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posted a comment on Sound Mechanix - Terror On Flight 909. over 3 years ago
discover this sound on french compilation from 1993 techno rave paty 2 and this is really an awesome track.the strange voice,the drum sample basic but good,all is good on terror on flight 909

posted a comment on Niquid - Background E.P.. over 5 years ago
Dali's Groove is so epic.i can listen this track again and again.
posted a comment on Jam & Spoon. over 5 years ago
stella is simply the best sound of all time
posted a comment on Fairway Record. over 5 years ago
pareil que toi ! vraiment de bon souvenirs de ce label et si je traine sur discogs c'ets bien pour compléter mes séries "rave master mixer","techno rave party","transcore" et "hypnotic trance" achetée à l'époque
et il est archi vrai que le mix de liza'n ... See full review