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Various - Hip Hop Concepts
posted a comment on Various - Hip Hop Concepts. over 7 years ago
also available as a CD with the same tax. Distributed by Intercord Record Service, Licensee.
Made In Holland D:IRS 993 525
7243-4-84439 2 2
Bunny Wailer - Solomonic Singles 1: Tread Along 1969-1976
posted a comment on Bunny Wailer - Solomonic Singles 1: Tread Along 1969-1976. over 7 years ago
also available on CD. Got one mint too much on sale for 15,00 Euro
DJ Krust* - Angles / Not Necessarily A Man
posted a comment on DJ Krust* - Angles / Not Necessarily A Man. over 8 years ago
Both sides run at 33 RPM NOT 45 RPM as stated or is to be expected- Compared with the samples here and what I know from the V-Compilation tin box. Don't play it at 45 RPM or you got Mickey Mouse high pitched vocal samples !!!!
DJ Krust* - Angles / Not Necessarily A Man
posted a comment on DJ Krust* - Angles / Not Necessarily A Man. over 8 years ago
My copy plays fine - an old pressing that is free of surface noises .
Eats Everything - Fabric 86
posted a comment on Eats Everything - Fabric 86. over 8 years ago
Freshest fabric mix in a while. Never heard of this guy just picked it for the many House Tunes found on the tracklist and it starts like a fine US House mix in the vein of Naked Music but with more tempo. Sounds very nice and it gets better all the... See full review
50 Cent
posted a review of 50 Cent. over 8 years ago
I like 50 1 Not everybody is a NAS or KRS-ONE or Rakim-Still Curtis lyrics are on point and with a strong beat he can spit fire. Is is his unique, rather limited vocal delivery that works for him, Check the G-UNIT mixtaßes ot his recent THE KANAAN... See full review
Various - The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2015
posted a review of Various - The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2015. over 8 years ago
Strange Compilation. Most of the Tunes are great reworks of Old School classics like His Imperial Majesty (Dread at The Controls label ca 1981) or Rally Round /Steel Pulse from the 1982 True Democracy).Most are vocal versions with great... See full review
Dennis Brown - If I Follow My Heart
posted a comment on Dennis Brown - If I Follow My Heart. over 9 years ago
Okay, if you still ain't convinced there is not much I can do BUT tell you that he got a couple LP'S from the Dennid Brown LP and the other represses. He waited a while for those represses to get ready and was lucky to receive them in time. If he had... See full review
Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson & MYNC Project - Space Ibiza 2014 (25th Anniversary) Deluxe Closing Party Edition
posted a comment on Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson & MYNC Project - Space Ibiza 2014 (25th Anniversary) Deluxe Closing Party Edition. over 9 years ago
Pretty good mix from Carl Cox, Kevin Reese saunderson + MYNC. My fave is CD 2 the mix by KMS but MYNC plays a bunch of cool tunes as well and Carl Cox set is at least pretty entertaining. The reason why I recommend this 3 CD-Set is CD 2 of course. One... See full review
Alex Smoke - Stauner Ep
posted a comment on Alex Smoke - Stauner Ep. over 9 years ago
Wow ! I like this EP. A lot actually. Reminds me why Alex Smoke made an immediate impression when he started out on Soma and Vakabt in 202. He updated his style in a nice way, adding touches of Trance in the mix but basically he jams on his keyboards.... See full review
E-40 - Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 2
posted a review of E-40 - Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 2 . over 9 years ago
Agreed on all accounts - Hard to say if CD 1 or CD 2 is better. CD 1 is definitely the best Cali Underground workTight beats, great melodies, hooks galore and even some great Soul vocals ..
