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posted a comment on Dredknotz - Causin A Menace. 2 months ago
I'm curious is this CDR the radio versions like the vinyl (for "Concentration" and "Respect") or the regular versions? Thanks!
posted a comment on Scholarwise - Hail Ceasar. 2 months ago
All I want to say, is that this record is amazing! I might even think about paying $100 to have this, and that's something I haven't never said...ha.
posted a comment on Mr. Brady - Pure Action. 2 months ago
The first time I played this on my Time Travel Radio Show (WNUR 89.3 FM) was on 6-17-99, after receiving a promo of it, so 1999 should be the year it released.
posted a comment on East Of The Rock - Galaxy Rays EP. 2 months ago
There is a cassette version of this release. I don't think it was officially released, but was given out to key people in Chicago, and maybe sold at shows also. It has 1994 listed as the year for the release.
posted a comment on Boo-Ski. 6 months ago
This is linking different artists with the same name. There is a Boo Ski from Harlem, who was in Masterdon Committee and that was only thing I think he did. Then there is The Flyest Boo-Ski from the Bronx who was a B-Boy and was part of the Infinity ... See full review
posted a comment on Lakim Shabazz. 10 months ago
This page was a mess...I tried to clean it up a bit and delete the wrong artists who were attached. Lakim Shabazz is a rapper from New Jersey who was down with the Flavor Unit. All the releases on this page in the singles and album, a well as the one ... See full review
posted a comment on Pumpkin. 10 months ago
Yeah, not sure where you got that info but the producer Pumpkin who made "King Of The Beat" and produced many records for Enjoy Records, Profile Records, and Tuff City Records passed away in the 1990s. It is said he died of pneumonia. Pumpkin is ... See full review
posted a comment on Small's Chosen Few - We're Gettin Paid. 10 months ago
The lyricists on here are C.J. Moore and The Innovator. The two of them, along with DJ Cut Professor, went on to become Trio Connection and had three rare 12" singles (1987/1988). Then, C.J. and Cut Professor signed to Tommy Boy as Black By Demand. C.J. ... See full review
posted a comment on Klark Kent*, Elliotte Ness* & The Word Processor - Gettin' Busy / Girl On The Corner. 10 months ago
The two MCs later were signed to Select Records as E.S.P with DJ Professor Paul, and production by Howie Tee.
posted a comment on Finesse. 10 months ago
This Finesse, who is in the group The Ultimate Choice, is NOT the same Finesse from Finesse & Synquis, who are two female MCs.
posted a comment on TJ Swann. 11 months ago
I'm pretty sure that is the wrong TJ Swann both pictured and linked to FB here. The correct TJ Swann would be here:

that can be verified by going into his photos and ... See full review
posted a comment on Brother El - Pay Close Attention. about 1 year ago
The guest on "Don't Hold Back" is Path a.k.a Pathfinda Of Undaground Soulution ( He was originally known as Pro Skee in T.A.P (Together A Posse) ... See full review
posted a comment on 7-4 Posse - Doggs On Adams Street . about 1 year ago
I'm missing this one in my collection. If anyone has a rip of this and wants to trade for a rip for some other rare 7-4 Posse material let me know! I have the Mentally Scarred tape and one more 4-song demo.

For those who don't know, this is a crew from ... See full review
posted a comment on Double Edge (2) - The Odds / Larger Than Life. about 1 year ago
This is an amazing 12"! When it first dropped it was one of my favorite singles of the time for a while, particularly the song "Larger Than Life". Everything about the song is great, from the lyrics, concept, production and the cuts. And, the other track ... See full review
posted a comment on Ill Rhyme Society - Detroit City / Ain't Nothing Changed. about 1 year ago
Even though it only lists Radio and Instrumental for both songs, there is also actually a dirty version for both. Plus, this is a pretty dope record, definitely worth tracking down.
posted a comment on Mr. Brady - Let My Record Rotate. about 1 year ago
Yes indeed, I agree with the previous review. I love this single too, and I used to play it alot on my Time Travel Radio Show on WNUR in Chicago when it dropped, especially, "Let My Record Rotate"...fittingly.
posted a comment on Tony Bones. about 1 year ago
The release in compilations, "Interlock-Call It What You Want", and the song "Clap Yer Hands", is a DIFFERENT Tony Bones. The Tony Bones on that Interlock release is a MC from Minneapolis, part of the Long Doe crew.
