DJ k.M. kELLAM (kUTTMASTER kELLAM) a 16 year veteran turntablist from Los Angeles, California, was introduced to the art form by a “Bay Area” DJ from Daly City, California. Although primarily trained in the mixing and spinning of Hip Hop and Deep House music; k.M. kELLAM contains several “Black Belts” in the mixing of Electronic Music, 8o’s, Classic Rock, Rock en Espanol, Funk and Soul Music and contains a 3rd degree Black Belt in the art of mixing Dub, Reggae and Dancehall.

k.M. kELLAM’s purpose on this web-site is to display some of the most obscure, rare, limited, non-musical and musical selections. Many obscure pieces and many familiar ones as well; the same types of records disc jockeys and producers use to make music. Classic funk, psychedelic funk, psychedelic rock, jazz, rock & roll, classic rock, comedy, easy listening, classical, 80’s, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Heavy Metal, classic radio shows. From W.C. Fields to Three Dog Night from Jimi Hendrix to The Beatings from The Motor City Crew to George Carlin from Kool Moe Dee to a recording of the lunar landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969; collecting this type of vinyl personifies a true disc jockey or vinyl aficionado.

DJ kUTTMASTER kELLAM seeks to unite forces with likeminded disc jockeys whose primary objective is to enforce, preserve and protect the art form.
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posted a review of Giant (2) - What's In This Life For You. over 4 years ago
Giant can be best described as a psychedelic rock or psychedelic funk band from the late 1960’s. The group contained nine members and was arranged by Al Del Monte and David Spinozza who were both members of Giant. The group appears to have reached the ... See full review
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Status Breaks Volume 2 – More Heavy Heavy Sounds for Today’s Connoisseur:

Unlike the first album, “Status Breaks Volume 2” was purchased with high expectations. Volume one of “Status Breaks” introduces the listener to artist like Giant, The Mohawks, ... See full review
added Various - Status Breaks Volume Two to their collection. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Various - Status Breaks. over 4 years ago
Status Breaks – Heavy Sounds for Today’s Connoisseur:

I can not recall the exact date I first bought this LP but I do remember what phase (of my early disc jockey career) I was in when I purchased it. During this time I had an insatiable appetite for ... See full review
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