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Juno Reactor - Samurai
posted a comment on Juno Reactor - Samurai. over 13 years ago
Juno Reactor is especially adept at tweaking their own tunes as well as others. "Labyrinth," is the example on this extended play or single. The sonic display portrayed is of cyber slums or futuristic fugitive criminals in transit. The formula is... See full review
Jedi Knights - New School Science
posted a comment on Jedi Knights - New School Science. over 13 years ago
The line in spanish is, "la fuerza esta su contigo (may the force be with you)." Ultra-definitive of refined hi-tech electro after the cheesy electro fad in the 80's, nothing was cooler than a non-melodic break-dance tune that updated that old-skool... See full review
Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit Of The Sun
posted a comment on Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit Of The Sun. over 13 years ago
I am currently listening to "Behind The Shadow," in my 6 CD changer incessantly. There is nothing significantly notable about it until 2/3 of the way into the song. Then, the glissandos hit, the chords begin to unravel, & 1/3 of the song seems like... See full review
Krystal (3) & Shabba Ranks / Sanchez & Lady G - Twice My Age / Half My Age
posted a comment on Krystal (3) & Shabba Ranks / Sanchez & Lady G - Twice My Age / Half My Age. over 14 years ago
This is very funny dub / reggae record. The songs are essentially the same. On the A side, a lady sings that she is in love with a man twice her age. The B side is a tune where a guy says he is in love with a girl half his age. The beats are... See full review
Machines Of Loving Grace - Concentration
posted a review of Machines Of Loving Grace - Concentration. over 14 years ago
It is a disappointment that an album as rich and coherent as this has become a moment of the past. The most memorable are divided between 'lilith/eve' (why is there a slash?), 'limiter', and 'ancestor cult.' This is the epitome of industrial, as... See full review
Cabaret Voltaire - Groovy, Laidback And Nasty
posted a review of Cabaret Voltaire - Groovy, Laidback And Nasty. over 14 years ago
Marshall Jefferson's collaboration, Minute by minute is the hands down winner in this double pack. Quite orthodox Cabaret Voltaire that sounds very 80's-ish and retro is integrated into Jefferson's knack for house . So unique that it could even work... See full review
Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown - My Beat
posted a review of Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown - My Beat. over 14 years ago
Check out Swag's spiritual mix. Funky, groovy, danceable, like any other Swag production, this remix does it the best. I think it is even better than the original. These guys are the new generation with creativity and punch and are leaving behind... See full review
Sven Väth - Accident In Paradise
posted a review of Sven Väth - Accident In Paradise. over 15 years ago
Väth has material on this album which sounds like it is half Hildenbeutel's string arrangements and half Sven. An Accident In Paradise was the single that became reworked by Spooky and Orbit, while L'Esperanza turned into a music video. L'Esperanza... See full review
Plastikman - Musik
posted a review of Plastikman - Musik. over 15 years ago
This outing ventures further out into melody and non-808, non-909 rhythms. Lasttrak is by far my dark horse here with a swingin' hip-hop beat and swervy 303 lines. What all the fuss was about Kriket is a mystery, because that's all it was: a... See full review
Plaid - Not For Threes
posted a review of Plaid - Not For Threes. over 15 years ago
If Seph were 2 minutes longer, it would have been my favorite track. The very anti-techno classical instrumentation makes you feel like you are in some basement in Italy. The vocals are mystic and heavenly or underworld-like, whichever you prefer,... See full review
Paul van Dyk - 45 RPM
posted a review of Paul van Dyk - 45 RPM. over 15 years ago
For An Angel was given all the praise, released as a single with the E-werk club mix which updated the tune into a Words like structure. However, the real gem here is I'm comin' to take you away. It's got that punchy sound, and although the 909... See full review
Ken Ishii - Jelly Tones
posted a review of Ken Ishii - Jelly Tones. over 15 years ago
3 tracks are noteworthy here. First of all, "extra" is an innovation by fusing clubland with idm. Powdery, lo-quality samples are uncommon on dj decks, and idm usually begins to fall prey to breakbeats when the pace is too much. Dave Angel shoves... See full review
Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods
posted a review of Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods. over 15 years ago
The best collaboration here is not with Ewan Pearson, nor is it with Charles Webster. Alex Santos & Tracey Thorn harken me back to the days of "walking wounded," "protection," or "the tree knows everything." Fully replete with micro effects, yet... See full review
