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posted a review of Barrington Levy - Crucifixion. over 8 years ago
A noteworthy record in many aspects. It features the young Barrington Levy on the peak of his pre-"Here I Come"-carreer, and the great General Echo shortly before his violent death.

The A-side carries a heart-felt tune on a biblical topic (quite ... See full review
posted a review of Dellinger* - Freshly. over 9 years ago
"Freshly" is easily one of Dillinger's best early tunes. Laid-back chatting, heavy riddim, and the intro gives great sample material. Yet if you truly love it, try to get your hands on the original pressing, the investment is worth it - the sound quality ... See full review
posted a review of Ohm (2) - Aeronoble / Helium Voices. over 10 years ago
"Aeronoble", with its laid-back beats and ultra-deep bassline, could easily be a dubstep track - eventhough the drums are rather jazzy. The female vocals are not that exciting, but they add to the athomsphere. "Helium Voices" is not as amazing, but still ... See full review
posted a review of Wadadda - Empiyah. over 10 years ago
Excellent debut from the Colognian warrior Wadadda. The title track is a heavy percussive beast, convincing with deepest bass and snippets out of the famous "Rockers" monologue by Horsemouth. The B-side tracks are also very heavy, sporting thick ... See full review
posted a review of Mighty Threes - Rasta Business / Sata. over 10 years ago
Excellent effort by this less known vocal group. This is late-1970s steppers reggae at its best. The extended versions are literally flowing and sparkling with echoes, a driving beat and amazing vocals. One of the best examples of its era!
posted a review of Roy Rankin & Raymond Naptali - Disc Jockey In A 81 Style. over 10 years ago
"A dis ya jockey 'im no ride horsey/ A dis ya jockey make the dance lively" - the A-side riddim is very horse-trot'ish though, in a good way; also very "modern" for 1981, especially due to a weird snare filter which makes it sound like oldschool electro. ... See full review
posted a review of Rising Son - Jah Jah Robe. over 10 years ago
One of the sweetest tunes from the 1970s roots reggae aera. Rising Son is one of those singers you have in Jamaica in all reggae episodes - they do a few hit tunes but then they get forgotten. And, at least in this case, a shame! The tune has a really ... See full review
posted a review of Dillinger - Tribal War. over 10 years ago
Be warned: while the lyrics of "Tribal War" are nearly identical with Dillinger's Joe-Gibbs-produced "War Is Over" from the late 1970s, the instrumental arrangement is a bad example of 1980s synth-pop-reggae, far away from the original. At least the ... See full review
posted a review of Trevour Junior* / Tenasaw* - Tidal Wave / Pumpkin Belly. over 11 years ago
Truly remarkable pressing, since it contains not the well-known "Pumpkin Belly" version on Jammy's Sleng Teng riddim, but a completely different voicing on another, much more electro-esque Sleng Teng cut. The extended version lasts for over 7 minutes and ... See full review
posted a review of Rising Fire - You Lied / Free Blackman. over 11 years ago
Did the singer have an overdose of Jefferson Airplane? I never heard such psych-rock-esque vocal harmonies in any reggae context. Combined with a heavy rub-a-dub riddim, this is a truly exciting record.
posted a review of Junior Reid / Norman Solomon* - Jail House / We Got To Leave. over 11 years ago
In Deep Root, the famous BBC reggae documentary series moderated by Mikey Dread, there is this most memorable scene:

Bunny Lee's crowded and "kinda clowdy" studio. After voicing several singers, Prince Jammy, wearing funky sunglasses and sweating ... See full review
posted a review of Nitty Gritty - Lightning Clap. over 11 years ago
What a crazy bassline! What a dry and heavy beat! All dubstep/grime DJs should try to get this one to get some spice into their sets.