.. so much local (Oakland) talent on CD 1, while CD 2 is a... See full review
Various - Kern Vol. 1 - The Rarities
posted a review of Various - Kern Vol. 1 - The Rarities. over 9 years ago
If you liked the mix by DJ DEEP you need these rarities. essential parts of that mix are collected here. Great early Techno/House with crazy ideas and made by professionals : Ludovic Navarre, Tommy Musto, Santonio Echols and Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes... See full review
Aquarhythms - Greetings From Deepest America
posted a comment on Aquarhythms - Greetings From Deepest America. over 9 years ago
This was one of the first Techno CD-compilations I bought nearly 20 years ago and I always loved it. The real surprise hou is how fine the music has aged. I layed it last week and was deeply moved by the mooddy, deep trancey vibe. The tracks are very... See full review
Groundation - A Miracle
posted a review of Groundation - A Miracle. over 9 years ago
A Miracle, indeed 1 Upon first listen i get excited and hyped up. Not ever since hearing Bob + The Wailers back in the seventies I felt so inspired by any Reggae record like this one here. Groundation waves the flag firm and high for Roots reggae and... See full review
7 Days Of Funk - 7 Days Of Funk
posted a comment on 7 Days Of Funk - 7 Days Of Funk. over 9 years ago
A nice surprise from Uncle Snoopie aka Snoopzilla. Starts out on the B-Funk tip with Bootsie but sooner or later we get treated with some extra HIGH over the top blunted dopeness we can get in this quality only by the DOGG. After the astonishing... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
Dennis Brown - The Crown Prince Of Reggae: Singles (1972-1985)
posted a comment on Dennis Brown - The Crown Prince Of Reggae: Singles (1972-1985). over 10 years ago
If you like Dennis Brown you need this set ! There are so many outstanding Tunes here esp. on CD 1, that you won't find on any other CD. His best Singles from his early days with producers like Derrick Harriot, Phil Pratt, Alvin Ranglin and others... See full review
Various - Untitled
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. over 10 years ago
A chafrmin EP. All 4 tunes offer something interesting. A1 + B2 being my favorites, but Canson + Paulo Olarte's tracks are not much less fascinating, Esp. C.N. has that pretty sound and dreamy melodie Excellent !
Tetraflux - The Untold Story
posted a comment on Tetraflux - The Untold Story. over 10 years ago
If you are a fan of Paper Moon this might be for you ! Not as deep but still in the same vein the A side track is like a break beat infused version of the typical TOUCHE Techno meets House se in Berlin at the Chain Reaction studio wurg enough dutch... See full review
Oasis (3) - Thirteen / Two / Eight
posted a comment on Oasis (3) - Thirteen / Two / Eight. over 10 years ago
Well, no problems so far but i have not played it out in a club on a serious PA. Tracks fine on my DUAL CS 701 DD with a Sumiko BPSEVO III HO MC cart for 500 bucks..
Third World - Reggae Ambassadors
submitted Third World - Reggae Ambassadors. over 10 years ago
Gregory Isaacs - Come Along
posted a comment on Gregory Isaacs - Come Along. over 11 years ago
Thanks for explaining in depth how the early 'digital' Reggae was produced. I am no expert at the technical side of music making or the actual playing. If I understand you correct Clevie played a kind of keyboard with the ability to mimick a bunch of... See full review
Green Velvet - La La Land
posted a comment on Green Velvet - La La Land. over 11 years ago
That green haired Punk was of course Mr Green Velvet himself .. as you probably know :-)
Simple maybe but simply great , too !
Snoop Lion - Reincarnated
posted a review of Snoop Lion - Reincarnated. over 11 years ago
What a clever well made project Snoop came up with Revelation . maximum Respect. I dunno who was responsible for hooking up with all the right artists, musicians and songwriters ...but this meeting of great minds resulted in one of the best new albums... See full review
Deep Purple - 24 Carat Purple
posted a review of Deep Purple - 24 Carat Purple. over 11 years ago
One of my favorite go to LP's when i want to hear Deep Purple's classic MK 2 line-up.
The tracks were picked from classic albums and they did choose very wisely. Each tune here is a classic still played live today. What i like most about 24 K gold is... See full review
L.A. Williams - Tha Sorcerer
posted a comment on L.A. Williams - Tha Sorcerer. over 11 years ago
A fine technoid House 3 Tracker by the great L.A. Williams on Peacefrog. Thin Air on B1 is by far my pick of the bunch, very nice groove and great sounds. Banger !