posted a comment on Raheem The Dream - He Said She Said / Eliminator. about 1 year ago
Yes, this is a great record. I still remember the day I brought it. I was on vacation visiting my Uncle in Atlanta, where Raheem is from, in 1987 and went to a record store in one of the malls there and got this just because I saw it had a local address ... See full review
posted a comment on Grieves - Together/Apart. about 1 year ago
I work for the label and I can tell you that the last time we did a pressing for this we did it without the DVD, so the versions with DVD are just the early pressings.
posted a comment on The Grass Is... - You Can't Bluff Father Time Or Fool Mother Nature. about 1 year ago
This is consider by many to be a classic mid 90s Chicago Underground tape, particularly the track "Arroz Con Frijoles". The Grass Is... went on to be known as Sidewalk Scholaz and recorded at least two albums under that name, which are also really good.
posted a comment on El Da Sensei - Relax Relate Release. about 1 year ago
The intro to this album, WSVN Radio Jump Off, features a clip from my previous radio show titled Time Travel Radio from WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, IL. Time Travel was a educational Hip Hop radio show that would often find a topic and dedicate a show(s) to ... See full review
posted a comment on Mic-T - Michael Wallstreet (Sadomasochist). about 1 year ago
The tracklisting above for the second piece of vinyl is incorrect. The vinyl labeled "instrumental" has one vocal track, "The Program", and it has (shortened) instrumentals for all ten songs from the Michael Wallstreet CD version.
posted a comment on Various - Rapid Transit - A Chocolate Industries Compilation. about 1 year ago
"Chocolate Industries sends love all over the world...the transit is rapid"
posted a comment on Unlabeled Records. over 2 years ago
The Moose, Fuzz, Quetzy and Zeroid and the "No Artist" release from 1989 are not the same "Unlabeled Records" as the other two release. Unlabeled Records is a label out of Chicago started by Immortal Griffen (later Griffen) and he released several ... See full review
posted a comment on Them Badd Apples - Them Badd Apples. over 2 years ago
To respond to the notes on this release, there is a earlier cassette version, but it has completely different art, BUT the layout and text of the track listing is exactly the same, so for the CD version they kept the same text and changed the visual ... See full review
posted a comment on Undaground Soulution. over 2 years ago
Funny, that picture for the group only has one member of Underground Soulution. On the right in the yellow and white shirt is KBATE (Knowledgeable Black Asiatic That's Equal), who is the main producer for the group, and also rhymes occasionally. This ... See full review
posted a comment on Undaground Soulution - Spring Training. over 2 years ago
S.P.O is the guest rapper on "Journey Men". This EP is produced by Undaground Soulution, Ghosie The Unseen just did some engineering on Track 4. Lionel Freemen co-produced "Let Me In".
posted a comment on Spoonie Gee. over 3 years ago
There is a fake, claiming to be Spoonie Gee in the Miami area, so it's probably him you met:
posted a comment on The Deuce. over 3 years ago
The "Earthquake" song is the same artist, it is a different "The Deuce". The group called The Deuce on Capitol is a name variation of Double Trouble which was LIl Rodney Cee and KK Rockwell of the Funky Four. They also went under the name Deuce II when ... See full review
posted a comment on Union (3). over 3 years ago
This is not the same Double J from the Flavor Unit who is linked above. Two completely different people.
posted a comment on Mother Superia - Levitation. over 3 years ago
This should be the MC list from that track: Lord Mecca, Mello Ike One, Smooth Sinister Class, Bonafide, Psycho, Mother Superia. Not sure about the order though.
posted a comment on Shakespeare And The Lumberjack. over 3 years ago
This is Shakespeare who was also a member of His Majesti, releasing a 12" on Egyptian Empire in 1988. The crew split in the late 1980s and the other MC, Drew Rock, became known as Cyco and formed Insane Poetry. Shakespeare became known as Shakespeare The ... See full review
posted a comment on Special K (2). over 3 years ago
UPDATE: Further research show that the Main Attraction and Skat Kat listing should be correct it seems. I know the guy who actually was the voice of MC Skat Kat and he told me a story of bringing Special K of T3 to Minneapolis for the project. And, I ... See full review
posted a comment on Nikoless Skratch & D.J. Tanner The Surgeon General - Further Applied Theories... Turntable Of Contents. over 3 years ago
This mix is the 2nd in a series I started in 1998. The idea of the series was that each mix would focus on a specific aspect of DJing, particularly things that I thought were becoming lost arts or overlooked. The first in the series, "Applied Theories Of ... See full review
posted a comment on 6th Floor (2) - Project Logic. over 3 years ago
There is a picture cover cassette version of this also.
