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Robert Hood - Paradygm Shift
submitted Robert Hood - Paradygm Shift. over 7 years ago
Dave Clarke - Shake Your Booty
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Shake Your Booty. over 7 years ago
dave use samples from Freddie James - Get Up And Boogie
Navid* vs. Olssen - 2 Tribes
posted a comment on Navid* vs. Olssen - 2 Tribes. over 9 years ago
i dont uderstand . Its absolutely famous record and only 28 people (25.12.2014) want this tune . Original sound, pumpin rhythm great track thanks to Navid Tahernia and Olssen. Its in my all time top tracks
Kevin Saunderson - X-Mix (Transmission From Deep Space Radio - The Tracks)
posted a comment on Kevin Saunderson - X-Mix (Transmission From Deep Space Radio - The Tracks). over 14 years ago
track on side F(The Electric 10-EX-P.R.)is different from track with same name on CD.