Love music of all kinds, shapes and sizes, mood, meaning and feel. Thats it. although it usually ends up being electronic.
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posted a review of Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. over 10 years ago
I remember buying this on my 17th birthday in 2007 and since then must have listened to the songs Blue Calx, Parallel Stripes, and Rhubarb at least once everyday since then...
Its these three (but especially Rhubarb) that to me have become the ... See full review
posted a review of Thye.* & Supply Module - Listen To The Rude Boy While The Ultra Zombie Comes To Waste. over 11 years ago
Definitely the kind of stuff that should make your mother jump quickly onto a chair..! A cacophony of distorted amen programming, and done extremely well at that.
Mean ragga and hip hop vocal samples, insane twisted melodies, all pressed on a lovely ... See full review