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posted a comment on Jamma (2) - Cool Evenings. 5 days ago
I have HACD 1204 on my copy? This is listed on the side of the CD case ...
posted a comment on Linval Thompson - Whip Them King Tubby!. about 1 month ago
This item needs more description - like the bar code numbers, runouts maybe and a description of the case and liners. And certainly images of the front and back of the CD. Ours that we think matches this listing has actually a very strange CD case and ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - John John Dancehall Hits Volume 1. 2 months ago
We think this should bwe VPCD1320 not VPRL1320 which is for vinyl (LP)
posted a comment on Bunny Lee - King Of Dub. 3 months ago
Can't see how this is different from the Canadian press .. everything matches up; no runout given on the Canadian press though.
posted a comment on George Faith - Happy Anniversary. 3 months ago
Why isn't the label Hit instead of Music Track on this release?
posted a comment on Hopeton Junior - Live Up. 5 months ago
I am seeing DSR-7316-B on the b side matrix runout, not 7315 (though it looks very much like a 5 but I don't think it is). RKR doesn't describe the b side nor have the code DSR-7315 in the catalog that matches this record.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - What You Don't Know / Unknown Title. 5 months ago
I believe this is Phil Pratt All Stars on the a side with Too Labba Labba and the b side is Judgement Rock (Musical Sorrow) by DJ Sparrow; source Roots Knotty Roots / Reggae Fever, based on the matrix runouts
posted a comment on Forest Man - Children Crying. 6 months ago
Killer Lee Perry Black Ark recording, backed by Gladiators, with version
posted a comment on Various - Soul For Sale. 7 months ago
How about an image of the label and/or a runout or other distinguishing featrures? We have a black ink on white label version and don't know if it's the same.
submitted The Hot Tops - Who Is That. 11 months ago
submitted Rupie Edwards All Stars / Rupie Edwards & Sidy (2) - Young Gifted & Black (Instrumental) / Return Of Herbert Splifinton. 11 months ago
submitted Jah Devon - To Take It All. 11 months ago
submitted Roy & Millie - This World. 11 months ago
submitted Raphael Tomlinson - This Situation. 11 months ago
submitted Marcia Griffiths, Sky Nation - Survival. 11 months ago
submitted Keeling Beckford - Samfy Girl. 11 months ago
submitted The Unlimited* - Run Ball Head. 11 months ago
submitted Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Max Romeo - It Sipple Out Deh. 11 months ago
We need runouts on this item to help identify it since it might by Tribu Acustica ...
submitted The Bell* - Issebella. 11 months ago
submitted The Virtues (4) / Rupie Edwards - High Tide / I Can't Forget. 11 months ago
submitted Junior Byles - Girl Next Door. 11 months ago
submitted Funky Brown - Any Day Now / Sudden Stop. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Max Romeo - War In A Babylon. 11 months ago
Why does the label say Black Art when the picture is Upsetters?
posted a comment on Max Romeo - War In A Babylon. 11 months ago
Some of these records are the original Max Romeo / Lee Perry recordings but some have a modern Italian group Tribu Acustica playing the b side dub version ... and the a side also exists but not sure if on these record.
submitted George Nooks - Today. 11 months ago
submitted Bob Marley & The Wailers - Talkin' Blues. 11 months ago
submitted Ranking Ann - Something Fishy Going On. 11 months ago
submitted Coco Tea* - Settle Down. 11 months ago
submitted Junior Reid - Original Foreign Mind. 11 months ago
submitted The Twinkle Brothers* - Me No You - You No Me. 11 months ago
submitted Coco Tea* - Weh Dem A Go Do...Can't Stop. 11 months ago
submitted Arthur Williams & The Joy Bells - What You Think About Jesus / When He Reached Down His Hands. 11 months ago
posted a comment on King Oney & Friends* - You'll Have To Go. 11 months ago
I see a runout on our copy of Rmm 82 A and B ...
submitted G Trees* - Road Code. 11 months ago
submitted Gloria Bailey With The Joy Bells - Hiding In Thee / I Have Paid The Price. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Joe Gibbs And Prince For I* / Pepperlites - Heavy Manners / Hi-Jacked. 11 months ago
I have DYNA JG 1861-1 ("Heavy Manners") for the b side (label misprint) with the a side being DSR 1879 JG but saying on the label "Heavy Discipline" (which should say Heavy Manners and the b side should say Hijacked.
submitted Little John - Fade Away. 11 months ago
submitted Keith Poppin - Dream Lover. 11 months ago
submitted Mikey Chung, The Now Generation, Lloyd Charmers - Crying In The Chapel / Sunshine Reggae. 11 months ago
submitted Sabrina Williams - Cross That Bridge. 11 months ago
submitted Keith Poppin - Come Shake Yu Foot. 11 months ago
submitted Dennis Alcapone / Ethnic Allstars - Brixton Town Hall. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Prince Alla, Phillip Fraser - Sun Is Shining / Sentimental Feelings. 11 months ago
We have runouts on a copy that seems to agree with this release, that say BB-5054-B and BB-5054-A respectively, for Sun Is Shining and Sentimental Feelings.We can't confirm if the labels were flipped on the record.
posted a comment on Ernest Wilson - Moving On / Last Laught. 11 months ago
Runouts of our copy read MB-006 A Last Laught and MB-006 AA for Moving On.
submitted Joe White - I'm Gonna Get There / Since The Other Day. 11 months ago
submitted Keith Cole (2) - Everybody Needs Love. 11 months ago
submitted Joyce Bond - Tell Me Right Now . 11 months ago
submitted The Willows (2) - Tears From My Eyes/ Hard To Fall In Love. 11 months ago
submitted Alton Ellis, The Soul Vendors - I'm Just A Guy / Just A Bit Of Soul. 11 months ago