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posted a comment on Dead Man's Chest (2) - Trilogy Dubs Vol. 3. over 4 years ago
I have a similar issue on mine, It doesn't look warped but is slow to start and stops with a small amount of pressure if I put the weight over the nub it plays fine it's almost as if the hole has been drilled a little large
posted a comment on Various - Unknown Elements 2 - Dark Matters. over 4 years ago
I'd really recommend this, 4 heavyweight tracks and the artwork on the disc is amazing
posted a comment on Various - The Dark Arts - Volume 1. over 7 years ago
if you liked your jungle tekno from the early 90's this is well worth checking out, Any of the 4 tracks could have come from a Ratty/Randell/Top buzz mix from that era
posted a comment on Jim Polo - The Interrelate E.P. over 10 years ago
4 amazing DJ ratty/ Darkside style tracks on this ep,
posted a comment on Jim Polo - The Night Rider Part One. over 10 years ago
one of the best hardcore records ever made, Both sides are classic darcore at its best
posted a comment on FBD Project - Breakin Up / The Core. over 10 years ago
breakin up was always overshadowed by the core but is one of my favorite jungle tracks ever made dark/ eerie and atmospheric and is the perfect flip to the excellent core.
posted a comment on DJ Ratty. over 10 years ago
For me ratty will always be my favorite DJ,I love his style of mixing and his sets from the Hardcore/ Jungle years still stand out and I'm still constantly listening to them today