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posted a comment on Doves - The Universal Want. 1 day ago
Just to confirm, my red copy sounds fine. No issues whatsoever. As a pressing, it's quite 'bright' though. Anyone else found this?
posted a comment on Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake. 1 day ago
Yeah, I certainly assumed they'd worded it wrong, as surely if there had have been a proper metal tin version it would be here...
posted a comment on Delays - Faded Seaside Glamour. 9 days ago
Rough Trade clearly don't give a shit. It's now generally up to Music On Vinyl to bother to put these kind of releases on vinyl.
posted a comment on The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Behind The Music. 16 days ago
Me three. One of my fav LPs of this century.
posted a comment on Gene - The Albums. 19 days ago
Very similar story to Suede's Demon reissues, where the originals were all noticeably better. You do wonder what the process is with these things.
posted a comment on The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo. 21 days ago
Copies from Rough Trade come with the bonus CD (as noted on their store page for this — if you don't get it, ping them an email and they'll send it on).
posted a comment on Love - Out Here. 22 days ago
Pretty impressively shit that they managed to use the wrong version of Signed D.C. And they can't even get the title of the album right. Amateur hour.
posted a comment on Favourite People - Wading Out / Shell Island. 24 days ago
What a track. One of the best of 2020 to these ears.
posted a comment on Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider. about 1 month ago
I'll second that remark - MOV are in no way to be lumped in with Plain. I've had nothing but good experiences with MOV.
posted a comment on The Goa Express - Be My Friend. 2 months ago
The lyric sheet was only included with 100 numbered copies sold on the band's Bandcamp page. There was a special bundle with a T-shirt.
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posted a comment on George Harrison - All Things Must Pass. 2 months ago
I owned one of these and it sounded muddy as hell. Seek out the 2017 version - it sounds miles better.
posted a comment on The Zutons - You Can Do Anything. 2 months ago
It's some measure of how little people care for this record that you can pick up a copy for about one tenth of the price of the first two albums. What happened to the band for their quality control to fall off a cliff like that? Anyone know?
posted a comment on Little Kid - Transfiguration Highway . 2 months ago
Nice under-the-radar album this. I can see word of mouth building up pretty fast.
posted a comment on A.A.Williams - Forever Blue. 2 months ago
Also getting quite a bit of background noise. Another reason to avoid coloured vinyl it would appear.
posted a comment on I Am Kloot - Gods And Monsters. 3 months ago
The 2005 original lacquer was a DMM. So that could be why.
posted a comment on The Charlatans - Between 10th And 11th / Isolation 12.2.91. 3 months ago
What is the point of this 'reimagined' artwork? It looks like the original was put through a colour photocopier and messed around with. I know this is a common factor with reissues, but this one is a particularly grim example of 'sod it, no-one will... See full review
posted a comment on XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1. 3 months ago
Just to say, I finally tracked down a genuinely mint copy of this after many years looking, and it did not have the pressing issue that others had. If you're really determined, the ultimate pressing IS out there.
posted a comment on Various - Factory Communications 1978-92. 3 months ago
Amazon now selling this for £59.99, go go go go.
posted a comment on Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake. 3 months ago
On the album's wikipedia page, it states "The album was originally released on vinyl in a circular novelty package of a metal replica of a giant tobacco tin, inside which was a poster created with five connected paper circles with pictures of the... See full review
posted a comment on Nadine Shah - Kitchen Sink. 3 months ago
Anyone else had any issues with short bursts of static on side B? Like a non-fill, whooshing type of sound.
posted a comment on Suede - Suede. 3 months ago
When I got the original box set with all the pre-reformation albums, I figured my minty fresh ones would now be the go-to copies. But just before I listed my original 1993 vinyl I figured I should do an A/B comparison with the Demon repress, and—holy... See full review
posted a comment on Tame Impala - Sundown Syndrome. 3 months ago
Surprised this doesn't go for more money than it does. Two awesome tracks you can't get anywhere else.
posted a comment on Tame Impala - Lonerism. 3 months ago
Pretty great. I've now compared it to the black vinyl and they're identical sounding, which is to say nice and full, good low end in particular. Being on double vinyl helps enormously.