posted a review of YT - Wicked Act. over 11 years ago
Here we have a "wicked" topic, but not as in "wicked, wicked, junglist massive"... The tune deals with the suicide bombings in London on 7.7.2005 in a really serious and touching manner. YT doesn't follow the "burn Babylon" path, but stresses that there ... See full review
posted a review of Barrington Levi* / Jah Thomas - Hunting Man. over 11 years ago
This 12" is pure magic. The riddim seems so heavy, yet it floats in the air, and so do Barrington's melancholic vocals. The second half of the 8 minutes extended version is an excellent example of heavy late-70s dub, without any "bells and whistles" but ... See full review
posted a review of Clint Eastwood & General Saint* - Two Bad D.J.. over 11 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous album. Not unlike oldschool hip-hop duets, Clint Eastwood & General Saint master the the art of lyrical dialogue to a degree not many deejay duets have reached. "Talk About Run" is probably one of the best examples of deejay ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Trojan Dancehall Roots Box Set. over 11 years ago
Probably the best Trojan boxset so far, at least when it comes to "killers, no fillers". One would not think that Trojan have such disco-dub-roots smashers in their back-catalogue. Here you get a feeling how reggae used to be for a while - majestic yet ... See full review
posted a review of Barrington Levy - Love Your Brother Man - The Early Years. over 11 years ago
Great overview of a pre-"Here I Come" Barrington Levy, who clearly shows his huge potential already in his "early years". Levy's style parallels to Horace Andy show up here much more intensely than in his later tunes, and yet one most certainly can't say ... See full review
posted a review of Tapper Zukie - Man Ah Warrior. over 11 years ago
This album is plainly insane. Legend says that Zukie himself wasn't aware of the fact that he's recording material that will actually be released, and was surprised coming back to England a few years later and seeing this LP in stores. Young Zukie was ... See full review
posted a review of Bunny & Ricky / Lee Perry / The Upsetters - Bushweed Corntrash / Callying Butt / Stay Dread. over 11 years ago
This is a record that made my jaw drop. You listen to A2 and ask yourself, what the hell is going on there? An unbelievable intense version, like a heavy heavy half-stomping half-gliding monster dropped on us by Lee Perry's mixture of laissez-faire and ... See full review
posted a review of Various - King Tubby's Fast Car. over 11 years ago
Very obscure compilation, starting with the ridiculous cover. The confused young lady, the by-now oldschool Mercedes with a "righteous" numberplate - all this is so bizarre and bears the certain cheap-o charm of 80s digital reggae compilations. ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Roots Rasta Party. over 11 years ago
Despite the extremely kitchy artwork, this is one of the most exciting reissued compilations over the past years. In fact, the dull title and the ugly cover kept my interest away from this one until I read an enthusiastic review about it, and since then ... See full review
posted a review of Iration Steppas / Urban Dub - Hard Time Pressure In A Babylon / Gonna Rise. over 11 years ago
The A-side is probably the best piece of music Iration Steppas ever produced. It's hard to put the feelings about this apocalyptic vocal dub piece into words - you have to hear it through massive soundsystem speakers. And after that you will never ever ... See full review
posted a review of Dennis Brown - The Half / Troubled World. over 11 years ago
Rare re-issued goodie, since the B-side is not the wellknown version produced by Phil Pratt, but by Dennis Brown himself.
posted a review of Dreadnut - Outlaw In Babylon. over 11 years ago
One of the most obscure reggae releases I got my hands on. An unknown German singer apparently travelled to Jamaica in the early 90s to record this two tracks with a semi-prominent musician line-up. The heavy Bavarian(?) accent makes you want to laugh ... See full review
posted a review of Mikey Dread - Roots And Culture / Jumping Master. over 11 years ago
"Roots And Culture" is pretty solid, but the real gem is "Jumping Master" - a superheavy rub-a-dub piece, lyrically paying respect to big men in reggae production business. The only annoying thing is the "pre-made" wheel-out in the beginning.
