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posted a comment on Mad Honey - Upward Bound / Treasure Every Sunset. 3 days ago
don't buy from these fools it'll be available in other stores very soon
posted a comment on Collins & Collins - Top Of The Stairs / Please Don't Break My Heart. 14 days ago
wow over 30 years dealing with records and yet you still haven't learned how to respect different genres and their collectors.
posted a comment on New World Music - Everybody Giggalo. 23 days ago
it could just be the YT algorithms . . .
posted a comment on Veneiće* - This Good Good Feeling. 25 days ago
this is the far superior original version by the same group under the name Take Three https://www.discogs.com/Take-Three-This-Good-Good-Feeling/release/1737353
posted a comment on Alfonzo - Girl, You Are The One. 27 days ago
Looks like dumb & dumber think this record is worth £70+
posted a comment on Stephane Deschezeaux Featuring: Kiki Kyte - Mystery. 27 days ago
probably just someone with multiple copies trying to drive the price up
posted a comment on The Reddings - Steamin' Hot. about 1 month ago
This LP is underrated and honestly I ain't got no clue why
posted a comment on Ronnie Jones - You And I (High Spirits Vocal) / High Spirits Dub. about 1 month ago
If you're picky about sound quality this isn't one for your collection
posted a review of L.J. Reynolds* - Travelin'. about 1 month ago
Tracks A2 to A5 and B1 are all 5/5 to me. The entire A side was produced by LJ too. If you ever see the record, don't hesitate, just buy it!
posted a comment on Franklyn (2) - Future Love. about 1 month ago
Agreed! love the vocals on this. It's a one of a kind. Get's me so pumped every time I listen to it!
posted a review of Phil Flowers - Stay Awhile. about 1 month ago
wow this song is just amazing. first time hearing it, what a gem!
posted a comment on سيمون = Simone* - ميرسى = Merci ...!. about 1 month ago
Vinyl wasn't a popular format in Egypt, especially in the 90s
posted a review of Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya. about 1 month ago
Let's Go Back To Lovin' is a great track from the previous 1981 LP and the pressing sounds way better here i.e. you need this 12"!
posted a review of Love Exchange - Do You Want My Love. about 1 month ago
Not surprised to see the price soar for this one. One of my favourite boogie records! Love to play this out. The high pitch scream by the singer always turns some heads.
posted a review of Con Funk Shun - Got To Be Enough (Think About It - Don't You Doubt It). about 1 month ago
I'm surprised this isn't worth more. Got To Be Enough is a monster disco boogie classic with a huge bassline and great horns arrangement plus the pressing sounds a million times better than the LP version!
posted a comment on Toni Smith - (Oo) I Like The Way It Feels. about 1 month ago
There are 2 different recordings of this (plus the rare acetate). The US Embassy pressings have a tougher funkier sound with more emotional vocals and no real breakdown and weaker kick drum (among other differences). The version found on the US... See full review
posted a comment on Dabeull - Intimate Fonk. 3 months ago
repress is transparent too. Is yours a repress? Mine plays fine but the treble needs boosting
posted a comment on Sugar* - Watching You. 3 months ago
A pressing with the same matrix and almost identical stamp with a lovers rock version and vocal street soul version on the other exists so there should be a separate listing for that.
posted a comment on Sahara (19) - Love So Fine. 3 months ago
This pressing is more of a dubby mix compared to the silver label below which features more vocals on each side. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/618574?ev=rb
posted a comment on Gavin Turek - Good Look For You . 3 months ago
They need to press the (Bishiclet Remix) up on a 45
posted a comment on Mid Air - Ease Out. 3 months ago
Anyone got a copy they wanna sell? DM me if you do! :)
posted a comment on Kay Ishiguro = 石黒ケイ* - 情 事. 3 months ago
Stormy Night is a killer boogie tune! Don't sleep !
posted a comment on The Cool Notes - It's Not Usual / People Make The World Go Round. 4 months ago
exactly I was about to say this sounds late 70s!
