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posted a comment on Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite. about 8 hours ago
Francois K put out a list of something like "100 Best Dance/Disco/Funk Instrumentals" and this version of "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin" was on it
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posted a comment on Nujabes - Child's Attraction (Joaquin Joe Claussell Remix). 9 days ago
These prices are out of this world. Did this retail for at least $100?
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submitted Lenny Williams - Changes. 15 days ago
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posted a comment on M.E.* Featuring Yvone Gage* - Winter Days & Summer Nights. 23 days ago
damn what did this record ever do to you...Trax released all sorts of think this is the worst thing on Trax you should listen to some of the stuff they put out in the early 2000s
posted a review of Alex Agore - I Got Rhythm EP. 23 days ago
dude has a masterful level of understanding of what golden era 90s house was all about. Fantastic release from a clearly talented and locked in individual
posted a comment on Tracer - Love Fantasy. 23 days ago
Seemingly one of the only productions by Joey Llanos who is best known as one of the original Paradise Garage DJs along with David DePino
posted a comment on Enough Is Enough Foundation* - Enough Is Enough Foundation . 26 days ago
album is uploaded here for your streaming pleasure -
posted a review of Quantum Fireball - Got It Goin' On. 28 days ago
Both really nice reedits of two disco tracks that are familiar but I cant put a finger on at the moment. Not house at all but kicks like house. Very subtle, all instrumental with cool electronic effects on top
posted a review of Megabeat By Megabolt - Megabeat 1. 28 days ago
If you're a fan of the Regisford/Jarvis mid to late 80s house sound I would highly recommend this record
posted a comment on Rainbow Bridge - Shaft Noise. about 1 month ago
looking for side A and B if anyone has just that record
posted a review of Jeremias Santiago - 3 Elements Of Life EP Part 2. about 1 month ago
Mi Timbo is a really great broken beat/deep house latin/jazz workout with great vibe solos, which could be described of probably 1000 house releases but this title manages to keep it slamming and musical without the cheese. The rest of the EP is more ... See full review
submitted Double Exposure - Ten Per Cent. about 1 month ago
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posted a review of Heavy Mental - Heavy Mental. about 1 month ago
Brilliant use of the break from Can's "Vitamin C" on B side. Like a funky electro spacey Moogy breakbeat workout. Buy it
posted a review of Jose Gomez - Bump. about 1 month ago
IMO the A side has not aged well and its kind of corny but B1 is worth it alone. It samples to great effect the bassline from The Brother's "Under The Skin." B2 is a really upbeat funky track that doesnt sample but showcases the artists skills. Def worth ... See full review
posted a comment on Double Exposure - Ten Per Cent. about 1 month ago
can't believe someone just chimed in on this. noticed it with my copy too. I have the same as yours and i am really surprised no one has put it up yet. I will soon
posted a review of Boo Williams - Midnight Express. about 1 month ago
Should be considered a seminal electronic EP of this era regardless of style. Genius
posted a comment on Mudd - Garden Love Fat. about 1 month ago
"Yellow Nanny" is an extremely good re edit of Sea Levels's "Sneakers (Fifty Four)"
posted a comment on The Love Symphony Orchestra - Penthouse Presents Pulsating Disco And Romantic Moods For Loving And Dancing. about 1 month ago
I own a lot of 12” singles - this is by far one of the best and most well mixed ones I have. Amazing record
posted a review of Hidden Agenda (2) Featuring Chicago Jones - Take Me Home. 2 months ago
The Penthouse mix is some deep, kinda sleazy, sexy badness with the vocal being a photographer giving direction to a model complete with photo snapshot sounds. Secret weapon
submitted Buzz Compass - West Fulton Sessions Vol. 2. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Debra Hurd - Hug Me, Squeeze Me. 4 months ago
Disappointing mastering on this 12" which is weird. The bass is very thin. Otherwise sounds good, just the bass is the issue.
posted a review of The Police / Sting - I Burn For You / Only You. 4 months ago
Sleeper 12". The track "Only You" which appeared on the "Brimstone & Treacle" movie soundtrack is extremely similar to the single "Voices In My Head." It's short but it's great and a nice little secret weapon for the heads.
posted a comment on Ian Fink - Middle Birth EP. 4 months ago
This title is available on Discovery's Bandcamp as of the time of this comment
posted a comment on Santana, Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman / Bella. 4 months ago
If you have a copy for sale, please let me know!
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posted a review of Gnork (2) - Magic Arp. 5 months ago
This record is fucking awesome. "Ezoteric Massage" absolutely blew my mind.
submitted Kuniyuki Takahashi - Divine Harmonics (Precious Hall Cosmic Fusion Version). 5 months ago
submitted Antonio Ocasio - Full Moon In Culebra, Puerto Rico. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Morgan Page - Lonely Night. 5 months ago
why the fuck are people so fucking greedy? especially for shit they probably paid nothing for?
posted a comment on Various - Disconet Greatest Hits Volume 1. 5 months ago
if anyone has this for sale, let me know! one more word...
posted a comment on Blackman (4) - Beat That Bitch With A Bat. 5 months ago
Should be noted that this is a cover version of Johnny Dangerous "Problem #13" which came out the year prior to this release
posted a comment on Diana Ross - My Old Piano. 5 months ago
hit me up if you got one for sale please!
posted a review of Morning After - Never Forever. 5 months ago
The B1 mix on this record is really nice. Very nice latin percussion, Kenny Dopeish sound with dubbed out vocals and excellent drum programming. Recommended
posted a review of Womack & Womack / Stevie Wonder - Soul Clap Edits. 5 months ago
Unfortunately the quality of this pressing is abysmal. There’s loud surface noise throughout the entire record, at least on my copy, even after cleaning. There’s bubbles on the label indicative of a bad press too. Shame, but it’s still playable.
posted a review of Nighthawk - Eye Of The Tiger. 5 months ago
the instrumental is really quite good. serious musicianship and pretty slamming beat
posted a review of George Benson / Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto Project. 5 months ago
The sound quality on this release is quite good. It's nice to have Hathaway's legendary performance on a 12" that does it justice. Highly recommended
posted a comment on Love Unlimited - I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman / Gotta Be Where You Are. 6 months ago
that's a great question. I was about to say that the A side is maybe a different mix, like a "disco mix" or something but probably not varying too far from the original.
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posted a comment on Winners* - Get Ready For The Future. 6 months ago
I'm curious as to whether there's any difference between the promo US 12" on Roadshow and the subsequent Ariola release? A side on promo runs 5:41, versus 5:44 on Ariola. B is identical runtime. And the French pressing runs only 5:25??
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