posted a review of RAG - Unter Tage. over 12 years ago
After Stieber Twins' 1997 "Fenster zum Hof" LP, this was the next big revelation in German hiphop. Since the Berlin underground, now since years the synonym for hardcore rap, was practically not known anywhere else in the republic yet, everyone who was ... See full review
posted a review of Taktloss. over 12 years ago
Every other German rappers claiming to be word acrobats appear as dyslexia patients when compared to Taktloss. Taktloss's lyrics contain no fillers, every connection makes sense in a twisted way, and even where it makes absolutely no sense, then it's on ... See full review
posted a review of UK Apachi With Shy FX - Original Nuttah. over 12 years ago
This tune had and still has a popularity like no other jungle tune ever managed to reach. I's a legend in every aspect, also in the aspect of misunderstanding the vocal part. I've heard of some Russian ravers referring to this tune as "Olenevody" - they ... See full review
posted a review of Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb. over 12 years ago
THE ragga jungle classic for me. I heard it on the radio in 1995 and was infected simultaneously. This tuff combination of voice and breaks still remains unchallenged after 10 years. And it caused so many attempts to do jungle remixes of Cutty's tunes ... See full review
posted a review of Terry Tee - Jungle Man Army. over 12 years ago
Terry Tee obviously used a live gig recording of Sizzla for the vocals, which's normally not a good thing to do quality-wise - but here it fits. The audience cheering adds more life to this tune. It's a fact though that Sizzla performs pretty off-key on ... See full review
posted a review of Love & Light - Mash Up A Dub Plate. over 12 years ago
Oh yeah, finally a UK jungle release that has the guts to twist around with the amen breaks like there is no tomorrow. Although it might miss something, like a really distinctive bassline synth, on the whole the impression is quite unique. Nervous bongo ... See full review
posted a review of Terry Tee - One Blood. over 12 years ago
This is simply the best junglistic record of the past 4 years! Creative amen handling, athmospheric arrengement, paired with Junior Reid's touching unity anthem - what can one want more? Even such a weird combination as nyabhinghi drumming backed by a ... See full review
posted a review of Kemet Crew - Ganja. over 12 years ago
This surely does not belong to the Top-3 of Capleton jungle remixes. The original "Ganja" vocal tune makes a great source for remixes of all kind, but here the execution is just too uninspired - nearly no play-around with the vocal track, pretty random ... See full review
posted a review of Kemet Crew - Waiting All Nite. over 12 years ago
Great floorfiller coming along with vocals of female reggae veteran Marcia Griffiths (one of Bob Marley's background singers), who sounds absolutely fresh on this one. Kemet Crew, compared to certain other aged ragga jungle specialists, know how to make ... See full review
posted a review of Vibes & Wishdokta - Sweetest Love. over 12 years ago
The most noticeable thing about the "Sweet Love" A-side is its modern sound approach. Lay a bit low on the cheesy pianos and you could play it at every 21st century nuskool-breaks bashment. Compared to that, the B-side is rather a sound-relict of the ... See full review
posted a review of Congo Natty - Congo Man. over 12 years ago
A problem with more recent Congo Natty releases is their repetitiveness. Normally they make up for that with an extraordinary bassline - but not this one. It got nice congo percussion, but that's kinda all. The vocal sample sounds straight from ... See full review
posted a review of Congo Natty - Joseph / Zion. over 12 years ago
"Joseph" starts off a bit late, but when it starts, hell is to break loose! Simple yet heavy bassline, underlined with an adamant drum structure. "Zion" is a bit more mellow, with nyabhinghi percussion and some subconscious saxophone. But it's still far ... See full review
posted a review of LFO Demon / FFF - Clash Of The Titans. over 13 years ago
FFF shows what ragga jungle is able to do in 2004, while LFO demonstrates a new definition of gabber undermining it with classical reggae vocals. Amazing! One would think jungle overlived its best days, and gabber has sunk in the piles of washed-up music ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Ultimate Breaks & Beats. over 13 years ago
Check out "Blow Your Head" and recognize parts of DJ Zinc's junglistic anthem "Super Sharp Shooter"!