 26 days ago
submitted Duolo - White Dingo. 26 days ago
submitted DØT - Supadorai. 26 days ago
submitted Ovrkl - Rare Raw. 26 days ago
submitted Callosum - Dust Ray. 26 days ago
submitted BLASTAH - Komodo. 26 days ago
submitted qp (3) - Phi. 26 days ago
submitted 7777777 - EP-1. 26 days ago
submitted Hissy Fit (2) - Late Night On Parc Avenue / Kickstart. 26 days ago
submitted White Medal - Elmet. about 1 month ago
submitted Pestilength - Demend. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Tyrant (8) - Too Late To Pray. about 1 month ago
Not surprised by this, another trash GZ Media pressing, wish HHR and SKR would stop using them since they churn out the lowest quality pressings.
submitted Hyperdontia (2) / Mortiferum - Mortiferum / Hyperdontia. 4 months ago
submitted Xrin Arms - Historic Clouds. 5 months ago
submitted Sunrot - Dialectical. 6 months ago
submitted Sunrot - Sunnata. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Spring Heel Jack. 6 months ago
Probably the Lee Perry single, though it's hard to say from that description alone.
submitted Raxyor - Untitled. 6 months ago
submitted Cruciamentum - Convocation Of Crawling Chaos. 6 months ago
submitted Cruciamentum - Engulfed In Desolation. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Snapcase - Progression Through Unlearning. 6 months ago
Look at the CD Matrix / Runout to be sure, but it sounds like you have this pressing: Progression Through Unlearning
posted a comment on Profanatica - Sickened By Holy Host. 7 months ago
My copy is affected the same way. Why do labels use PVC sleeves, why?! It destroys the vinyl unless you immediately take it out and put it in another sleeve!
submitted Pounce International - The Populace Oracle. 7 months ago
submitted Pitchshifter - Deviant. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Pathologist - Anatomically! Autopsically! Decompositionally! Eschatologically! Thanatologically! (Part I: Putrefactive Grind Versus Sexual Noise). 8 months ago
Yes, the album definitely is. I don't know about the demo tracks. Same as for the other 2xCD reissue.
posted a comment on Controlled Bleeding - Trudge. 8 months ago
Do not buy this pressing! Like many Disque Americ pressings from this era, it is subject to deterioration of the metallic layer. My copy is already unreadable in places!
posted a comment on Various - Five Years Of Eye Q Music. 9 months ago
This is a problem with RAINBO / DOCData pressings, I have several CDs pressed by them that exhibit the same issue (the metallic layer has degraded away)
submitted Ionic Vision - MaschinenKlang. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Fear Factory - Remanufacture (Cloning Technology). 10 months ago
No, it's not, you should submit that version as a unique release.
posted a comment on Coil vs ELpH - Born Again Pagans. 10 months ago
Do not buy this pressing! My copy is exhibiting signs of disc rot.
posted a comment on Current 93 - Hitler As Kalki. 10 months ago
Don't buy this release! My copy has started to exhibit signs of disc rot (bronzing).
submitted Bo-Bo (3) - Bo-Bo. 11 months ago
submitted Bent With Light* - Bent With Light. 11 months ago
submitted Azaghal - Kristinusko Liekeissä. 11 months ago
submitted Bit Mummy - Artifacts II. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Autechre - Incunabula. 11 months ago
Do not buy this pressing! It is susceptible to disc rot, as are the many other flawed pressings done by PDO in this time period. My copy already exhibits signs of disc rot.
submitted Autopsy (2) - Mental Funeral. 11 months ago
posted a comment on 1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut. 11 months ago
"Blackbox (Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years)" is an anthology compilation from 1994:
posted a comment on Big Black - Death Wish. over 3 years ago
It's not permitted to be sold on here because it's a bootleg, that's it.
posted a review of Neuroactive - Electra. over 4 years ago
What is this garbage? RIP Neuroactive... the synths and drum programming are okay, but not up to the standards of classic releases such as Fiber-Optic Rhythm or Phonic Trace. Unfortunately, none of that matters with the abysmal vocalist on top of it.... See full review
submitted Blackcell (2) - Mixed In Black. over 5 years ago
submitted New Ordinament - New Ordinament EP Vol. 2 - Souvenirs D'Enfance (And Play Me If You Dare). over 6 years ago
submitted Duologue - Song & Dance. over 7 years ago
submitted Duologue - Never Get Lost. over 7 years ago
submitted Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Kthonik Korridors. over 7 years ago