Buyer, seller, collector, DJ...hoarder! ;) NEAU outlaw party originator(kooky kollektibles here and here), owned and operated New England Works Music, now NEW Music. Currently deploying strategic influence in the Republic of Techsys. I price some rarities high simply because I'd rather own the collectible as opposed to making a buck. However, if you're lucky enough to be the type of collector where price is not always an issue, it's why I have the item availabe and will consider offers.

Items in "my collection" may or may not be available for sale. Sometimes I don't have time to properly grade and list, I use this to quickly add titles for future listing. Please search my listings before contacting me if you see something of interest as I don't always update this if I've listed or sold something privately.

If you'd like actual photos of any item I'm selling or would like a video preview, especially rarer titles, please contact me. I would prefer you feel 100% satisfied you know what you're getting from the start. No headaches for either party. ;)

Don't have time to sell your collection piece by piece? Need the knowledge and research experience of a 15yr Collector/Dealer of misc. rarities, collectibles, and antiquities to realize the maximum value of your collection? Consider consigning with me or selling outright. Contact me for references and details.


I use the goldmine grading system and I'm conservative but fair. I visually inspect every record that isn't sealed, but if I overlook something, please give me the benefit of the doubt and just contact me as grading is subjective. For an explanation of the non-standard VG++/EX I sometimes use and a more detailed description of the Goldmine standard, please see this article.

Covers: If I don't grade a cover, it means it comes in a paper sleeve with a generic sleeve, an alternate sleeve, or a 3mil plastic sleeve.

I will refund your purchase price and shipping(if applicable) if I misrepresent an item(no returns on sealed items if you open them). You have 3 days to inspect. Returns must be postmarked 3 days from arrival and you must contact me before returning. Buyer pays return shipping. Upon inspection of item, buyers full purchase price and shipping will be refunded. Please ask any questions before you decide to buy, communication goes a long way online.

Recent Activity

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S-Mode - Science Fiction Stress
posted a review of S-Mode - Science Fiction Stress. over 13 years ago

A great release from "s-mode" for ESP's C&W label. An earlier example of that 808 chi-town ghetto-tech, that strips out the street elements and leans closer to a Studio 1 feel with more quirks. While the bounce has that southside flavor, the drive... See full review
posted a review of A. Garcia* - Untitled. over 14 years ago
The Docile label surfaces to give us a breath of fresh air again. Always eclectic, here Mr. Garcia gives us a nice variety of thought provoking but not pretentious techno.

On A it's a deep excursion into the void with the guts to try something new.... See full review
Acid Circus - V-Snares
posted a review of Acid Circus - V-Snares. over 14 years ago
The man with the hidden agenda welcomes us to the circus, but you won't find any clowns here.

On V-snares we get tight, crisp, and punchy production that builds, drops, and peaks with subtle elements that are a DJ delight for those heavy mixing... See full review
BPMF - Neurotransmitters Vol. 2
posted a review of BPMF - Neurotransmitters Vol. 2. over 14 years ago
Here we have Mr. Szostek serving up some twisted acid on the Analog sub label, EMF. Always on an experimental tip, the acid here comes at you in a familiar form but with interesting diversions that work well in the mix and will keep the 303 phreaks... See full review
Groenland Orchester - Groenland Orchester [Zollamt Aachen]
posted a review of Groenland Orchester - Groenland Orchester [Zollamt Aachen]. over 14 years ago
Experimental techno, headphuq house, quirky cinematic boogie beats, however you want categorize this slice of wax you'll be hard pressed to lock it down.

Take some softer subhead, sprinkle some early eevolute, mix it up with the old school sounds... See full review
The Connection Machine - Utroid Machine Missions - Black Hole EP
posted a review of The Connection Machine - Utroid Machine Missions - Black Hole EP. over 14 years ago
"8 Minutes", gives you a melodic trance-esque excursion on a tech tip with some acid flavor, if you like your trance with an early Labworks feel but not as fast, this is the cut for you. Deep but not abstract, uptempo, but not hard. Great for a big... See full review
Strange Attractor (9) - Strange Attractor E.P
posted a review of Strange Attractor (9) - Strange Attractor E.P. over 14 years ago
Mbira Trance is the real stand out here, both mixes. One of those songs that you really have to be in the right mood to fully appreciate or give a few listens to really hear the development and know when to work in the mix. For 1993 and today, the... See full review