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posted a comment on Jean C. Roché - Oiseaux Du - Birds Of Vénézuéla. about 1 year ago
A stunning field recording, displaying unsual and hypnotic bird sounds from the venezulian jungle. Great for bilogists, samplers, ambient djs, field recording aficionados and whatnot.
Needs to be confirmed: the strange monkey / bird sounds in Bjork's ... See full review
posted a comment on Octex - Deflection. about 1 year ago
Solid dub techno ep, heavy basic channel influence. Totally playable today.
posted a comment on Time Warp - Boa Hodo. about 1 year ago
Jungle Drugstore is the killer trancey progressive house track. Fat tune played in many parties in the early nineties. For those who know.
posted a comment on GF - Electronic Lesson Part 2. about 1 year ago
Highly recommanded techno and electro album by GF ... many techno gems in there...
posted a comment on Lucky People Center - Interspecies Communication. about 1 year ago
underrated mid 90s ambient and trance album, "Sudance" being the high light for trance and progressive house lovers.
posted a comment on Floorplan - Shop / Learn. about 1 year ago
"Shop" Is a Killer grooving and hypnotic tune shadowed by the famous "Learn" track
posted a comment on D-Knox - Self Conscious E.P.. about 1 year ago
Pure detroit funk at its best. Magnificiently grooving and gritty !!!
posted a comment on D-Knox - Ar Jung-I. about 1 year ago
Killer ep by another Detroit genius artist. Highly recommanded if you're looking for the gritty Detroit funk.
posted a comment on M:I:5 - Autogen / Bonus. about 1 year ago
"Bonus" is a killer minimal grooving detroitish tune. highly recommanded
posted a comment on RAC - Structures. about 1 year ago
An amazing underrated electronica album . Rich with creative electro / Breakbeat rythms, great sequences . Absolutly recommanded.
posted a comment on Banlieue. over 2 years ago
Great little Berlin based label with an ecclectic selection of tripped out electro/nica, house and techno. recommanded
posted a comment on Fabio Paras. over 2 years ago
yes one of the best european djs, who left the scene too early. There have been many rumors online, impossible to verify . i hope he is all right and maybe comes back some day. We love you Fabio.
posted a comment on Age - The Orion Years. over 2 years ago
a totally underrated ambient, electronica, acid, trancey album. Some gems in there.
posted a comment on Motorbass - 1st EP. over 2 years ago
Stereogramm Gelato , a great progressive house track in the early Francesco Farfa / Fabio Paras style. Totally underrated ep...
posted a comment on FBK - Antithesis EP. over 2 years ago
FBK dopeness, an underrated producer i highly recommand, "Slip and the Lock" is a totally mesmerizing track
posted a comment on Jungle Brothers - Done By The Forces Of Nature. over 2 years ago
One of the most creative hiphop albums of all times...
posted a comment on Skudge - Depth Buffering EP. over 2 years ago
Monobox Realm inspired, feels like an "hommage" to Mr Hood
posted a comment on Terrence Dixon. over 2 years ago
Terrence Dixon is one of the best techno producers out there. Minimal , dark , hypnotic, surrealistic, poetic, straight to the point, Detroit. Each of his releases is a radical statement of groove. techno sorcerer, electrician poet. Probably another ... See full review
posted a comment on Bandulu - Trouble Shooter. over 2 years ago
Trinity "version" is one of Bandulu's best tracks, spaced out atmospheric deep techno...
posted a comment on Infiniti - Skynet. over 2 years ago
a great Juan Atkins album , apparently a collaboration with Terrence Dixon...
posted a comment on Keith Tucker & Blaktony* - We Are Detroit / The Rogue. over 3 years ago
dopeness and funk right here !!! specially Optic Nerve's LED Mix !!!
posted a comment on Cyrus - Enforcement. over 3 years ago
Timeless piece of techno, one of my favourite Oswald&Ernestus, totally hypnotic.
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Cycle 30. over 3 years ago
In my opinion one of Mills's most important release. There is so much in there.
posted a comment on Morph - Morphing. over 3 years ago
absolute killer Ep. from beautiful electronica to real acid techno.