Nick Warren - Global Underground - The Album: Live In Prague
posted a review of Nick Warren - Global Underground - The Album: Live In Prague. over 15 years ago
This mix, as it is described as being live, really sounds that way, as if the output was recorded directly to a dat tape or something, because the decibels are so low on this cd. If I were to pick, I would say that the spirit by aquaplex and seadog... See full review
Datacide - Flowerhead
posted a review of Datacide - Flowerhead. over 15 years ago
There is a lot of stuff reminiscent of Bill Laswell on this release, with sub harmonic sounds and weird fx. Uwe Schmidt commits to some serious dubby grooves though, with "so much light" as he excellently manoeuvres his progression using low... See full review
Sven Väth - Touch Themes Of... Harlequin / Robot / Ballet-Dancer
posted a review of Sven Väth - Touch Themes Of... Harlequin / Robot / Ballet-Dancer. over 15 years ago
Hardfloor creates a thumper rather than a stomper. Aural float translates a stomper into an artificial intelligence tune made for entertainment on the home stereo. Speedy J has a recreation that is rather well known due to his !ive set & also... See full review
Medeski Martin & Wood - Radiolarians 1
posted a review of Medeski Martin & Wood - Radiolarians 1. over 15 years ago
Medeski Martin & Wood brew up some jams not unlike Herbie Hancock or Donald Byrd. The basic components of the group are: a jazz drummer, an upright bass player, and an organist. There is not a single vocal on the recording.

Strong on elements... See full review
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Fordlandia
posted a review of Jóhann Jóhannsson - Fordlandia. over 15 years ago
Norway is a bleak, desolate country with vast stretches of ice fields. It is nearly all daylight during the summer and nighttime during the winter. Even though Jóhann Jóhannsson is Icelandic, he does record in parts of Norway and such a sense of... See full review
Orbital - Snivilisation
posted a review of Orbital - Snivilisation. over 15 years ago
An overlooked diamond by P & P Hartnoll that sticks its head into ambient, electro, and trip hop. There's a gabber-esque question mark and a linear techno beat in there as well. Sad but true eccentuates an early Goldfrapp's voice and the breakbeat... See full review
The Ambush - The Ambush
posted a review of The Ambush - The Ambush. over 15 years ago
My name is god. I feel like I control all the chakra in the world through the use of rushes brought on by electronic drum beats and electrified chants which are actually synth pads. The emphasis, I presume, is to modify roland presets to where they... See full review
フォーテック* - 七人の侍 / 複合
posted a review of フォーテック* - 七人の侍 / 複合. over 15 years ago
I just had to comment on the record label. I don't even own this release, but I do know that Photek before the Mine to give era was very cool (I've heard the record before). The Japanese is done in very old, Meiji period fashion with... See full review
Shugo Tokumaru - Exit
posted a review of Shugo Tokumaru - Exit. over 15 years ago
“La La Radio” is the best on Exit. Tokumaru sings in Japanese, so track titles and lyrics are probably difficult to understand. On the recommended piece, the groove does not set in until after the 3 minute mark, which leaves just 2 minutes left to... See full review
Various - Trance Atlantic
posted a review of Various - Trance Atlantic. over 15 years ago
The first disc has two songs that are stellar. Spacetime continuum displays his typical talents of using soft pings and reverberated pongs to give a holophonic effect. The better composition is Dancing tides. Yennek, aka Kenny Larkin, produces this... See full review
Haruomi Hosono - Mental Sports Mixes
posted a review of Haruomi Hosono - Mental Sports Mixes. over 15 years ago
From looking at the sleeve credits, one might be inclined to think that the orb remix is the best pick. This is not true. The massey mix one of 808 state fame brings forth elements of dub, trance, and ethnic or world music into a neat experience. ... See full review
Chicane - Lost You Somewhere
posted a review of Chicane - Lost You Somewhere. over 15 years ago
The heliotropic mix here is so beautiful that I've played it out till it got old. With the vocal sample that is quite repetitive and a rather high bpm, this is a case where the remix ousts the original. To describe it in pictures would be to say... See full review
Various - Glitters Is Gold
posted a review of Various - Glitters Is Gold. over 15 years ago
Jah Wobble provides us with what sounds like a soundtrack to the Jungle Book for adolescents (terrible). Then there are the ambient pioneers with none of their standout compositions. Kate St. John's Notti Senza Amore is okay, but it took a while for... See full review
John Digweed - Transitions
posted a review of John Digweed - Transitions. over 15 years ago
