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posted a comment on Vilod - The Clouds Know. 8 months ago
They stroke back again. And it's at least as good as the first one, not the same appart from the first track. More granulations and fun textures, more melodies and less groove, in a way more ambient than the last album.
posted a comment on Flørist - 4 Letter Word. 8 months ago
The energy level on those tracks is really high, great productions. Florist goes on a more techno et break side which is not unpleasant at all. Absolutely dope record from TTT and Florist.
What else should we have expected ?!
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä. 8 months ago
One of the gentle and kindest guy in the industry !
posted a comment on The Pilotwings - Psytube. about 1 year ago
It does sound like 1994' music and it is good.
posted a comment on Alma Negra (2) - Tabanka EP. over 2 years ago
Every time I play this record people lost their mind.
submitted Agnes (24) - Untitled . over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Bjarki - Lefhanded Fuqs. over 4 years ago
Full of breakbeart with a thin point of trippy textures to it and you have a great record
posted a comment on Karlos Moran - MMG001. over 4 years ago
This release is absolutely dope. Strong energy, great atmospheres. Acid, deep pads, Tr707… there's everything on this one.
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett / Vera Dvale - Soukas Mix / Dybden. over 4 years ago
Awesome EP. Vera Dvale delivers a great ambient track full of darkness.
posted a comment on SW. - Untitled. over 4 years ago
Wow the last side is really really nice. 2 more
posted a comment on Eomac - Bedouin Trax. over 4 years ago
Somewhere between Muslimgauze and the new approach of modern techno music. This is really great !
posted a comment on Acronym - Entagled In Vines. over 4 years ago
It is good but I think this album is too short
posted a comment on Various - Mind Over Matter. over 4 years ago
and F3
are my favs here.
This is a great comp !
posted a review of Rupert Clervaux, Beatrice Dillon - Studies I-XVII For Samplers And Percussion. over 4 years ago
Yes, it is a good record.
I first listen to their other album "Two Changes"(absolut electronic-jazz gem), this is more about repetition and acoustic rhythms. Tracks are quite shorts but it is a compilation of studies so it makes sense.
posted a review of Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Electronic Music, Tar And Sehtar. over 4 years ago
An essential release for every person interested in electronic and oriental musics.
posted a comment on Cédric Stevens - Hanging In The Wires. over 4 years ago
Although its genre & style description says on this page, this release is a fully meditational record, a real transcendental gem.
posted a review of Nina Kraviz - Nina Kraviz. over 4 years ago
This is probably one of the best album for driving at night.
posted a comment on Beatrice Dillon And Rupert Clervaux - Two Changes. over 4 years ago
Electronic-Jazz at its best ! Everything else has already been said before.
posted a comment on Ondo Fudd - Blue Dot. over 4 years ago
This is a superb record especially the b side wich is the one with two tracks unlike what is written on this page release. Maybe because I listened to it in 33...
posted a comment on VSK (3) - The Shade Is Speaking. over 4 years ago
Only trippy bangers ! this is a totally psychedelic release
posted a review of Vakula - Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa. over 4 years ago
Beyond any expectations this album is as good as his last two others are. If you're into cosmic electronic music with some blues and acoustic instruments, this is for you.
posted a comment on Don't DJ - Authentic Exoticism. over 5 years ago
Beautiful cover and awesome music somewhere between minimal forms evocating Steve Reich and ambient music.
posted a comment on Baris K / Valentin Stip / Volkan Akin / Tim Karbon - Field Works Vol. I. over 5 years ago
Big big comp.
Very minimal sounds.
posted a review of Various - Church Volumes 001. over 5 years ago
4 deep-house gems, super-melodic ambiences without vocals.
submitted EDC - Cosmic Explorations EP. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Totally Unknown Artist - Status 303 . over 5 years ago
Subtil mix of acid and deep-house-vocals
posted a review of Various - Correspondant Compilation 03. over 5 years ago
Huuuuge comp really well curated. Techy tracks with nice melodies, great for working a dancefloor.
Best track : Flügel
posted a comment on Blacknecks - 00002. over 5 years ago
Rough and dirty techno with a trancey touch. Trippy.
posted a review of Various - R.I.P. 50Weapons #40-50 - Hardcore Will Never Die. over 5 years ago
Total coherency on the whole 10 last EPs.
True techno, very recommended and the artwork is dope.
posted a comment on The Box (12) - Sketches Of Pain. over 5 years ago
This EP is amazing.
The first three tracks sounds a bit identical as they using the same samples but the Eduardo's remix gives it a fresh relecture.
Oriental vibes all the way !
posted a comment on DJ Richard (5) - Grind. over 5 years ago
One of the best album of 2015 so far.
posted a comment on Raffaele Attanasio - No Thought Control. over 5 years ago
Effective dub techno.
posted a comment on Vakula - Dedicated To Jim Morrison. over 5 years ago
Vakula strikes again.
The title album speaks for itself.
I'm not a fan of the Doors even if I like it, but the album is just fine. Really great atmospheres about those times.
posted a comment on Esteban Adame - Determinacion EP. over 5 years ago
Somewhere between electro and techno. Very nice record.
Special rewards to face B
posted a comment on Octave (10) - Dilema EP. over 5 years ago
Face B is a smooth and deep ballad.
posted a comment on Vakula - A Voyage To Arcturus. over 5 years ago
Same here !