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Turinn - 18 And A Half Minute Gaps
submitted Turinn - 18 And A Half Minute Gaps. over 7 years ago
Basic House - Oats
submitted Basic House - Oats. over 10 years ago
Aufklärung (2) - Zeit Der Aufklärung
submitted Aufklärung (2) - Zeit Der Aufklärung. over 11 years ago
Orphax - De Tragedie Van Een Liedjesschrijver Zonder Woorden
submitted Orphax - De Tragedie Van Een Liedjesschrijver Zonder Woorden. over 11 years ago
Various - Beta Bodega Coalition 2K12
submitted Various - Beta Bodega Coalition 2K12. over 11 years ago
Glen Velez - External Combustion
submitted Glen Velez - External Combustion. over 11 years ago
Cane - Teknotest
posted a review of Cane - Teknotest. over 16 years ago
Oh wow! What an awesome release, this is cane at their very finest. just 2 tracks on offer here but the quality far far out weighs the quantity. Both tracks offering up an underlying acid style, the A side is more in the 'in your face' dancefloor... See full review
Herrmutt Lobby
posted a review of Herrmutt Lobby. over 16 years ago
I bought Hermutt Lobby's first two 12"s on the Confined label by chance whilst I was picking up the Mystery Artist 12" on the same label and I'm so glad I did.

It's hard to describe their sound as a whole as they're taking bits from many genres,... See full review
Kettel - Volleyed Iron
posted a review of Kettel - Volleyed Iron. over 17 years ago
Simply beautiful. Ambient sounds intertwined with haunting classical piano, long flowing synths and all the time the comforting sound of life going on around you. Sometimes noticable as the chatter of people, at other times barely heard except for the... See full review
posted a review of Intricate. over 17 years ago
Intricate indeed. One of those artistic collaborations where you know they've chosen exactly the right name. Their sound is is a little hard to pin down, IDM for sure but often breaking out into sweat filled dance floor techno or perhaps lulling you... See full review
Loess - 3D Concepts Part 2
posted a review of Loess - 3D Concepts Part 2. over 17 years ago
One of my favourite releases ever. Certainly the best release by Loess, the tracks are as warm sounding as the orange vinyl looks. The entire 3D concepts series is excellent though I think Loess takes top place, closely followed by Miles Tilman. If... See full review
World's End Girlfriend - Farewell Kingdom
posted a review of World's End Girlfriend - Farewell Kingdom. over 19 years ago
this is one of those albums that makes you sit up and take notice, it's truly fantastic stuff. unfortunately it's very difficult to get hold of (japan only release i think) though a few copies did manage to get over to the UK. it's got everything from... See full review
Intricate - In Pectra
posted a review of Intricate - In Pectra. over 19 years ago
Great release from Intricate, i'd been looking forward to this release for a while and wasn't dissapointed. The LP starts off with the truly awesome 'Efforts' (previously released on the Warpmart 1 compilation on Warp records) which clocks in at... See full review
Meam - The L
posted a review of Meam - The L. over 20 years ago
i think this is probably my favourite of all skams releases, and just one of my favourite releases full stop. it's got industrial/machinery sort of sounds aswell as some awesome beats but with some really nice melodies thrown in too, it basically just... See full review
Quinoline Yellow - Cyriack Parasol
posted a review of Quinoline Yellow - Cyriack Parasol. over 20 years ago
i love this one, one of my favourite skam releases, i've been following quinoline yellows stuff and this is his best so far i think, i'm looking forward to him releasing a full length album. i just love his crushing beats and the way his music sounds... See full review
Lego Feet - Lego Feet
posted a review of Lego Feet - Lego Feet. over 20 years ago
the reason a few turned up on ebay recently is because skam records are 10 years old this year and so decided to clear out their stock room, copies of legofeet were found and were bought up by people, some of whom quickly put them up on ebay, i was... See full review
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything
posted a review of Faultline - Your Love Means Everything. over 20 years ago
i agree, the first album is one of my all time favourites, but the second album was absolute rubbish, full of unoriginal tracks. the collaborations are just pure sell out. here's hoping he goes back to his original style, i suppose it depends on how... See full review
posted a review of Dual Purpose. over 21 years ago
those letters (AE) and numbers are nothing to do with the recording, all vinyl made by the company gzvinyl has letters and numbers like that, it's something they put on and not something the record labels put on there. dual purpose are infact gescom... See full review
Clickits - Clickits
posted a review of Clickits - Clickits. over 21 years ago
fantastic 12" of melodic and beatiful idm, really chilled out. clickits are a new name on me, lets hope they release some more stuff.
Various - Electric Chicken Volume One
posted a review of Various - Electric Chicken Volume One. over 21 years ago
no, apparently not. boards were asked to do a track for the album but refused, so worm interface decided to put a track on the album by an artist called hexagon sun, apparently warp were not pleased by this and are thought to have even threatened... See full review
Various - Seed Records Volume One
posted a review of Various - Seed Records Volume One. over 21 years ago
really like this one, quite a mixture, from dancefloor stuff from the likes of ardisson to more chilled out stuff from artists like digitonal and jazzfinger.
Plaid - P-brane EP
posted a review of Plaid - P-brane EP. over 21 years ago
one of plaids best releases i think, has a weird quality to it, in that on their own the tracks sound good, but listened to as a whole ep they sound fantastic, it becomes better than the sum of it's parts!
Emperor Penguin - Mysterious Pony
posted a review of Emperor Penguin - Mysterious Pony. over 21 years ago
What an absolute beauty of a record, i just love this one but it's kind of hard to describe, i'll have a go though. it's kinda of cheesy in a 60s/70s type way but in a modern way (if that makes any sense) full of great vocal samples from all sorts of... See full review
Crunch (2) - 2
posted a review of Crunch (2) - 2. over 21 years ago
not really a follow up album in the true sense of the word, more of a 'filler' until their next real album i feel. the album is full of remixes and tracks taken from previous releases, hardly any new tracks by crunch themselves at all.
Cassetteboy - The Parker Tapes
posted a review of Cassetteboy - The Parker Tapes. over 21 years ago
a truly inspired release!! never fails to make me laugh, i find myself quoting excerpts from it all the time. i wonder if we'll ever hear from cassetteboy again or if this was just a one off.
Dr. Derek F. - D.F.1
posted a review of Dr. Derek F. - D.F.1. over 21 years ago
right, this may sound like a stupid question but i really cannot work out what speed this record plays at!! is it 33 or 45??? i assumed it would be 45 because it's a 12" with just 2 tracks on each side, but then i started to wonder, i mean the label... See full review
Crunch (2) - 1
posted a review of Crunch (2) - 1. over 22 years ago
the full stops in the track names are actually the letter 'I', eg = amilima, everything on the cd artwork is written in this weird way eg "tout r.tez ou d manufakturer ou d rekordd werk = rezervud" translation = "all rights of the manufacturer... See full review