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Larvikit is an igneous rock named after the city of Larvik in Norway (100 km south of Oslo). In English it's called Larvikite, but in both Norwegian and Danish it's Larvikit. I'm a geologist as you might have guessed... That's it and that's that.

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M. Mayer* / Reinhard Voigt - Speicher 2
posted a review of M. Mayer* / Reinhard Voigt - Speicher 2. over 19 years ago
Michael Mayer's "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" is a wonderful slow burner of a techno/minimal track, but I would really have liked it to be an instrumental. First of all the English lyrics are plain cheesy, secondly they are spoken with a thick German... See full review
Wighnomy Brothers - 3 Fachmisch EP
posted a review of Wighnomy Brothers - 3 Fachmisch EP. over 19 years ago
What a journey "Pele Bloss" is: It's simple, yet very, very complex, a conglomerate of beat, click and acid. Techy, techy, techy...
"Pele Bloss" and Dominik Eulberg's remix of Steve Barnes' "Cosmic Sandwich" made me dive into the world of Minimal,... See full review
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
posted a review of Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat. over 20 years ago
Sadly this release doesn't contain the full version of "Flat Beat", this version being more than a minute short. The 'MPJ Remix' is a cheesy tour de force and I find it hard to believe that it is done by Mr. Oizo himself (so I guess it ain’t…?). If... See full review
Skeewiff - One Sample Short Of A Lawsuit E.P.
posted a review of Skeewiff - One Sample Short Of A Lawsuit E.P.. over 20 years ago
Damn I love the movie which makes track A2 so much more the better. The dudes from Skeewiff have been very true to the original, but still they've created an absolute lovely good feel breaksky party monster.
If this hasn't been cleared it is... See full review
Just Jack - Paradise (Lost & Found)
posted a review of Just Jack - Paradise (Lost & Found). over 20 years ago
If you wonder which version of "Paradise (Lost & Found)" was used on Laurent Garnier's "Excess Luggage" on F-Communications it is the "Zed Bias dub mix."
Various - Premier Toons Vol. 5
posted a review of Various - Premier Toons Vol. 5. over 21 years ago
The original version of Gat Decor's "Passion" makes this 12" worth a 5/5, shear class!! But also the 15min+ 1982 Patrick Cowley re-work of Donna Summer's 1977 'I Feel Love' track is worth a 5/5. 80's madness, this sound makes me see people dressed in... See full review
Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz (Remixes)
posted a review of Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz (Remixes). over 21 years ago
I feel lucky today!! Just recieved this classic, classic release in mint condition. Won it on (German seller) for as little as £8.98; yum yum!! Have only seen this once before, on for $172.50!! It's still there if you are... See full review
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
posted a review of Jaydee - Plastic Dreams. over 21 years ago
Jep, yet another re-release of Jaydee's "Plastic Dreams", surprise surprise, ehh... Any cop then? Well, yeah! It's allways nice to get a fresh copy of the original mega classic, 5/5 that's for sure! The A-side 2003 re-fix is a massive Big Room house... See full review
Underworld - Cowgirl
posted a review of Underworld - Cowgirl. over 21 years ago
To call this 'Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House' is wrong, this is Progressive House more than anything else. Ok one could argue that A has some Trance elements here and there and B some Hard House elements, but it is first and foremost Progressive... See full review
Sattva - Echo Of Silence
posted a review of Sattva - Echo Of Silence. over 21 years ago
The winner track on this mofo is in my opinion the WOW version. It's typical WOW style like it or not (I sometimes do, this one is ok). The original has it's moments though, it might be a nice background track in a trendy café plus it could do some... See full review
Schatrax - Mispent Years
posted a review of Schatrax - Mispent Years. over 21 years ago
A nice 12" in typical Soma style; techy, techy, techy... If you like the deep bass theme in the Silicone Soul mix then go fetch the better "Remind Me" [James Zabiela Eighties Ingeborg Mix] by Royksopp. They have the exact same bass sound (almost bass... See full review
Chopstick & Spoiled - Who Is It?
posted a review of Chopstick & Spoiled - Who Is It?. over 21 years ago
A Funky, Funky slightly laid-back Piano House. Fantastic!!!
B Trancey Progressive House. Rather good, reminds me of Infusion.
Chris Cowie - Discotek / Lifter
posted a review of Chris Cowie - Discotek / Lifter. over 21 years ago
Forget the B, but please do remember the A, that's what I call Funk Progressive! There are links here to some of Peace Division's best remixes on Hooj Choons.
