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posted a comment on Torch Song - Ecstasy. about 1 year ago
Amazing album and beautiful cover. Especially "Mothdoom Ecstasy" is one of my all time favorite track.
posted a comment on DJ Dove - God O' Mighty EP. over 2 years ago
If you mean the exact beat - as far as I know it was originally made by Todd Terry but has been used by DJ Sneak example here: "Come Together"
posted a comment on George Thomson - Goin' Home E.P.. over 3 years ago
Also sampled bassline from Azymuth - Dear Limmertz as a loop.
posted a comment on Sharif Laffrey - Key Jam Acid . over 3 years ago
This is an edit based on a 1988 New Beat track: Chico Crew ‎– Acid Pages
posted a comment on Future Vision - 30 Feet Below Your Head. over 3 years ago
Same chords as in 1986 Chicago track "E.S.P. - It's You"
posted a comment on Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler* - Trionisphere EP (Part 1). over 3 years ago
"Keep Me Inside" sampled Wojciech Kilar - Love Remembered
posted a comment on Nail* - 2 Days Off. over 3 years ago
"Optimus" available on this release:
posted a comment on Delicious Inc. - Eau De Chanté. over 3 years ago
Original: Ceybil - Love So Special
posted a comment on Valérie Mairesse - Bombe Anatomique. over 3 years ago
Must be one of the best sounding boogie-disco pressings. Instrumental side is the one you party with.
posted a comment on Chayell* - It's Never Too Hot. over 3 years ago
Trivia: Around 15 copies of this record disappeared from the marketplace within a minute while DJ Harvey was playing it live on Boiler Room. Soon after that the price naturally went up. "Beach" is a great tropical track - You can still find it on a "A ... See full review
posted a comment on Sound Stream - Bass Affairs. over 3 years ago
Bass Affairs = George Duke "Brazilian Love Affair"
posted a comment on Manhattan Project (4) - That's Impossible . over 3 years ago
Thin sounding record and low gain levels on the tracks. Original version should have been at least on one side with 45RPM. Don't quite get the point of remixing this release.
posted a comment on Tammie Lee & Final Selection Orchestra - Sky High / Night More Night. over 3 years ago
Original cover art: Hajime Sorayama