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posted a comment on Gari Romalis , pres. Detroit Soul Factory - All Dat Jazz. 10 days ago
What a amazing sound!! this a true future classic!... The vibe on the A2!! and the groove in the B2. Just perfect!
posted a comment on William Basinski - El Camino Real. about 1 month ago
I was listening to this for the first time on a transatlantic flight and I watching the sunrise. what a feelings!. In my top 3 of William. I Need Vinyl release!
posted a comment on Childproof Man - Ritual Feeling. about 1 month ago
Release this on Vinyl Please!!!. Crazy slow druggy bombs!!! OK
posted a comment on DJ Nnamreg - 612 EP. 2 months ago
612 is sooo sick. Intense and trippy af!!... It's like a kind of alien ship going through several galaxies. Especially in the last "break" druggyTIP
posted a comment on Sepp (2) - Sonath 001. 2 months ago
Sick bassline and elements on the A1. what a bomb god!! probably the best Sepp track of the year and in my top 5 of best of him!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - ODE. 3 months ago
The A is proper definition of "ketaminimal" hole. I could dance for hours that spazy and synthetic loop. one of best ODE!! TIP
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Social 7. 3 months ago
After the Social 02 release this is another good of the all series. A1 & B1 soooo good!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Clair-Obscur EP. 3 months ago
Really disappointed with this release so bad!. Bleuciel is one of those label that can be said that each release is unique and special (it was until now). Tracks without feelings I hope the next release is a real Bleuciel!
posted a comment on DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues. 4 months ago
ZIP Closing the "Superlongevity 6" Party in Berlin with "Midtown 120 Blues" what a track and feelings!!!. <3
posted a comment on Klepzec - Took The Time. 5 months ago
Who is behind this wonder EP? Highlighted release. There really are not many release that sound like this in particular. is peculiar. each track is a perfect tool for long sets. the A side loaded with many trippy emotions and the Side B more groover, ... See full review
posted a comment on DeepChord - Electromagnetic Dowsing. 5 months ago
"step 1" is a Super Tasty deep dub tech!. To make the bodies sweat on those cold winter nights. Brilliant loops!
posted a comment on Roland King - The Versatility E.P.. 5 months ago
Please we need a repress of "Container 49". What a tune!
posted a comment on Various - Rdy #4. 5 months ago
RON "CRAZY" HARDY STYLE BABY... really strange things. Real to real!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - QNQN3589. 6 months ago
Who made this beauty? "Rule" is soooo F*** sexxy and lovely. Great tool to use again and again. What a dope loop <3
posted a comment on Schroepfer Pollet - Who's not Who. 6 months ago
I think it is the most unnoticed record of MP and for me the best produced by him, The B side is so incredible, that break... wow!!! "Tasty emotional REAL deep tech!"
posted a comment on Code Deploy - Permanent Risk Ep. 6 months ago
Hmmmm, What record in Special?... Steve O' Sullivan, Maurizio, Have influenced all many Dubby-artists today. C'mon!... "Dusty Dream" Is so special, And it is one of those few tracks that you want to hear and hear, to make it infinite.

posted a comment on Ion Ludwig / Vlad Caia - Family Jubilee II. 8 months ago
I'm here just for the Ion Ludwig track... incredibly beautiful. Dreamy trip. Already of my favorites of the year.
posted a comment on T. Gavroche - New Era. 8 months ago
MP is a monster, superior groove production. Tech House Fine in its purest form. attention to details!.
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos - Empirical House LP. 9 months ago
New essential reference for the new "students" of the matter!. Brillant stuff!
posted a comment on Michael James (10) - 010101. 9 months ago
A1 & B2 are really good... spazy jams on the point
posted a comment on M.P* - Sense E.P pt2. 11 months ago
Ohhhh sooo good!. Full of A1's, outstading trippy club TIPs
posted a comment on Sebo K - Brock Wild E.P. 11 months ago
Awesome EP. all tracks are A1. "Brock Wild" is really big!. Summer 17 TIP
posted a comment on Sepp (2), Alex Font - Mis Hermanos Rumanos PART 1 EP. 11 months ago
Sepp track are excelent tool. Insane vibes. Naturi! (bis)

