My history in electronic music begins in the late 80's. It was somewhere in there when I started getting into synthesizer music. My big favourites back then were infamous artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk. When the end of the century got closer, my interest in synthesizer based music had evolved to fulltime relationship with disco, rap and house music, Sandra, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, S'Express, Technotronic, The KLF and Public Enemy some bigger ones to mention. At the same time I started producing my own tracks on my computer.

In the early 90's I had grown much bigger love to hip hop and was listening to various artists among the synthesizer and sampler based music. I had already got plenty of European and British techno on tapes, 2 Unlimited, L.A. Style, Altern 8, U96 and Praga Khan, but it wasn't until the late 1991 when I first heard The Prodigy and I was totally sold. I think it hit me in the right spot with my interest in hip hop and techno combining both genres into one. I had became a complete techno fanatic. MTV had helped me a lot with its' program Party Zone which gave me lots and lots of great information and great artists not even talking about the musicvideos. For me it has been one of the most important medias on my way in the techno heaven. It brought me a huge variety of breakbeat hardcore, which by the style, still is one of the only music genres that can put a smile on my face.

My first rave party was in the NYE 1992 where I heard Jam & Spoon's remix of Age Of Love among many other great trance and techno anthems. Not much after, I went to my second rave party and heard another important track, Aphex Twin's Polynomial-C that hit me like a lighting from the clear sky. I had now found my religion and everytime I went to a party, I was literally in trance. The following years went ahead by active raving, and where illegal warehouse parties acted important part. During these years my biggest two genres that I loved were German trance, basicly anything from Eye-Q and MFS and British IDM, mostly Warp and Rephlex Records. Then 1995 came and I had my first own live performance at one of the biggest local raves at the time. The rave scene was already transforming to something different though and my interest in going to those parties had started to decrease. 1996 was the final nail to the coffin because holding illegal parties became totally impossible in such a practically small city like mine after the scene had increased and gotten too popular.

The new phase had begun but it wasn't for me. Luckily I had met a friend earlier who played me some jungle records and I had found something new, something fresh to look into. We started producing together and became one of the first drum and bass liveacts in Finland. I didn't attend rave parties after that unless we were playing there so the religion had let me down and I wasn't turning my head back. Rest of the 90's were active gigging and after drum and bass was going the same rounds and started to sound all the same, we put the end to our productions by releasing a downtempo track on a compilation.

After millennium I have dedicated my life to downtempo and progressive psytrance, two styles that I feel strongly about again, both having something old and something new, but best of it all, fresh ideas. Nearly 3 years ago, when the breakbeat hardcore scene had started to move actively in the UK, I started producing new material with a friend of mine, having the old ideas in mind, but combining it with new elements. Up to this moment, we have released on many British labels and also put out two EP's on our own. I have found my love again. After waiting for nearly 2 years, the Unwind 2 cd compilation is finally out now, with two of my tracks.

Still up today, I can feel happy that I was never affected by the commercialiness of the techno music. That's why I have so many good memories and I still love to listen anything from the artists whose music were there to change my life.

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Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid
posted a review of Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid. over 16 years ago
The original version of this track is just something amazing. It's hard to describe the atmosphere that hovers all over this track, I guess it's called The Trance.

Considering how minimal track it is, there is so much going on and there is not one... See full review
Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland
posted a review of Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland. over 16 years ago
The original mix is one of my all time trance favourites. It used to be the fulfillment of the night when it start playing back in the day. So simple, yet effective trance from the times when trance music used to be great.

Considering how high I... See full review
Anthony Rother - Popkiller
posted a review of Anthony Rother - Popkiller. over 16 years ago
I have to disagree with the previous comment. I too like "Simulationszeitalter" and "Sex With The Machines" but this is different album, in the good meaning.

I really like the over all feeling in this, really rough, minimal and the lyrics are top... See full review
Various - Finnish Underground-Sound Compilation
posted a review of Various - Finnish Underground-Sound Compilation. over 16 years ago
Most likely the best and most sought after cd compilation there was ever released in Finland. This amazing compilation includes many top underground artists and dj's who were building the finnish rave scene back in the day.

Some have vanished but... See full review
Various - Finnish Underground EP
posted a review of Various - Finnish Underground EP. over 16 years ago
This record is a perfect cross-section of the early years of finnish techno. Those days when only a handful of producers made this music up in here here.

Even the actual cd release with much wider selection of tracks is great as well, this vinyl ep... See full review
Various - We're Not Dead - The Album
posted a review of Various - We're Not Dead - The Album. over 17 years ago
This is the album that properly kicked the hardcore breaks on. Without people like Vinyl Junkie, there would be much less artists making this music today.

Most of the artists on this record are real oldschool heads from back in the day, quality... See full review
Plastikman - Krakpot
posted a review of Plastikman - Krakpot. over 18 years ago
The evolving atmosphere in this is something incredible. Considering that most acid tracks are pretty boring due to so few different elements this record is totally rocking, especially the title track which is by far the best track from Richie... See full review
Karl Bartos - Communication
posted a review of Karl Bartos - Communication. over 18 years ago
What an truly amazing masterpiece. Being a longterm fan of Kraftwerk this soothes my soul and warms up my mind. Communication sounds more Kraftwerk than they do today by themself. It is obvious that Karl Bartos acted important role in Kraftwerk in the... See full review
Aural Expansion - Exercises In Expansion
posted a review of Aural Expansion - Exercises In Expansion. over 18 years ago
This is one of the best IDM records ever made already alone, and it comes from Finland from where at the time of the release weren't many musicians writing tracks in this genre. The whole album is full of purely beautiful, clean and fresh sounds,... See full review
The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - It's Grim Up North
posted a review of The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - It's Grim Up North. over 18 years ago
One of the best productions from this group including The KLF releases. Just a bliss. When comparing to most of the material that came out in 1991, this has been true pioneer work in this genre and also very different to the ordinary line of their... See full review
Phobia - Phobia
posted a review of Phobia - Phobia. over 18 years ago
This is one of the all time techno anthems. Everybody knows it by sound but not many by the name. Pink Elln is a german techno pioneer, much better known of his later musical work with Atom Heart. It also says something that a UK based label released... See full review
O. Lieb* - Constellation
posted a review of O. Lieb* - Constellation. over 18 years ago
I've had this record from the beginning and I must say this is definately one of the best ambient records ever made. Oliver Lieb haven't made much this kind of material and this is all worth it. Sadly it's not known widely, probably due to the... See full review
Autechre - Tri Repetae
posted a review of Autechre - Tri Repetae. over 18 years ago
Used to be a huge fan of theirs at the time. Incunabula had been straight success, Amber was even deeper. When this record came, I was astonished by the difference they could provide on every album, but it didn't last, the EPs started to crack already... See full review