posted a comment on Bibio - Vignetting The Compost. 3 months ago
Come on Bibio management/Warp. You got Fi out on vinyl years ago, and this is just sitting abandoned for no good reason that I can see.
posted a comment on Neil Young - Homegrown. 3 months ago
A free print's a free print. I'm happy to have it. Album sounds great also—hard to believe this has just been sitting in the vaults for 45+years.
posted a comment on Shack (3) - Zilch. 3 months ago
I wish it were possible for the band to just re-record the drums and remix it. The songs are pretty great, but the shiny drums do my head in.
posted a comment on The National - High Violet (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition). 3 months ago
Haha! It reminds me of being 37 again.... #oldmanalert #targetaudience
posted a comment on Bibio - Sleep On The Wing. 3 months ago
When is an EP not an EP? I've got numerous shorter LPs.
posted a comment on Pins - Hot Slick. 4 months ago
Disappointing album. A little too vapid and by-the-numbers. I saw some of these songs live, and they had a great deal more energy in that setting (where you could actually hear some guitars), but the thing that really kills this record is the airless... See full review
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again | The 12" Singles. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Little Barrie - How Come / Precious Pressure. 4 months ago
The digital single version that was available on iTunes (and Spotify to stream) also featured the track "Don't Know You How I Want (demo)" but this is no longer available. And here's the proof.
See full review
posted a comment on Disq (2) - Disq 1. 4 months ago
Hey Disq fans, does anyone know where you can buy this, or failing that, does anyone have the digital files they can share?
posted a comment on Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet. 4 months ago
One of those rare occasions when I was happy to let the original go. The repress sounds identical, but is a much better package, so don't obsess over tracking down this pressing.
posted a comment on Cavern Of Anti-Matter - In Fabric. 4 months ago
Duophonic are always excellent sorting this stuff out - assuming they have a few left over for this reason.
posted a comment on Cavern Of Anti-Matter - In Fabric. 4 months ago
Is anyone's side C&D pressed off-centre? It's pretty noticeable in the audio. Some of the Stereolab reissues had this problem, so whoever's doing the pressing needs a kick in the shins, frankly.
posted a comment on Martin Rossiter - The Defenestration Of St Martin. 4 months ago
€350? Hmm, ok then. (Highest price ever paid = £59)
posted a comment on Beck - The Information - Deluxe Vinyl Package. 5 months ago
Given how few copies here have been added to people's collections (320), I'm dubious if there really are 3000 in existence. Anecdotally, about a quarter to a third of these kinds of collectables get registered here on Discogs, so 1000 feels about right.
posted a comment on Travis - The Man Who. 5 months ago
Crazy to see the 2019 issue of this is now going for £25. Must have massively overestimated demand. Supply and demand at work!
posted a comment on Porridge Radio - Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers. 5 months ago
Is this getting a repress? I’ve seen three copies listed inside 24 hours, which usually means people are rushing to cash in while they can
posted a comment on The Blue Nile - High. 5 months ago
Your wish is granted. six more six more words please.
posted a comment on The Blue Nile - High. 5 months ago
Finally coming to vinyl soon. Get your orders in
posted a comment on LOVING (2) - LOVING. 6 months ago
Even now (March 2020) still available on the band's website. Give your money to the band.
posted a comment on David Bowie - Is It Any Wonder?. 6 months ago
Pick it up here while you still can people:
posted a comment on Longpigs - The Sun Is Often Out. 6 months ago
posted a comment on José González & The String Theory - Live In Europe. 6 months ago
This seems to have ended up an incredibly rare release. Anyone got any insight into why it never got a wider release?
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same. 6 months ago
Still considerably cheaper than usual at the time of writing. Keep an eye on this one.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same. 6 months ago
No idea if anyone will see this, or whether the offer will still be on by the time they do, but £62.99 from Amazon UK right now. Go go go !... See full review
posted a comment on Ultimate Painting - Up!. 7 months ago
That's two tracks that have found their way onto subsequent albums now: Foul & Fair on Modern Nature's How To Live, and now Darkness In His Eyes has been re-recorded for Proper Ornament's new LP as "Echoes". I guess a few more will be used at some point.
posted a comment on Pond (5) - Frond. 7 months ago
Weird sales data here: supposedly one mint copy sold for 1 cent. I'm guessing something went wrong there.