The mix overall, I think, lacks structure. Novels tend to have a beginning, middle, and end. The climax though, would probably have to be McEnroe by Dana Bergquist. I don't know who this is, and I wonder if McEnroe is the tennis player. The album... See full review
hide (2) - Hide Your Face
posted a review of hide (2) - Hide Your Face. over 15 years ago
My favorite song here has to be Dice. A very strange, eclectic guy, Hide, who at this time sported red hair done like a rich lady in her 50's. This was a little before the time when he was building up Japan's rock scene into the boom that was... See full review
Space Time Continuum* With Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime
posted a review of Space Time Continuum* With Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime. over 15 years ago
Timewave Zero is awesome! Impatient listeners will probably be disheartened when the music comes to a halt in the middle, but it ends like a novel. McKenna's speech borders on knowledgable to bull honky, but very uniquely nasal and characteristic of... See full review
Paula Abdul - Straight Up
posted a review of Paula Abdul - Straight Up. over 15 years ago
The house mix by Saunderson gives Abdul's hit ditty the typical tailoring. I'm glad to see Abdul on American Idol giving advice on music. The other mixes are all rather the same sort of altercating the original so as not to hurt it. Abdul's lyrics... See full review
Outcast - Out Of Tune
posted a review of Outcast - Out Of Tune. over 15 years ago
I can understand why this one didn't sell too well. The styles of music change much like William Orbit's Strange Cargo III. There are raps, there are dreamy female vox, but there is only one standout. Rollercoaster manages to coast along on a... See full review
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - A Crime For All Seasons
posted a review of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - A Crime For All Seasons. over 15 years ago
Let's go to Lucifer's Flowers on this release. A syncopated downtempo groove with a suave bass line and a smooth female chorus becomes the basis for the standout on 'a crime for all seasons.' The techniques in use are sometimes cliche, but... See full review
Denki Groove - Dragon
posted a review of Denki Groove - Dragon. over 15 years ago
Mujina is a cool tune until it turns into gabber. Noi Noi Noi is in a made up language of the Gowazaam people. As made famous by Mijk van Dijk and others, Niji is still the best. The lyrics are absolutely corny as heck. The guy and girl take turns... See full review
Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
posted a review of Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse. over 15 years ago
Very gothic sounding, electronic touching on trance, but with bursting energy. Ogre sounds like a serial killer much more here than in other albums. The race is close between, "Addiction", "Chainsaw", and "Deepdown Trauma Hounds." I place them in... See full review
Various - Impulsively!
posted a review of Various - Impulsively!. over 15 years ago
Talk about some abstract music, here are some songs that make you feel like your record player is broken. Specifically, I am talking about Sun Ra. However, there are also some famous jazz tunes as well. The ace is definitely "Love song to... See full review
Scannerfunk - Wave Of Light By Wave Of Light
posted a review of Scannerfunk - Wave Of Light By Wave Of Light. over 15 years ago
Gone is the typical ambient drone obsessed Scanner, and we have funk. The sound seems a little abrasive to me and sort of lacks pleasure in favor of aggressive 'hype to the rhythm' type of deal. Anyways, "Spinique" is the selection to highlight, and... See full review
Cirrus - Drop The Break
posted a review of Cirrus - Drop The Break. over 15 years ago
I used to listen to this all the time when I was in high school. The grand feeling introduced by the piano on "October 27" that turns into a jungle tune when the riff is played at double pitch is unforgettable. I heard "Future" on someone's cell... See full review
Glamorous Hooligan - Wasted Youth Club Classics
posted a review of Glamorous Hooligan - Wasted Youth Club Classics. over 15 years ago
Horrible, terrible, weird stuff that really sounds like music for the 'hooligans' depicted on the front cover. It is kind of like cyber punk. There are elements of breaks, jungle, house, and downtempo in there. Tokoyo heartwash is my favorite... See full review
Various - Incursions In Illbient
posted a review of Various - Incursions In Illbient. over 15 years ago
"Rystop" by Byzar is the gem here. I find it difficult to appreciate illbient, but this is my pick. Byzar tries to use the letter 'Y' whenever they can, making it difficult to understand the naming of their songs. It is strange that they made such... See full review
Various - Manifestation - Axiom Collection II
posted a review of Various - Manifestation - Axiom Collection II. over 15 years ago
Go for Mandingo's "Lanmbasy Dub (Kora in Hell mix)." It is: dub, tribal, house, and trance. It is subtly melodic and not especially a winner, but enough to where I remember liking the song.
