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submitted Idris Elba - Murdah Loves John. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Paul Glazby - Kick It / Rough n' Tough. over 5 years ago
Possibly the best hard house production ever.
posted a comment on Guy McAffer - RAW R09. over 7 years ago
Just the remixes.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - The Arsonist. over 10 years ago
I believe this was a Rob Tissera special...
posted a review of Guy McAffer - RAW R09. over 10 years ago
Yet another belter from the RAW stable. I haven't heard the original of this track, but would very much like to, as this remix from the man himself is most splendid. I also could have sworn that I'd heard this a least two, if not three, years before its ... See full review
posted a review of Pirate - Leaving The Sun. over 10 years ago
I'd head straight for the instrumental mix, if I were you. Jerry Bouthier at his finest; one of the chaps who wrote Electriique Bootique - Revelation.

A very interesting piece of uplifting trance; a great percussive opening, bolstered by a delightful ... See full review
posted a review of PVD* - Wings EP. over 11 years ago
Now then... The track called Found An Angel is the corker here. It is related to two other Discogs releases (and I'm pretty sure they're all the same mash-up): 207367, 789653.

They all feature the PVD E-Werk Club Mix of Paul Van Dyk's - For An Angel. ... See full review
posted a review of Bulletproof (2) - Zero Tolerance. over 12 years ago
Wow! Paul Chambers has delivered another classic stomper. Head straight for the original mix.

Begins with his trademark scuttling percussion, with the skippy closed, open, closed hi-hat sequence. The bassline on this slips in and pumps the speakers ... See full review
posted a review of Lab 4 - New Style / Soul Fire. over 12 years ago
This has to be one of my all time favourite Lab 4 tracks, I have the a copy of the original Elementary release and of the white label repress.

The kick in this track instantly makes me want to dance around like Mark EG, it's that hard, and is paired ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Glazby & The Narcomaniacs* - Acid Disco. over 12 years ago
I've yet to hear any techno or acid techno tune quite as dark and pummeling as this filthy monster. I'm not refering to Glazby's original mix, but that of Henry Cullen (a.k.a D.A.V.E The Drummer).

This track is a real stand-out tune, it begins with ... See full review
posted a review of Solar Stone* - Seven Cities (Disc One). over 12 years ago
This is a classic remix from Armin. He uses his usual rolling bassline and chugging percussion as a base to bring in layers upon layers of synths and fluid sounds. The use of key changes to build this track to its break is perfect, and is, as with this ... See full review