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posted a comment on F Ingers - Hide Before Dinner . 3 months ago
the cover of this record is dogshit
posted a comment on Franco Nanni - Elicoide. 4 months ago
how strange; i mean, i presume the new tracks on here were taken from tape - perhaps they had access to the tapes of those songs but not of the original ones?
posted a comment on Mr. De' - Stretchin' Out / Whonleeone. 6 months ago
'whonleeone' samples Floetry - Say Yes!
posted a comment on Franco Nanni - Elicoide. 6 months ago
is it just me or does this sound very much like it was mastered from vinyl…?
posted a comment on Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Pit Piccinelli - Amazonia 6891. 6 months ago
A, B, C, 4
posted a comment on Pete Brandt's Method - What You Are / Positive Thinking. 6 months ago
arthur russell vibez
posted a comment on Akufen - Deck The House. 7 months ago
fucken pretty cooked tune aye
posted a comment on Various - I Am The Center (Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990). 7 months ago
that's the problem with this damn label
posted a review of Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan - Be Faithful. 8 months ago
huge tune
posted a comment on Ability II - Pressure. 8 months ago
lozano putting his name on the cover - bold move
posted a comment on 214 - North Cascades. 10 months ago
B1 !
posted a comment on Various - Maizena Boys. 11 months ago
lol at patla v palta
posted a comment on The System - You're In My System (Kerri Chandler Remixes). 11 months ago
hmm ...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. 11 months ago
so now that it's getting repressed is the record no longer special? i'll buy your copy for $5, if thats ok with you
posted a comment on Realitycheck - Trafficjamblues. 11 months ago
thanks !
posted a comment on Jaquarius (2) / Mono-Enzyme 307 - Acid Avengers 001. 11 months ago
lol 'radio edit'
posted a review of Draveng - The Dubious Smink. 11 months ago
all about the b side
posted a review of Anaxander - A Question About You. about 1 year ago
a1 is so lovely, almost ambient at points… uncommon music
posted a comment on Dream 2 Science - Dream 2 Science. about 1 year ago
fantastic record, obviously, but please stop recommending this to me now discogs!!
posted a comment on Various - HDC003. about 1 year ago
the baltra sample is from 'angel in disguise' by brandy - 'and when my tear drops'
posted a comment on Realitycheck - Trafficjamblues. about 1 year ago
real nice, anyone know what the alleged sade sample is in angst?
posted a comment on Marquis Hawkes - Cabrini Green. about 1 year ago
sealion !
posted a comment on Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Visiting This World. about 1 year ago
? is this record single sided or what ?
posted a comment on Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion (Remix). about 1 year ago
cant believe they put that hype williams remix on the bside seeing as its just the same song slowed down
posted a comment on The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. about 1 year ago
sounds elitist but ok
posted a review of Rhythmic Theory - Twilight Distinction. about 1 year ago
very special indeed
posted a comment on Vasily - Neuralgia. about 1 year ago
would kill for a web rerelease of this, every track is incredible
posted a comment on Various - Deliberate Acoustic Beats. about 1 year ago
this is actually all just tracks by the obscurum duo, closest thing to an LP you're gonna get!
posted a review of S.E.T.I. - Knowledge. about 1 year ago
not electro in the slightest, but a very cool/cheesy spacey ambient record!
posted a comment on Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet - Photographs. about 1 year ago
haha, nice catch mate! do you know if the musical content is the same?
posted a comment on 土取利行* = Toshi Tsuchitori - 縄文鼓:大地の響震 = Jômonko: Pottery Drums Of The Jomon Period. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on seekers (2) - Turning Night Into Day LP. about 1 year ago
turns out it's by Justin Zerbst of perth, western australia!
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. about 1 year ago
various, untitled, not on label, aka an easy find
posted a comment on Various - The Collected Sounds Of Prescription - Sample Volume 001. about 1 year ago
classic vol. 1's 'forever' is the same as this track:
posted a comment on Saffron (9) - Petra I / Petra II. about 1 year ago
petra II samples leonardo dicaprio's dialogue from 'the beach' (2000)
posted a comment on 不失者* - 不失者. about 1 year ago
black editions own the rights to the psf catalogue as of 2014, so presumably not
posted a comment on 不失者* - 不失者. about 1 year ago
came here to post about just this, so thrilled !
posted a comment on Consumer Electronics - Estuary English. over 3 years ago
can someone who has this post a scan of the lyrics sheet?
posted a comment on Dean Blunt - Black Metal. over 3 years ago
just picked this up from my local record store. it is so black. the disc is black on both sides
posted a comment on Coil. over 3 years ago
goddamn it someone reissue these records, i'm not paying $100+ for the ape of naples
posted a comment on Les Rallizes Dénudés* - Rivista Archives. over 3 years ago
luv it