Techno music producer, vinyl enthusiast under the name Vic Tailor. Owner of label Centrista Elektronika.
Interested in almost every other kind of music, but always against lack of authenticity.

Some appeals:
- DON'T ask me in PM for digitalizing, sending or previewing you any record from my collection! It's illegal. Be attentive, lucky and get your own copy.
- I also WON'T likely sell anything if it's not listed for sale! There's always a reason when I buy a record. Obviously, especially for a rare one, I won't say goodbye easily. So no need for offers.
- I NO LONGER contribute to the Database, so it's useless to send me messages about Submissions.
If those are not clear and still nogging me, I'll block you. Thank you for your understanding.

💲 Good advices:
- Beware of gold diggers trying to sell you records thousand times of the real price, especially under VG condition.
- Always check official label pages, local and online shops first before considering buying here. Support the artists! Only buy anything here if the release in question is sold out anywhere else.
- Always check the feedback rate of the seller in question. If the value is significantly under 99%, you should think about twice if he/she's trustworthy - seemingly not always. In this case, read the negative feedback messages for considering and making the good decision.

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