King Crimson - Live In Mainz (March 30, 1974)
posted a comment on King Crimson - Live In Mainz (March 30, 1974). over 11 years ago
This is an amazing Live recording. Even today after 3 decades this sound has lost none of it's edge. Nearly completely instrumental you hear long potent heavy on point compositions and improvisation from 4 outstanding musicians that just don't stop... See full review
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
posted a comment on Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). over 11 years ago
Imo this is the superior CD version of 36 Chambers. When I bought this in germany in May 94 i was impressed by these fellas. YO! MTV Raps showed the videos and Fab 5 Freddy interviewed the gang at the video shoot to Chess Boxing. This gave some... See full review
LL Cool J - Mr. Smith
posted a review of LL Cool J - Mr. Smith. over 12 years ago
A very entertaining album. My favorite from LL Cool J. He got skills, is funny and the producers and guest rappers are real tight. If you want to hear LL Cool J at the height of his abilities as an MC this is the right album to do so...
Billy Cobham - Crosswinds
posted a review of Billy Cobham - Crosswinds. over 12 years ago
One of THE most successful "Jazz-Rock" records and one of the best. The sound is great, you find some of the tightest and most gifted musicians joining forces and showcasing their abilities. The good thing about this LP is that the compositions are... See full review
Paul Kalkbrenner - dB+
posted a review of Paul Kalkbrenner - dB+. over 12 years ago
11 years old and Paul Kalkbrenner's debut 12" on Bpitch Control sounds as great as in 2000, no even better. That kind of minimal Techno influenced by Berlin's Basic Channel style simply follows it's own path and rhythm on each of the 4 tracks. You can... See full review
Dennis Brown - Slow Down Woman
posted a review of Dennis Brown - Slow Down Woman. over 12 years ago
This is one fine Prince Jamys Production. The tune is good and Dennis sings with confidence his voice in strong form; but to me this riddim here is what this 12" is all about. You get an added dub on Side 1, which is already very nice. The version... See full review
Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain
posted a comment on Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain. over 12 years ago
Check the info written in the wax of the outrun groove, in case you see that the copy you see has that Bernie Grundman mastering sign you are in for a treat. The music on this album is stunning, to say the least. What often spoils the fun is an edgy,... See full review
Cevin Fisher - Mix The Vibe: New York Resolution
posted a review of Cevin Fisher - Mix The Vibe: New York Resolution. over 13 years ago
This is an amazing compilation ! 4 great tunes, very carefully chosen from King Street's great back catalogue - the EP starts with one of the typical Joshua Collins Tech-House jams, think of Grayhound etc. califorian trippy Deep/Techy stuff, that... See full review
Van Morrison - Moondance
posted a comment on Van Morrison - Moondance. over 13 years ago
It is NOT. H/G would be Audio Fidelity - this is the Back To Black 180 gram Remaster.
Carl Craig - DJ-Kicks EP
posted a comment on Carl Craig - DJ-Kicks EP. over 13 years ago
spot on, made me become a follower of Carl Craig and that Intelligent Techno stuff. This is the result of the DJ Kicks mix; blew my mind in the days of MTV/VIVA showing Techno videos-one of the first I've seen and best I know..
Jimi Hendrix
posted a comment on Jimi Hendrix. over 13 years ago
I just habe to pay respect. where respect is due. Jimi was and still is the greatest musician in Rock history and the greatest guitarist in this universe. The stuff he recorded with The Experience sounds more adventurous now than when it was released.... See full review
Various - Fuse Ten Years Techno Music
posted a comment on Various - Fuse Ten Years Techno Music. over 13 years ago
djfrankiebones is right. First that this is a wicked set with at least one, often two, sometines even 3 absolute bangers, that are either hard to find or very expensive to get as an orignal on each 12". I am one of those he adresses. No I did not buy... See full review
Audion - Mouth To Mouth
posted a comment on Audion - Mouth To Mouth. over 13 years ago
Damn it. first time I play this A side hymn at 45 rpm and it still is boring. This may be good at a dance with large speakers and then for 5 minutes or so, but for homelisiening ?
