Dave And Ansil Collins* - Double Barrel kleez.one

January 28, 2019
This tune has the well know sample on it used on many 80's Hip-Hop & 90's House records...

I Am The Magnificent

X Tophe* - Opaque Sequence as reviewed by kleez.one

December 2, 2018
Publishing by Frank De Wulf.
Released in 1994
Made In Belgium By Discopress.

Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child kleez.one

February 20, 2018
Oldschool Classics Piano tune from the early day's.....still rocks the dancefloors today!

The Gateway Experience - Living Body Map (LBM) / Twin Freaks kleez.one

February 19, 2018
The track Twin Freaks is a Rotterdan Classic & played to death in the dutch clubs in 1991 & 1992.

Meng Syndicate - Artificial Fantasy / Carpediem kleez.one

September 8, 2017
Rotterdam Classic, played a lot in Holland & Belgium & sampled even more times is the track, Sonar System (Aw, Aw).
Great rolling warehouse tune with that typical clonging sonar sound, dope tune.

Somebody Give The Lord A Handclap.

Sadomasy & D.J. One* - Body Motion kleez.one

September 2, 2017
Dutch & Belgium Oldschol Classic played to death in clubs like Boccacio & Parkzicht in 1991.
Uses the sample from Public Enemy, You never care for the brothers & sisters......
great tune & a floorfiller!

Problem House - Mini Elpee kleez.one

August 24, 2017
2 tracks on this mini lp are from producer Jochem Paat*, probably misspelled & must be Jochem Paap, also know as Speedy J from Rotterdam who released a few on R&S Records & also Plus 8 Records.

Beatboxx / House 2 House - Keep On Jumpin' / I Need Your Love / Boom kleez.one

May 28, 2017
House 2 House Boom (Hard Mix) samples the beat from the house of god.

Overmow - Overmow EP kleez.one

October 7, 2016
No Sound has another sample ' You can not be programmed', also taken from Star Trek original series season 1 episode 110 - What Are Little Girls Made Of.
The actor saying this line is also Lurch from the tv series The Adams Family.

Overmow - Overmow EP kleez.one

October 7, 2016
No Sound has a sample ' Your been taken under our power to your destination', taken from Star Trek original series season 1 episode 103 - The Corbonite Maneuver.

Michael Sanctorum - Nuclear Resonnance kleez.one

September 29, 2016
Nuclear Resonnance basicly samples the whole pattern from Plastikman ‎– Spastik.

D.H.S.* - The House Of God (Remix) kleez.one

September 29, 2016
Oldschool Classic from the early days of rave!
I need 50 dollars or more..:)

World - Vol. 2 kleez.one

September 22, 2016
Oldschool Classic ,Superb early rave hardcore tune! Get a copy if you can, they are way to cheap atm...:)

Hammerhead - Hardcore Will Never Die kleez.one

May 3, 2016
Made by Orlando Voorn under one of his aliases.
Wicked top tune!

Pino D'Ambini - Up & Down E.P. kleez.one

December 9, 2015
Land Of Promises samples Ramirez ‎– La Musika Tremenda.

DJ E-Rick & Tactic* - Hysterical Drumbeats kleez.one

December 9, 2015
It's Gonna Be Alright samples Glide ‎– All Right & Rave Crusader ‎– World Destiny.

Bertocucci Feranzano & Tony Salmonelli - Daddy Snow E.P kleez.one

December 9, 2015
Class Axion - Take 2 samples the piano riff from Outlander - Vamp.

Tony Salmonelli - BZRK E.P. kleez.one

December 9, 2015
Quiet Rage samples the piano riff from Voodoo Child ‎– Voodoo Child


Static (3) - Dream It kleez.one

December 6, 2015
A not so well know Todd Terry release from 1991....

DJ Isaac - Fucking E kleez.one

December 5, 2015
Dancehall Music is a hidden jungle gem on this record!

Various - Darkside Compilation 2014 kleez.one

June 19, 2015
Excellent compilation!

Every tune here is a fine piece of dark jungle Drumn Bass.

James Daltan - 2.0 E.P. kleez.one

June 11, 2015
Is it really your birthday, Mister?
yes it is, it really is!

Tim Dog - Penicillin On Wax kleez.one

May 25, 2015

[Verse 1]
Oh shit motherfuckers step to the rear and cheer
Cause Tim Dog is here
Let's get down to the nitty gritty
And talk about a bullshit city
Talking about niggas from Compton
They're no comp and they truly ain't stomping
Tim Dog, a black man's task
I'm so bad I'll whip Superman's ass
All you suckers that rif on the West Coast
I'll dis and spray your ass like a roach
You think you're cool with your curls and your shades
I'll roll thick and you'll be yelling out raid
A hard brother that lives in New York
Where suckers are hard and we don't have to talk
Shut your mouth 'fore we come out stomping
Hey, yo Eazy
Fuck Compton

Fuck Compton
Fuck Compton (Yeah!)
Fuck Compton (Oh Yeah!)
Fuck 'em

[Verse 2]
(Why you dissing Eazy?)
Cause the boy ain't shit
Chew him with tobacco, and spit him in shit
I'll crush Ice Cube, I'm cool wit Ice T
But NWA ain't shit to me
Dre beating on Dee from Pump it Up
Step to the Dog and get fucked up
I'm simplistic, imperialistic, idealistic
And I'm kicking the ballistics
Having that gang war
We want to know what you're fighting for
Fighting over colors?
All that gang shit's for dumb motherfuckers
But you go on thinking you're hard
Come to New York and we'll see who gets robbed
Take your jheri curls, take your black hats
Take your wack lyrics and your bullshit tracks
Now you're mad and you're thinking about stomping
Well I'm from the South Bronx
Fuck Compton


[Verse 3]
Tim Dog and I'm the best from the East
And all this Compton shit must cease
So keep your eyes on the prize and
Don't jeopardize my rhyme cause that's not wise
You really think that you can rhyme
Well come and get some of this loaded Tec-9
Bo bo bo shots are cold gunning
And you'll really be a hundred miles and running
You wanna play go ride in a sleigh
I'm so large I fucked Michel'le
In the bathroom we was boning
You shoulda heard how the bitch was moaning
Do do do do dooo do do do do do do do
Shut the fuck up bitch, you can't sing
You sound like a kid playing on a swing (Fuck you)
I'm the man at hand to run the band
That's in command
You know who the fuck I am
Tim Dog, what's my motherfucking name
Tim Dog, that's my motherfucking game
So whether you think that I'm just a myth
That riff, the lift, the gift, the if, the fifth
The shift, the spliff, that's in control, to hold
To fold, to bold and make an ache and take and fake
Wooh! and I'm still too great

Fuck Compton