Melómano empedernido y coleccionista musical que, practicamente, tan solo cae en el "fetiche" con dos bandas míticas, mágicas e irrepetibles: los alemanes KRAFTWERK; y los belgas FRONT 242.

Mis orígenes en este apasionante mundillo de la música, los sitúo en el momento en que comencé a comprar discos "por mi cuenta".

De esta manera, podría afirmarse que todo comenzó a mediados de los años 80 cuando, influenciado por un primo mayor que yo de edad, compraba -los sábados por la mañana- mis primeros singles y álbumes de Mike Oldfield, en la madrileña tienda de discos, Discoplay, del por aquel entonces recién inaugurado C.C. La Vaguada.

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This box includes:
- De/Vision’s debut album ‘World without End’ (1994), remastered version, features five bonus-tracks taken from the singles ‘Try to forget’ and ‘Dinner without Grace’.
- Remastered album ‘Unversed in Love’ (1995) with six ... See full review
posted a review of Angstfabrikk - Daneben Heißt Richtig Liegen. over 4 years ago
Official release info: Waiting was worthwhile: "Daneben heißt richtig liegen" (in english: "to be off the mark means to be right"), the debut album of the band "Angstfabrikk" from Berlin/Germany, can now be offered to the gladiators of this world for ... See full review
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Track 3, new song previously unreleased. The rest comes in their previous demo, 'Under Construction'.
submitted Sonora Foundation - From Dream To Reality. over 4 years ago
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Mixes from the album "Baustoff - Popmusik für Rohrleger" and new songs.
Compact disc in eyecatcher digipak, tape-style!

Official P:W promo
posted a review of Aura Noctis - Vitae Proelium. over 4 years ago
"The newest album from the neo-classical act Aura Noctis consisting of two spanish girls: Olga (piano, vocals, arrangements) and Pilar (cello, vocals). On their new album "Vitae Proelium" the duo is joined by Rubén G. (drums, flutes), Fernando (drums) ... See full review
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About release date - No Sleep By The Machine, official communication (Facebook 12.19.2013):
Due to setbacks our album SPLICE is delayed and will be out in the beginning of 2014, maybe january.
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Although track 4.3: Orange Sector - 'Polizisten' is written on the info (insert and backcover) as a standard version, without term remix, is really different than original version included on album 'Bassprodukt'. This concrete edition is more danceable ... See full review
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There is another edition (format cd) on digipak, with different cover of this release. Submission pending.
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Rerelease on DVD of his previous 'The Haunted Fish Tank', compilation of videos released in 1989 through VHS and Laser Disc formats, now as 'Best Of', including extra tracks or bonus, and an interview. There are editions for North America (from USA), for ... See full review
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Best of from three albums of her period '90s.
Tracks 1 - 5, from the album 'The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth' (1993). Tracks 6-8, from the album 'To Love And Be Loved' (1995). And rest of songs, tracks 9-14, from the album 'Unstill Life' (1991).
submitted José Padilla - Bella Musica 3. over 5 years ago
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Is there a part 2? (without info here at Discogs database). Part 1, from 1990. Part 3, from 1991.
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Tracks 4, 8 and 9 are exclusives, not included on the european version, although that includes a lot of extra tracks.
submitted Kaltenbach - EBMusik Vol-2. over 5 years ago
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Without concrete picture cover. The image showed is the cover of the magazine (for to sale together, after to edit a few copies on cd-r).
Mp3 files provided free by the author / Mp3 proporcionado gratuitamente por el autor
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About the amazing artwork (sleeve image) is a "photography" called 'Lepisma Saccharina eye 65X' by the marvelous spanish photographer, Javier Torrent, and specifically a silverfish eye at 65:1 (subject is dead). The complete series it's a studio macro ... See full review
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Technologenocide, the debut CD, represents the best of the bands' output over the past three years. Self financed and self distributed, mainly by Mail Order, the CD is something of a personal statement for Avon. The business side of the music industry ... See full review
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Why there isn't a compilation on cd album (best of) of this act? Please, do it ASAP! Whole discography are a lot of 12", difficult to buy or to listen.
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There are -at least- four versions of this release for different european countries: This edition for UK, and anothers for Germany market, France and Italy. Curiously, each one has different cover and artwork (labels) and, unfortunetaly, this edition ... See full review
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"Nitin Sawhney... provides us with a real treat. There are some real 24K nuggets here - not least some of the remixes of Sawhney's own music. Well done Fabric, and sterling work from Nitin." - CMU Daily

