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submitted Riky Maltese - All The Night. about 1 year ago
submitted Martinelli - O. Express. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on After Midnight (3) - Disco Light. over 3 years ago
It seems to be a private pressing with not the best quality.
It also exist as white label promo.
submitted Rosalba Congedo - Mi Va!. over 4 years ago
submitted Danya (2) - Gesti D'Amore. over 5 years ago
submitted Guglielmo Sinagra - Guglielmo Sinagra Mini Lp. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Francie Davies - Don't Run Away. over 5 years ago
Yes you are.. hehehe. No i like the record a lot also. I guess not many people really know this one.
posted a comment on Michael Pencil - That's Right. over 7 years ago
Vocals by Jimmy Mc Foy imo !
posted a comment on Video Blitz - Holiday / Hideaway. over 9 years ago
On the sleeve is written Holiday, while on the label is written Holyday.
posted a comment on Qietman* - Shhh!. over 9 years ago
These 2 promo cd's where released with the wrong name.
Instead of Quietman they wrote Quitman.