Infusion - Legacy
posted a review of Infusion - Legacy. over 21 years ago
Uuuuhhhh! This is two A sides in one package. If you like me missed out on the "Synaesthesia Dub" the first time it was released, then here's your chance. A haunting floor track, which also work on the stereo. The Junkie XL remix is superb too, it's a... See full review
Planet Funk - Rosa Blu
posted a review of Planet Funk - Rosa Blu. over 21 years ago
Italian Funky House doesn't get better! This is thi Funky House track for me, it draws me in like few other tracks. I don't know why, but if you ever get a chance to listen to it you might understand...
Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Version)
posted a review of Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Version). over 21 years ago
If you like this then buy the 12" also, both are sooo good! Latin, Jazz, complex beats, lovely, lovely female vocal, laid-back music for a hot summers day in the garden with a good book and cold limonade or for Saturday evening when you alone prepare... See full review
Thomas Bangalter - Outrage
posted a review of Thomas Bangalter - Outrage. over 21 years ago
If you like "So Much Love To Give" by DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter (, then there's a great chance you'll like "Outrage" also though it's not as massive; it sounds exactly as the film music it is, meaning there's... See full review
Ben Shaw
posted a review of Ben Shaw. over 21 years ago
The sound of BS in general: There's a kind off minimalism to his music, not too many elements at a time, which makes all details stand out. The music is deep and rather dirty sounding Progressive House, very much meant for the floor! Full of acidy... See full review
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At
posted a review of Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At. over 21 years ago
The Basement Jaxx extended version is a fine track (a good I'm-drunk-jump-around-track), but the B side remixes are the ones for the naughty, naughty people... Thus head straight for the those! Lovely, lovely breaks from Stanton Warriors and Sounds Of... See full review
Jazzanova - Days To Come (Remixes)
posted a review of Jazzanova - Days To Come (Remixes). over 21 years ago
This isn't totally typical Jazzanova style, this is Jazzanova much less jazzy n b'nova than usual. Still jazzy elements in both versions though.
A) Ayro's remix evolves from deep Tech House to minimal Tech House to funky n jazzy Tech House (all the... See full review
Nylon Pylon - Pushin'
posted a review of Nylon Pylon - Pushin'. over 21 years ago
Hmnn... Donno 'bout this one. Very hyped yes, but for good reasons? I for sure DO NOT like the Playgroup version, it's rather boring if you ask me, too chunky and somehow too slow. Jon Carter's version is the better of the two. It's one of those 80's... See full review
Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid - 2001
posted a review of Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid - 2001. over 21 years ago
The original still rocks, jep, but I really like the 2001 Plump version also and even better is the Krafty Kuts interpretation, which reminds of Josh Wink's "Higher State Of Consciousness", but better! This is old and new skool ACIIID at its best, yum yum! See full review
Soul Of Man - The Drum / Acid Punch
posted a review of Soul Of Man - The Drum / Acid Punch. over 21 years ago
Like this!! Then try Criminal Element Orchestra "Put The Needle To The Record" [Lee Coomb & The Drum-attic Twins + Zoid] and Slide "Slippedy Slide / Sunset Baby", both on Finger Lickin'. The first updated breakbeat versions of the oldskool classic and... See full review
Various - Dance Train Classics Vinyl 19
posted a review of Various - Dance Train Classics Vinyl 19. over 21 years ago
Forget that this is a rather cheesy 12" when it comes to looks. LOOKS ISN'T EVERYTHING!! The Celeda and the Ce Ce Peniston tracks are platinum classic stuff.
Celeda's "Be Yourself (And No-One Else)" is Tenaglia sound all over the f*****g place, so... See full review
Billy Nichols - Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (Remixes)
posted a review of Billy Nichols - Give Your Body (Up To The Music) (Remixes). over 21 years ago
Typical Danny Tenaglia sound here on this double remix 12"; vocal elements, cheeky sounds, breakdowns, tribal feel, twistedness, depth, funky'tivity... Jep, in my opinion house music at its best, wow, yum yum, yeah... No need to say more!
Masters At Work - Our Time Is Coming
posted a review of Masters At Work - Our Time Is Coming. over 21 years ago
Collectors item, no doubt 'bout that, but also a fantastic voyage through the minds of "Little Louie" Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez; seams like a nice place... If you think it's too expensive to buy the 6x12" album, then go get it on normal LP... See full review
Masters At Work - The Tenth Anniversary Collection - Part Two (1996 - 2000)
posted a review of Masters At Work - The Tenth Anniversary Collection - Part Two (1996 - 2000). over 21 years ago
Fantastic! Simply stunning, you can't miss out on this one... Lovely soulfulness from masters Masters At Work, this release will sound as fresh in 30 years as it does now, so timeless.
This is for hangovers, is for when you have guests who think they... See full review
Jazzanova - The Remixes 1997-2000
posted a review of Jazzanova - The Remixes 1997-2000. over 21 years ago
If you like deep soulfull jazzy latino influenced house then this is a must buy. Put out in 2000, but here early 2003 still available at for instance if you're interested, and you should be!!!