At 33 rpm the groove is even more accessible, but then that a side ... See full review
John Cale - Paris 1919
posted a review of John Cale - Paris 1919. over 13 years ago
What a fine album this is. Often overlooked when it coms to real good + important albums, that are gorgeous from start to finish, have a certain stand alone quality without sounding weird at all. I think this is what confuses the occasional listener... See full review
Masters At Work - The Kings Of House
posted a review of Masters At Work - The Kings Of House. over 13 years ago
Wow ! I am really impressed ! When you read Masters at Work on a Mix compilation you expect smooth jazzy very musical vocal trax and latin influenced beats. What you get here though is the best mixed compilation you can imagine covering the roots of... See full review
Claude Challe & Ravin - Nirvâna Lounge
posted a comment on Claude Challe & Ravin - Nirvâna Lounge. over 14 years ago
If you are looking for a special soundtrack for your nect pool party to beat the fuckin heat don't look any further.
This DoCd delivers the good. Best start out with the real exotic indian styled kind of chill'n groove of the original Nirvana Lounge... See full review
Various - A Tale Of 3 Cities
posted a comment on Various - A Tale Of 3 Cities. over 14 years ago
This is an album that aged really good ! I like it more today than when I bought it way back in time. First the sound quality is good, the bass programing is esp. nice and fun when you got a nice subwoofer. The music is all over the place from hard to... See full review
Alix Perez & Specific / Alix Perez - Just Memories / Under My Skin
posted a comment on Alix Perez & Specific / Alix Perez - Just Memories / Under My Skin. over 14 years ago
Two fucking clever tracks. The flip impresses with a stubborn bass line, repeated and really deep in the low frequencies, so that it stucks directly in you mind. Female vocal snippets and a beautiful piano line are woven in and out in the right... See full review
Stanley Clarke - Journey To Love
posted a comment on Stanley Clarke - Journey To Love. over 14 years ago
This is a prime example of mid 70ies Jazz/Rock Fusion. As dated as some of this might sound today the fun of the interaction between those cracks is still awe inspiring and what made this special : it is really funky in places. The arrangements are... See full review
Joey Beltram - Beltram Vol. 1
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - Beltram Vol. 1. over 14 years ago
After listening to the EP in full length after quite some time (years) I must admit that i never appreciated the rest of the tunes on offer here. First of all they all play at 45 rpm and while Jazz 3033 is a nice piece of jazzy Techno it is the... See full review
The Beatles - Abbey Road
posted a comment on The Beatles - Abbey Road. over 14 years ago
So there it is : the best album ever recorded without the shadow of a doubt! Your mileage my vary, but to me this is simply incredible value. I never get tired of listening to it. Any new version I find is enough to give it a try. Favorites include... See full review
New Order - Back To Mine
posted a review of New Order - Back To Mine. over 15 years ago
This is a sexy quality mix spanning 3 decades or more of popular underground anthems - starting with Donna Summer's - I Feel Love in the best mix is a great start, Side B delivers two fine vintage Detroit anthems, that are as good as it gets. So this... See full review
MyMy* - Songs For The Gentle
posted a review of MyMy* - Songs For The Gentle. over 15 years ago
I am just listening to the digital recording I did from this DoLP when i had just bought a new cart and this brings out the lovely sound you get from his Vinyl much better. One of the best sounding Techno albums i came across and each Track offers... See full review
Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy Collection
posted a review of Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy Collection. over 15 years ago
This is a rare occasion. A collection of 11 songs, each stronger than the one before - not a single average tune in sight. Brilliant lyrics, fantatsstic vocals , really fine singing, great riddims - this set got it all - everything that is good about... See full review