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posted a review of Mike Du Soléil* - Return To Base. over 13 years ago
If you listen this tracks now, in 2005, you'll wonder that you find few similarities to later productions of labels like Electric Kingdom and other "technolectro + pizzicatto" releasing labels.

A little bit strange is the part of DJ Happy Vibes mixes, ... See full review
posted a review of MissJennx. over 13 years ago
I don't know any other artist who's able to celebrate such a powerfull voice during dancing at the stage. I can't believe how much energy this women has.
Even the spectrum of her tone quality is fantastic. Equal if she sings jazzy ballads like "check ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Electric (2) Meets D.A.G.O. - German Sound. over 14 years ago
Even the record was released in beginn of summer 2003, the 'Bonus' Track became opener of some dj sets at the Loveparade 2003 in Berlin.
The song is unmistakably by the vocal line "electric-electric - tric-elec-tric-elec" and the stompin electro beat.
posted a review of Various - Lethal Xcess. over 15 years ago
This CD is a synthesis of the arts. A whole story, told by electronic sounds. That's it what all Thunderground "Tools" are made for. Very impressing...
posted a review of Dreamcatcher - I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Remixes). over 15 years ago
I start to wonder, because I have a version of this release with two records. The first one is this written here and the second is a vinyl with only one side (the other is empty).
And there is a sticker on it: Tomcraft Remix
Even a cat# is written at ... See full review
posted a review of Boris Dlugosch With Roisin Murphy* - Never Enough. over 15 years ago
It's bad that there is no Turntable in my car. This would be the right background music for a joyride.
Each track creates a total positiv atmosphere.
posted a review of Sven Väth - Accident In Paradise. over 15 years ago
I think it's the most unknown kind of music made by sven väth. Maybe it's one of his best styles.
Ritual of Life creates so real images by soundscapes, so it turned in the last 10 years to my favorite afterparty hymn. (only cosmic babys ... See full review