posted a comment on Criminal Law (2). over 3 years ago
Criminal Law is a group from Waukegan, IL and they were previously known as D.B.I (Def Boyz Incorporated) in the late '80s. I first saw them at a talent show at a local school in North Chicago and was impressed with their raw energy. At that time they ... See full review
posted a comment on Ronnie Gee. over 4 years ago
I agree with this. I would say that the Ronnie Gee who did Raptivity, Sweet Susanne, and Feel The Force, and also, Corona Jam (which is not part of his discography above), are all the same person. That would be King Ronnie Gee a.k.a Ronald Green from ... See full review
posted a comment on Heavy D. & The Boyz. over 4 years ago
Not sure who added Andrew Risper as G Whiz. But, G Wiz from "The Boyz" and Captain G Whiz (Andrew Risper) from the Mighty Mic Masters are two different people. In fact, Captain G Whiz disses G Wiz on "Go G Whiz", claiming he stole his name, "But there's ... See full review
posted a comment on Butterball (3) - Butterballs. over 4 years ago
Just came to this page doing some research and was sent here. To add another layer to your question. I came here because of an article that wrote this was radio DJ "Butterball" who was on the air in Philly. The reference is that there s a Hip Hop record ... See full review
posted a comment on Duke Bootee - Broadway. over 4 years ago
Yeah, I always enjoyed the BATB stuff, great short-lived label. I would love the digital files if that is still a possibility. thanks.
posted a comment on Money Earnin Crew* - Stars Are Shinin / Ain't No Half Steppin. over 4 years ago
What's up man. Good to see you come on here and drop some history on the group. I'm a Hip Hop writer/historian. I'd like to connect to get more info on the group if possible. Hit me up: PEACE.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Full Deck - Do You Wanna Par'T'. over 5 years ago
This group is from North Chicago, IL (a suburb an hour north of Chicago). They were actually a "rival" Rap group of my crew, Wildstyle, in the late 80s. The lead MCs name was Puma, who was a talented MC who went on to do music under a variety ... See full review
posted a comment on 3rd Degree (7). over 5 years ago
I never heard that Kingdom Of Wax record but I'm curious to how it was determined that that is the same 3rd Degree on the IPO release as the Phunky Skunk Release? Of course, it is possible, but I know that Phunky Skunk was Bronx based and IPO was San ... See full review
posted a comment on Shakespeare The One Man Riot. over 5 years ago
This info is incorrect. I assume whoever created this confusing Shakespeare who was in World Class Wreckin' Cru with Shakespeare The One Man Riot who was originally known as Doc Rock. Rumor has they actually battled for the name circa '87. Shakespeare ... See full review
posted a comment on M.A.C. 10 - Soul On A Roll. over 5 years ago
How did someone come to the determination this was released in 1989? On Mac Thang he makes a reference to Nino Brown, a character in New Jack City, the movie which released in 1991 and it samples Ice Cube "Jackin And Mackin" which is from "Jackin For ... See full review
posted a comment on Special K (2). over 6 years ago
There are several mistakes in his discography that all point to the wrong "Special K' most things listed as for Special K of the Awesome Two and this is not him. THere are other mistakes also. The only things that should be here are "Special K is Good" ... See full review
posted a comment on The Wizard Of Rap - Escape From East New York. over 7 years ago
This is a really good record, but it is definitely not Rakim. There are some in similarities in flow and vocal tone, particularly on "Murder By Death" but definitely not him. Beyond a close listen reveals the differences of the two, there is also fact ... See full review
posted a comment on Life-N-Def - Gangster Boogie. over 7 years ago
Hello, Supreme. I'm a hip hop writer/documentarian. Im doing research on this record as well trying to determine if you are the same DJ Supreme from Kickin Live Productions. Please hit me up when you have a chance;
posted a comment on DJ Quest (2). over 7 years ago
DJ Quest should NOT be linked to DJ Johnny Quest. Quest is a San Franciso based DJ. DJ Johnny Quest is a Queens, NY Based DJ who worked with Mikey D & Paul C. Both extremely talented in their own right, but not the same person.