26 year old record collector from the Pacific Northwest. My collection has been growing since I was 14 and consists primarily of doo-wop, classic rock, African (mostly music from Zimbabwe, Mali and Ethiopia), alternative/indie, and soul.
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posted a comment on Big Thief - Two Hands. 3 days ago
I have the peach and there's quite a bit of distortion that seems to also be from it being off centered. The first track sounds like someone sweeping a broom all over it
posted a comment on DIIV - Deceiver. 10 days ago
Really happy about the color of the vinyl and the overall pressing. Really quiet pressing and the drums, bass and guitar all have great dynamic. Some of DIIV's best music. Lorelai is a stunner
posted a comment on Sigur Rós - Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust. 10 days ago
a gorgeous pressing that really does justice to Sigur Ros' music.
posted a review of Chet Baker Trio - Daybreak. about 1 month ago
An audophile pressing if I ever heard one :) So happy they repressed this
posted a review of Stephen Stills - Manassas. 6 months ago
Picked up a NM copy of this at Accord on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. As if it's never been played. The bass and drums are super dynamic and one of the nicest pressings I've heard in a long time!
posted a comment on Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose. about 1 year ago
My copy is red translucent. Any body get a copy like this?
posted a comment on TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain. about 1 year ago
Really impressed with the pressing. This is what a record should sound like.
posted a comment on Beach House - Devotion. about 1 year ago
Got my replacement copy and it's super quiet and dynamic. Excellent pressing!
posted a comment on DIIV - Oshin. about 1 year ago
Be careful buying this. I bought a copy thinking I was getting the original artwork but got the reissue. They're listed seperately here but have the same cat# so a lot of people are putting them together. I accidentley got the reissue, gave it a spin and ... See full review
posted a comment on Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. about 1 year ago
a seriously great pressing. My second record through VMP and had to send back Devotion due to damage so was a little nervous before playing this one when I got it but I have no complaints whatsover. 5/5
posted a comment on Beach House - Devotion. about 1 year ago
Got my VMP copy today and from the get go record one had a hair size crack on track 1 which made some really loud pops and skips. Besides that there's a lot of surface noise on all sides except the last one.
Will hopefully get a replacement soon.
posted a comment on Steve Gunn - Eyes On The Lines. about 1 year ago
Great music, but not the best pressing. My copy was pretty dirty out of the sleeve when opened, with a lot of small particles and smudges that seemed to be pressed into the vinyl. There are also a couple of ''dimples'' in the grooves, something I've ... See full review
posted a comment on Animal Collective - Sung Tongs. about 1 year ago
Just got this a couple of days ago. Seems slightly warped which creates a bit of crackle as the stylus moves back and forth on the record. I've never experienced this with any other record and tampered with the tracking force and anti-skating but no ... See full review