posted a comment on Herck - Sonetul Noptilor Fecunde (Part 2). 12 months ago
Beauty smooth romanian stuff!!. Frumos (word word word word word)
posted a comment on Pépe (2) - Cécile EP. about 1 year ago
"Lo-Fi House" Hype?... hmmm, i dont known, but this EP is so beauty! the sublime vibe, wow!!. In special the . A-side!.
posted a comment on Franco Cinelli - Liquid Funk EP. about 1 year ago
What a wicked track. "let's get down... let's get down. DEEP DOWN !!! "
posted a comment on Moi (10) - 06. about 1 year ago
05 release are 1/10 for me... but this its pretty better, in special B-Side, save the release. Strong bomb!
posted a comment on Cape (3) - Trips. about 1 year ago
Excelent work!. Probably this are my favorite EP by Cape. A side are so gorgeous & pumpin!
posted a comment on Carlos Sanchez* - Alphard EP. about 1 year ago
Great tasty-houssy tunes!. For me is the best Home Invasion EP (Till the date)
posted a comment on Larry De Kat - Five Point After Dark. about 1 year ago
"Solitary maybe" it's a proper warmup TIP. that vibe!!! holy!
posted a comment on Sakro - No Time To Explain EP. about 1 year ago
This EP is full of A1. Massive bangers!!. Don't sleep on this, S/S 17 TIP!
posted a comment on Romar, Vid (3) - Light & Dark EP . about 1 year ago
Vid cut sounds pretty celestial, poignant and meditating. I love the mood of this track, of the best track, thank you for this beauty Sorin. BTW sample by?
posted a comment on Volière - Tartouffe01 : Monsieur Loyal, Acte I.. about 1 year ago
B side is so fucking groovy. what a tune. Another mega TIP Monsieur Vincen
posted a comment on TARTOUFFE. about 1 year ago
I dont understand the concept of label, and the titles of the tracks, is somewhat confusing.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Social 6. about 1 year ago
Dope tools. Houssa madness +++ flawless victory (words words words)
posted a comment on William Basinski - Vivian & Ondine. about 1 year ago
This sounds a bit to "Disintegration Loops 6 (D | p 6)" - Anyway, another gem of William Basinski Soo transcendental, soo dreamy.
posted a comment on Lizz - Endz011. about 1 year ago
Dope release!! "Mystical Sayings" Is so emotional and dreamy !. I love it, good track from last year without a doubt. Afterhour TIP
posted a comment on Disk - Untitled. about 1 year ago
What a EP !!! two side are really playable tools. Bombs!! This sounds a bit to iO but this is a little darker than usual.
posted a comment on Korsakow - ABDUCTION EP . about 1 year ago
Awesome loops!! the vibe on those tracks is awesome!. Going on & going on +++
posted a comment on Korsakow - ABDUCTION EP . about 1 year ago
Sounds very "boring" but this is based on the benone style. Very loopy. very extented, very tools.
posted a comment on Nu Zau - Ploi Naprasnice. about 1 year ago
I'm not a fan of Nu Zau productions. But this is gold!! in Special "Pompieru" it's a perfect vodoo to drive people further in a higher state of consciousness.

Definitely a mega TIP for those afterhours (this could be the anthem of the next SW) great ... See full review
posted a comment on Franco Cinelli - Time To Time. about 1 year ago
"Soar Up" is Going on & going on & going on... dope af!!!
posted a comment on Wake 'N' Bake (2) / MK303 / Austin Corrosive / Tassid - System Rejects 003. about 1 year ago
"Latino Staccato" incl Sample by Matias Aguayo - El Sucu Tucu
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Aquaphresca - Cognitive Ease EP. about 1 year ago
"Dr. C" it's sooooo goood!. Some SW vibes there... I like the calm of her, sounds very morning and very beach. smoooooth 🌊🌊🌊
posted a comment on Santos - Hold Home. about 1 year ago
One of my favorite loops "Tools" of all the time... Boy, boy, boy (bis). DON'T STOP !!!... The summer of 2009 was wonderful.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Cae + Nin. about 1 year ago
Quero ver você. Ilê Aiê, Passar por aqui !!!!. What a morning tool god !!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Traumer - gettraum003. about 1 year ago
Few times you can get tracks to play in a set for a long time. "Lucea" is certainly a complete track from start to finish, either for warmup or for a peak time. Awesome groove, awesome vox. Definitely a huge track of this year 10/10... Please Traumer, ... See full review