"Required listening. Overall, Sawhney ... See full review
posted a comment on Nitin Sawhney - FabricLive. 15. over 6 years ago
“Like my sets at FABRICLIVE, this compilation builds in energy from the darkest to the most infectious of sounds. Deep grooves and dope beats for cynics and clubbers everywhere.” - Nitin Sawhney
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This is the same maxi (same tracklist) that another called 'Something Came Over Me'(1987), just change the order of track A1 and A2, originally on reverse. Was released this same year an edition of Spain, from Raya Records. Maybe this is the explanation ... See full review
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Excellent live concert, from the early times, desired for a lot of collectors and lovers of this influential act, during many years. Today just for collectors in VHS edition, because since 2007 is also on comfortable DVD format, as bonus tracks of ... See full review
posted a comment on VNV Nation - Matter+Form. over 6 years ago
Excuse me, but for me this album is not very good (2 or 3/5), and however i love like a crazy the previous VNV's releases (5/5). Probably due to the EBM touch is very very "light" on this work (currently is even M.I.A.), with a voice a bit "sweet" versus ... See full review
posted a comment on The Concrete Beat - Snow White. over 6 years ago
I don't understand where is the originality of this release, so much similar than his previous work, most famous and called 'I Want You'. In fact, it's a strange "side C" because both are correlatives on Target Records (cats# T.R.10038 y T.R.10039), wich ... See full review
posted a comment on Hurts - Wonderful Life. over 6 years ago
This post is not about the music. It's just for to say that picture of frontcover is very artistic, with an amazing perspective. However, i don't see on credits Photography By. Probably, his author is Samuel Muir, as Creative Director of this release.
posted a comment on The Game (3) - Walk Away. over 6 years ago
My copy was buyed aprox. in 1994 in a famous shop (E.C.I.) of Madrid, and cames with white plain sleeve, or generic cover. Maybe a rare reissue? Anyway, it's a shit for a collector like me.
posted a comment on Mindware - On Earth. over 6 years ago
Comes in a rare digipak, very slim, that i've never seen before.
posted a comment on Various - Lo Mejor De La Edad De Oro (Antología De Artistas Españoles). over 6 years ago
Tribute to the famous TV program of music and avant-garde, very rare in that era (second channel of public tv spanish), that starts 17.05.1983 and split off in april 1985, with Paloma Chamorro as TV-hostess. 55 broadcasts or chapters and a true history ... See full review
posted a review of Esplendor Geométrico - Desarrollos Geométricos. over 6 years ago
Official review:
'Desarrollos Geométricos' (Geometric Developments) is the new album by Esplendor Geométrico. Recorded during 2010 and 2011, a few of its tracks have already been premiered in Esplendor’s latest performances in Europe.
E.G. has ... See full review
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At least my own copy comes in Label's cover (jacket of ffrr) with the basic reference.
posted a comment on Trilithon - Prayer. over 6 years ago
At least my own copy comes in generic sleeve (N.B.S. Records).
posted a comment on A Split - Second - ... From The Inside. over 6 years ago
In 1988, they were signed to the American label, Wax Trax! Records, and released the albums 'A Split-Second' and 'From The Inside' in the US. The singles "Rigor Mortis", "Mambo Witch" and "Colosseum Crash" (featuring guest vocals by Dead Kennedys ... See full review
posted a comment on Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom Mixes / Space Gladiator. over 6 years ago
Although track AA1 is called 'Original Mix' (4:45), really the first and "original" mix or version, called 'Full Lenght' and that appears on the first or standard edition, has a duration of 6:35 wich is reduced in this second edition to 4:45. So is ... See full review
posted a review of Aura Noctis. over 6 years ago
Their past music could be described as a soundscape , mixed with singing on poetic and melancholy themes. Explores powerful emotions of love, vulnerability, isolation, loss, jealousy, and passion.

Music is a journey through emotions, representing ... See full review
posted a comment on B-Movie - Remembrance Days - The Dead Good Years. over 6 years ago
First was 'The Dead Good Tapes', released through WAX Records, UK (1988) with the same tracklist on LP and CD.
After came 'Volume 1 - Remembrance Days', released also on LP and CD through Dead Good Records, UK (1991) and any years after, through Griffin ... See full review