TB (3) kai-2827

June 6, 2019
I see multiple connections between TB(3) and master room - isn't it possible that this is actually another signature for Tony Bridge?

Lisa Coleman - Collage kai-2827

May 22, 2019
This deserves better than download only, I hope there will be a CD or vinyl version.

Bill Evans Trio* - Portrait In Jazz kai-2827

May 21, 2019
A few of these have turned up with the Texas Flood one step on side one.
Check the runout to make sure it is 009 and not 005

Enya - A Day Without Rain kai-2827

March 2, 2019
For A Day Without Rain, my US reprise did not have an insert although my EU warner did. Neither my reprise and warner The Celts and Shepherd Moons had inserts.

Enya - The Very Best Of Enya kai-2827

March 1, 2019
edited 3 months ago
US and UK, they are all the same pressing and mastering, from optimal media in Germany.

Enya - Watermark kai-2827

February 8, 2019
Barry Diament, who mastered to original Geffen CD, guesses that it was George Marino at Sterling who mastered the original Geffen vinyl.