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posted a review of Sleeparchive. over 11 years ago
I think this project has lasted far too long. It should have died right after Infared Glow. The music is HUGELLY influenced by Mika Vainio's Ø project and especially his Metri album.
The only difference is that Sleeparchive releases are not produced ... See full review
posted a review of Closer Musik - One Two Three (No Gravity). over 12 years ago
The B side of this release track Closer Dancer (which by the way is a totally different track than one with the same title on the After Love LP) is one of the most dark & dirty minimal techno tracks ever written & in my opinion what makes this EP a must ... See full review
posted a review of Marc Houle - Restore. over 12 years ago
"restore" is the solo debut from windsor`s marc houle of run stop restore. His new eleven track double-pack dives into a dark deep corner of melodic minimal grooved-up techno, fueled by the golden age of synth pop and the underground anthem classics of ... See full review
posted a review of Mind Over MIDI - Elektrical Aktivity. over 13 years ago
This compilation of tracks from recent EPs, new tracks and remixes, from Norway's Mind Over MIDI, is very much an album of two halves. The first five tracks, all icy ambience, ghostly drums, and liquid melodies (probably inspired by MOM maim man Helge ... See full review
posted a review of Various - 2. over 13 years ago
This second full lenght cd from Elektro Music Department would best be likened on a foggy morning ride on a horse named Solitude through the Lost Valleys of Obscurity. Dark and dreary synth lines are lined with subdued kick drums and minimal percussion, ... See full review