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Stereotype. over 3 years ago
One of my Rob Hood favs. Beautiful , colorful ,groovy, deep, hypnotic. A true Masterpiece, every track is a jewel
posted a comment on Polson* & Ruskin* - Institute For The Future EP. over 3 years ago
excellent minimal techno. Recommanded.
posted a comment on Steve O'Sullivan - Street Sadness. over 3 years ago
Sadness b1 is a fat hypnotic bomb !
posted a comment on Cliffhanger* - That's How It Is. over 3 years ago
totally underrated Gem, specially "Who's who "
posted a comment on Off - Everybody Shake. over 3 years ago
Sven Vath first album before becoming the legendary techno dj/producer
posted a comment on Rubber Duck - Pure Muscle. over 3 years ago
"no vasseline" is a quite good, hypnotic techno track
posted a comment on Harmon Eyes - Through The Tunnel. over 3 years ago
underrated trance gem
posted a comment on Harmon Eyes - Iodine Sky EP. over 3 years ago
underrated trance gem
posted a comment on Booka Shade - Kind Of Good. over 3 years ago
another great ecclectic Touché, "Holy" is on the trancey side, where "strange da" is a great progressive house groover, and "kind of good" has some nice twisted acid lead synths.
posted a comment on Guillaume La Tortue - Salinas. over 3 years ago
Classic french/UK progressive house sound. Salinas could have been released on Rising High , Harthouse, HArdHAnds etc.. and Guillaume La Tortue was a notorious underrated french DJ in the early nineties, one of the best. He also had a record store i ... See full review
posted a comment on Ignacio - Organa / Organon. over 3 years ago
classic Steve Rachmad, in a Rob Hood fashion
posted a comment on iO - Claire / Libre. over 3 years ago
already a classic, highly recommanded
posted a comment on P.I.T. Feat. Ramin - Untitled. over 3 years ago
On this record the Afrotrance track is another version ( probably a first edit ) of the excellent Spiritual Energy track on Harthouse, under the Afrotrance moniker.
posted a comment on R Factors - Endogenous Rhythms E.P. Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
maybe one of the most original Touché release, grooving, hypnotic, deep and still very playable in 2015. All four tracks are excellent and quite different from each other.
posted a comment on Dan Jones Presents Creative Impulse - Bush Baby. over 3 years ago
excellent house with a triphop / latino flavour 12', great latino inspired rythm sections mixed with breakbeats. Very different from the usual heavy acid techno Bush style. highly recommended.
posted a comment on Ausgang - II - The Journey Continues .... over 3 years ago
totally underrated Steve Stoll masterpiece, fine hypnotic, acidic, minimal techno with a detroit flavour
posted a comment on Public Energy - Slumber / Velocity. over 3 years ago
"Slumber" is a stunning acid techno track that really grows into you....
posted a comment on Rue East - Summer Of Blood. over 3 years ago
tribal, hypnotic, deep , detroit rooted. A must have album.
posted a comment on Francesco Farfa & Joy Kitikonti - Beat Control E.P.. over 3 years ago
Maybe one of Francesco Farfa's best releases, Beat Control ( Siena Mix II ) has been a highlight of the early nineties progressive house sound. totally underrated track nowadays.
posted a comment on Vinyl Blair - Horsework. over 3 years ago
"Horsework" was a famous progressive trance track with a dubby flavour, highly recommended to anybody looking for the quality sounds of the early nineties
posted a comment on Jiri.Ceiver - Loom 1. over 3 years ago
Jiri Ceiver is probably one of the most creative and yet underrated producer. Get anything from him. highly recommanded.
posted a comment on Auto Kinetic - V.S.E.P.R. Theory. over 3 years ago
Another great underrated early techno Ep with an acid/electronica/ feel. A little bit in the vein of Damon Wild's Morph project with Denis Ferrer.
posted a comment on Morph - Stormwatch. over 3 years ago
a great, totally underrated, record, between acid techno , electro and electronica. A little jewel in my opinion.
posted a comment on Ratio - Interrupt. over 3 years ago
excellent minimal techno tunes in there
posted a comment on Sun Electric - Sun Electric. over 3 years ago
Sun Electric with this magical album achieved what many trance oriented producers didn't succeed to do. *Real* cosmic travelling ! "uP the drain" being one great example. Between ambient , trance and techno this is truely a masterpiece album.
posted a comment on Voiteck - Goggles. over 4 years ago
voiteck is a great techno producer, the sound is raw and authentic. no compromise.