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posted a comment on Immortal Technique - Surveillance EP. about 1 year ago
this is simply a user-made bootleg of old tracks put by someone on the internet. no sources, no cover, no linernotes... nothing. it should actually be deleted immediately.
posted a review of Slowly Rolling Camera - Protagonist Remix By Nu Era. over 3 years ago
this is just awful... I wonder why they let this happen in the first place
posted a comment on Whooliganz* - Proposed Album. over 4 years ago
this looks mad fake. whoever knows actual Tommy Boy promo/advance releases should know.
theres so many things wrong about it, one doesnt know where to start, but ill try anyway:
- the Baka Boyz misspelled as Bakers Boys
- cheap inkjet printer (or some ... See full review
posted a comment on Fler - Fremd Im Eigenen Land.. over 8 years ago
awful trash, wack beats/features, guy cant rap.
plus the title is jacked from Advanced Chemistry's legendary single, turned and 360 degrees to have an entirely different, now negative, meaning that's basically xenophobic.
posted a comment on Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom EP. over 8 years ago
buy digital? :-)
but yes, generally "limited edition" is bullshit.
either the artists want their music to be heard - or they do not.