The rest of the album veers toward new-age or world and is... See full review
Various - FM CD 57 June 1997 Essential Listening For All Musicians
posted a review of Various - FM CD 57 June 1997 Essential Listening For All Musicians. over 16 years ago
Hearing is believing by Carr is so good a tune that it is a mystery this guy has not become a full fledged recording artist. It seems like he got some airplay by Sasha as Dope on plastic, but his discography does not extend beyond that. The... See full review
Sasha - Xpander EP
posted a review of Sasha - Xpander EP. over 16 years ago
This EP is nice, but if you listen to Spooky's Little Bullet Part One right after you listen to this, the similarity will reveal itself. Sasha knows all the hot tunes but just like any other dj who releases material under his or her name, lacks... See full review
FSOL* - Lifeforms
posted a review of FSOL* - Lifeforms. over 16 years ago
While un-enticing, the single proves to be a solid head and heels above the expectations of one owning the double cd of the lifeforms lp. Extremely important is path 4. It sounds like prehistoric America where Mayan civilisations sacrificed women... See full review
The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator. over 16 years ago
Calcium begs to be heard by everyone on the planet. Papua New Guinea became the worldwide underground hit. Generation Y'ers can probably recollect hearing this song at least once, although they may not know the title or author. FSOL are unlike... See full review
Various - Concept In Dance (The Digital Alchemy Of Goa Trance Dance)
posted a review of Various - Concept In Dance (The Digital Alchemy Of Goa Trance Dance). over 17 years ago
The 9th track is worth the whole album. I can't even remember the other tunes, because they are all ordinary goa. I once even heard Sugar rush used in a morning workout program on cable tv. The single provides 2 different versions of the tune, and... See full review
PWOG* - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves: A Document Ov New Edge Folk Classics
posted a review of PWOG* - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves: A Document Ov New Edge Folk Classics. over 17 years ago
Obsidian is the centerpiece. Plinky-plonky techno requires the listener to do his own mixing and up the bass. There are other parts enjoyable, but difficult to forage through because the disc is segued together in tracks 1 & 3. Truly tribal and... See full review
Sugizo - Replicant Lucifer (Remixes)
posted a review of Sugizo - Replicant Lucifer (Remixes). over 17 years ago
The like a gold version by artemis is a wonderful jazzy rendition of an other wise sulken depressive metal mumble-jumble. 808 state sucks here. Dillinja and Peshay are not even memorable.
電気グルーヴ* - Shangri-La
posted a review of 電気グルーヴ* - Shangri-La. over 17 years ago
Maximalism in the purest sense of the word. The song steals from an older tune, which the band recognizes in their liner notes. Disco-esque dance-floor cheesiness in Japan results from heavy production and music theory. Denki groove are such... See full review
Richard H Kirk* - The Number Of Magic
posted a review of Richard H Kirk* - The Number Of Magic. over 17 years ago
The author is a complete nerd, introvert, and intelligent composer. The way he composes, the usage of unorthodox sounds, reveals something unnatural about him. Instead of analogically progressing like organic sounding music, he builds layers upon... See full review
Björk - Alarm Call
posted a review of Björk - Alarm Call. over 17 years ago
Potage du jour is the typical LFO sound. The essentially "stardust" remix edges out the Mark Bell sound by a gradation. The full dub is better than the edit. A typical dusty vinyl disco loop is sync'ed with Bjork's already robust tune.