Various - Hooj Presents: Further...
posted a review of Various - Hooj Presents: Further.... over 21 years ago
This is an excellent release, but if you're not a hard on collector, a DJ or for other reasons must have this on 12", then get it on CD. The 3xCD specially designed boxset isn't mixed, so you get so many extra tracks to fool around with.
So I really... See full review
Sasha - Airdrawndagger
posted a review of Sasha - Airdrawndagger. over 21 years ago
What can I say, this is progressive at it's best, so many layers, so beautifully spheric, but also dark n pumping though in a non-aggressive way. The more you listen to Airdrawndagger the more you realize how complex the tracks are and how much Sasha... See full review
Green Velvet - Flash - Remixes
posted a review of Green Velvet - Flash - Remixes. over 21 years ago
This is really a super release. 3 superb mixes + a short DT'pella. My personal fave is DT's mix, which is as "Tenaglia" as anything he's ever made; funky yet strange, full of those blibs n blobs (especially blobs) he loves so much (me love too,... See full review
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
posted a review of Jaydee - Plastic Dreams. over 21 years ago
The original long version (over 10min) has since I heard it the first time been a major fave of mine. This promo release hasn't changed that. David Morales provides us on the A with a less trancey more housey mix, and funky too it is. The B is more or... See full review
Psycho Radio - In The Underground
posted a review of Psycho Radio - In The Underground. over 21 years ago
A: slow Tech Funk House with a Tribal feel to it plus a semi mechanical male vocal.
B: extra Funky Tribal House with a soft Breakbeat feel and a half whispering half semi mechanical male vocal.

Nice, nice release! Especially the Daniele Tignino... See full review
Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (Kaskade Remixes)
posted a review of Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (Kaskade Remixes). over 21 years ago
This is good stuff, but if you expect the in your face funkiness of the original then don't fetch. No this is less aggressive, deeper, but still funky, funky (almost deep) house. Love it and love the original which is what Jacko should've been doing... See full review
Sean Cusick - CB Radio
posted a review of Sean Cusick - CB Radio. over 21 years ago
One should think that the title track of a single is the main thang, but no laws without exceptions. 'Consider The Ravens' is simply stunning. Sooo funky yet mellow. Dave Seaman included it on his GU melbourne mix and I'm sure Danny Tenaglia also... See full review
Unknown Artist - Illicit Grooves Vol: 1
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Illicit Grooves Vol: 1. over 21 years ago
Go get this on (Hard To Find Records). These two mash-ups are more interesting in the long run than the original tracks; a good way to add flavour to otherwise overhyped releases. Niice :-)
X-Press 2 - Muzikizum (Parts One & Two)
posted a review of X-Press 2 - Muzikizum (Parts One & Two). over 21 years ago
Can't decide if this release is cheesey or super fantastic. I just know, that it get's me going no matter where/when I hear it. My problem is, that it's so exremely catchy that it smells commersial and (the fact) that I find the album "Muzikizum"... See full review
Kamaya Painters - Wasteland
posted a review of Kamaya Painters - Wasteland. over 21 years ago
Forget the "Original" and the "Hitchhiker Remix", they are too cheesey! No, it's Chab's version that rocks, you really get Bedrock (Records) feel here. Progressive House with a touch of Trance. The sound is so dark and it's Chab's remix that takes the... See full review
Way Out West Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stealth (12 Inch No.2)
posted a review of Way Out West Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stealth (12 Inch No.2). over 21 years ago
A: Tribalness! A truely vocal mix, no annoying voice sampling here, and Pablo even uses both acid sounds as topping on this quility track.
B: Progressiveness! As usual Quivver's mix is rather repeatative in a both hard and soft way, there's a link to... See full review
KC Flightt Vs Funky Junction - Voices
posted a review of KC Flightt Vs Funky Junction - Voices. over 21 years ago
Tribalismooooo inside my head... If you like tribal tracks, then you'll definately love this two tracker. Basically, if you're a Tribal House fan this is a must-have, that's it really... Both versions are excellent.
Danny Tenaglia - BackToBasics Presents Danny Tenaglia
posted a review of Danny Tenaglia - BackToBasics Presents Danny Tenaglia. over 21 years ago
If you're a House DJ, then the only excuse acceptable not to buy this diamond of a 4x12" non-mixed treasure would be, that you already own it... It contains almost only hard to get super league tracks. My three faves would be BRS, Soul Mekanik &... See full review
Peace Division - Droppin' Deep EP
posted a review of Peace Division - Droppin' Deep EP. over 21 years ago
I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this double 12" P.D. release, 'cause I always buy music that can be enjoyed both at home and in a club. But this a club-club thang. Very, very cool n deep in the tribal range. If I should rate it purely as a... See full review