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posted a review that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Warner - Live And Learn. 4 months ago
There is a boot of the 12" out there now
posted a comment on Toni Smith - Ooh, I Like The Way It Feels. 4 months ago
Some sleeves are glossy while others have a more matte sheen
posted a comment on Tracy Weber - One Step At A Time. 6 months ago
Sure Shot instrumental is the same version that can be found on this particular press and is not the Larry Levan remix https://www.discogs.com/Tracy-Weber-Sure-Shot/release/1294947
posted a comment on Cliff Dawson - Cliff Dawson. 6 months ago
I Can't Love You Better. Nuff said ! ! !
posted a comment on Patrice Rushen - Number One. 7 months ago
The promo copies have the SHORT LP version. So be aware of that before buying
posted a comment on Maxx Traxx - Maxx Traxx. 7 months ago
P T G reissues are like that unfortunately ! !
posted a comment on Larry Wu - Let Me Show You. 7 months ago
I had a copy with that sleeve & sticker. It was the promo
posted a comment on Dabeull - Intimate Fonk. 7 months ago
Is the mixing any different on the repress? I have the repress and need to turn the treble up to get it to sound like it probably should
posted a comment on Jia Francis* - Walk On By. 8 months ago
mix 1 is killer! the audio below is from mix 2
posted a comment on Pink Rhythm - Melodies Of Love. 8 months ago
7" press doesn't sound very good to my ears .
posted a comment on Various - For The Love Of You . 8 months ago
I compared the Michael Prophet to my 12" copy and it sounds like they have used unecessary compression for some reason
posted a comment on Breakwater - No Limit. 8 months ago
Killer remixed versions! To be reissued on Be With records very soon
posted a comment on Tomorrow's Edition - A Walk On The Wild Side. 9 months ago
Only way to get 'A Song For Everyone' on single
posted a comment on MBT - You Know Too Much. 9 months ago
I played the extended version out to a packed dance floor nearly all the way through last week and it got such a good reaction!
posted a comment on Joey Negro - Backstreet Brit Funk Vol.1 (A Collection Of The UK's Finest underground Soul, Jazz-Funk And Disco). 9 months ago
The MBT tune here is the short version without the awesome jazz guitar solo
posted a comment on Lynda Dawn - At First Light. 9 months ago
It sounds amazing. I've played it at home and while DJing out multiple times
posted a comment on Bernard Wright - Funky Beat. 9 months ago
Yeah sweet jam. I like my funk and electro but to me this is the best track from the LP
posted a comment on Yasmin Alexander* - My Kind Of Lover / Part Time Lover. 9 months ago
My copy is stamped with Part Time Lover only so maybe Part time Lover is the actual A side?
posted a comment on The Love Unlimited Orchestra* - Rhapsody In White. 10 months ago
I heard he didn't pay Gloria Scott much at all and she became quite bitter. He must have been the Dr Dre of 70s soul
posted a comment on Carmen (4) - Throw Down. 10 months ago
It's not bad at all! The original recording probably did too since I have another record on this label with loads of sibilance
posted a comment on Booker T.* - Don't Stop Your Love. 10 months ago
Wow what an absolute beauty! Produced by the great Michael Stokes.
posted a comment on B.T. Express - Does It Feel Good. 11 months ago
Does anyone else's copy skip at the exact same point on both sides?
posted a comment on Bossa Electrica* / Karyn Smith - Sunshine / Pillow Talk. 11 months ago
will you be working to get it pressed up officially?
posted a comment on Lynda Dawn - At First Light. 11 months ago
A1 samples 'Fifth of Heaven - Just A Little More'
posted a comment on Colors (3) - Am I Gonna Be The One. 11 months ago
Last sold £125, seriously? Great classic don't get me wrong how can someone pay that much for a shortened version of a song that just builds and builds...