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submitted Alexis Lumière - The Casio Stories. 5 days ago
submitted Cité Lumière* - Le Songe De Kepler. 5 days ago
submitted The Future Primitives - Songs We Taught Ourselves. 12 days ago
posted a comment on Cortex (6) - Troupeau Bleu. about 1 month ago
How about the sound of this reissue ? It's the cheapest one but I want to be sure the sound quality is not bad (not an audiophile tho)
submitted Le Tom Val* - Visionology. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Elysian Spring - Glass Flowers. about 1 month ago
Finally there was no insert for that record sadly :(
submitted Raymond Guiot - Jazz Panorama. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Various - Vibraphones. about 1 month ago
Clearly one of the strongest album on Tele Music. Only great music from start to finish, no filler. Check out "Pop Vibes", "Vitesse Illimitée", "Vibraphone Crescendo", "Soleil Dans L'Oeil", "A Pas De Velours"... All the album is completely great. Superb ... See full review
posted a review of Trio Wiaczeslawa Ganielina* - Trio Wiaczeslawa Ganielina. about 1 month ago
This record is a pure beauty. One of the strongest free jazz from Polan I've ever heard. Splendid from start to finish. And also really rare, don't hesitate to buy a copy as this record is really hard to find.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Rosina De Peira E Martina - Cançons De Femnas - Cançons De Hemnas - Cançons De Fremas. about 1 month ago
A beautiful occitan record and probably in my all-time top 10 favorite records of occitan folk...
posted a review of Cecil Wary - World News. 3 months ago
Very, very good library record. Michel Gonet under the alias of Cecil Wary goes very dramatic with this kind of music, it's full of tension and as often with him, pretty slow. The drums are insane on this, just check out Political Confrontation. It also ... See full review
posted a comment on Souleance - François / Sète. 3 months ago
"Sète" is a cover/remix/edit of one track from "Championnat du monde d'haltérophilie de Lille"
submitted Le Tom Val* - Visionology. 3 months ago
posted a review of Free Funk Trio - Free Funk Trio. 3 months ago
Excellent switz jazz fusion / free funk 84' record. Every track is great, it's a strong record and for the moment it's not expensive. Go buy it
submitted Le Tom Val* - Visionology. 4 months ago
posted a review of Ainu (4) - Hokkaido Et Le Japon Inconnu. 4 months ago
A very good EP of folkloric field recording by Yves Mahuzier on Kiosque d'Orphée. Probably a soundtrack for a documentary, there's some very great songs with vocals or acoustic instruments.
posted a review of Various - Stereo Ultra Volume 3. 4 months ago
"Cheap" way to find some great cult Tele Music tracks compiled on a quality double LP. There's also a few remixes from the 90s. Great liners notes too.
posted a review of Henrik Nielsen (9) - Beat Culture. 4 months ago
One of my favourite Media Music records from my collection. Hard to find but worth the research. Jazz-funk tracks meets bossa vibes, there's some dope loops to sample or just to listen. A short album but good from A to Z !
posted a review of Various - April Orchestra Vol. 37. 4 months ago
Killer. No other words than a killer prog and jazz rock library. Excerpts from prog czechoslovakian records, for a very under-rated record on April Orchestra. Check out Impactissimo. Could be the czechoslovakian side of the April Orchestra 7.
submitted Butch - Retechno EP. 4 months ago
submitted Artificial Intelligence - Timeline Album Sampler 1. 4 months ago
submitted Materias Primas, S. A. - En Todo Mexico... En Toda Industria. 4 months ago
submitted Chorale Universitaire De La Catho - A Coeur Joie. 4 months ago
submitted Alain Bocquet - Questions A Alain Bocquet, Candidat Du Parti Communiste Français. 4 months ago
submitted Harmonie De Beuvry La Foret - Disque Souvenir Du Festival Juin 1977. 4 months ago
posted a review of Fred Pallem & Le Sacre Du Tympan - L'odyssée. 4 months ago
One of my favourite jazz releases of 2018. Perfect album from start to finish, it reminds me of Alain Goraguer (especially cult Fantastic Planet OST) or a bit of De Roubaix. What a lineup with chords, trumpets, guitar...
posted a review of Ivan Tozzi / LLC (2) - Kaleidoscope EP. 4 months ago
An obscure minimal tech house record released privately in 2005 (unique release from the label Blablarecords). One of my favourite micro-house record to listen to.
posted a review of Jean Buisine - Championnats Du Monde D'Haltérophilie . Lille . 1981 . France. 4 months ago
Strong french 80s jazz-funk record, sometime it reminds me of Godchild cult record on Les Tréteaux.
posted a comment on Les CM de Thiéfosse - Et Si On Faisait Des Chansons ?. 4 months ago
Rare children project from french primary school, great tunes like the electro-rap song "Rap Loufoque" with vocoder and voice modifications... Really need to find a copy of this record.
submitted Sydney Dale* - Inversions / Melody In Percussion. 5 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Danses Collectives. 5 months ago
submitted Le Carrefour des Arts - Petit Jean Revenant De Lille. 5 months ago
submitted Yon De Murguia - Pour La Bretagne, Yon De Murguia Chante La Mer Et Les Oiseaux. 5 months ago
submitted Animaux Sauvages Et Domestiques - Bruitages. 5 months ago
submitted Erik Markman - Release No. 9 - American Indian/Famous Themes. 5 months ago
submitted Neil Amsterdam - Release No. 8 - Big Band Era / Show Music. 6 months ago
submitted Fair And Square - Paysage Audiovisuel (Marchand D'Heures). 6 months ago
submitted Georges Chatelain - Guitares Folk. 6 months ago
submitted Georges Chatelain - Guitares Classiques. 6 months ago
submitted Don Harper (2) - Live - Neutral - Earth. 6 months ago
submitted Roger Roger - Music For Fun. 6 months ago
submitted Sauveur Mallia - Sonic Sax. 6 months ago
submitted Henrik Nielsen (9) - Beat Culture. 7 months ago
submitted M. Aquilonia* et M. Cadic* - Aventure En Iroise (Conte Musical). 7 months ago
submitted Hervé Roy / L. Conti* & François Langel - Violons. 7 months ago
posted a review of Raymond Guiot - Jazz Panorama. 7 months ago
A killer library modal jazz session by Raymond Guiot !
submitted Les Petits Chanteurs De La Passion - La Sainte Passion. 7 months ago
submitted Les St. Jo En Choeur* - La Vie La Danse / Chante Les Couleurs. 7 months ago
submitted Les CM de Thiéfosse - Et Si On Faisait Des Chansons ?. 7 months ago