The four building blocks of the universe are Fire, Water, Earth and VINYL!!!!!!.

I Have been a dancer all my life... That's where the music comes into play.. I'm all about great music an talent. I Surrounding myself with really good friends an very musically inclined DJ's me being one myself. I'm simple an easy going. I get along with everyone... OUTGOING is an understatement for me. You know it when I'm at a party... I work hard an I defiantly play hard too.. It's in my blood an that's what keeps me young.

• Been spinning for about 2-1/2 years now
• I'm your typical “Closet Dj”
• I’m so fortunate to have been a part of the EDM scene here in Orlando from its inception. My brother was the first out of his group of friends (Kyngnova, D-Xtreme etc..) to have a original set of 1200’s, as being the little big sister they weren’t allowed to hang out with me. So, I had to wait for my chance to shine. :0)
• I was a stage dancer at The Edge for several years with Dj’s Icey, Andy Hughes, Rob Bates, AK1200. On a good night 1500-2000 people dancing and having a good time.
• I’m not a professional Dj, yet! I can tell you my passion and love for all genres of EDM is large, but my heart and soul burns for Old Skool Breaks and House.
• I spin for several large satellite and internet radio stations globally including Clear Channel/iHeart Radio (The Kevin Sutton Show) as a resident Dj. They are also generous Sponsor\Promoters of anything that I’m involved with in the music industry. We are especially involved with action sporting events such as Skate Boarding, Wake Boarding, Surfing,Skiing.
• I am also a resident Dj for QuadraturRadio a large trance and progressive station based out of France. Quadratur defiantly gave me the confidence and encouragement that I was doing something right finally.
• Have been offered to represent QuadraturRadio for upcoming WMC.
• Frequently appear as a featured Dj with Jennifer Marley on Party95 Orlando Thanks to Jennifer Marley for always supporting me and giving me a venue to start overcoming my stage fright.
• Was excited to be invited to join an all girl Dj team, Sistamatic Sounds(Thanks FunkBaby) based out of Orlando, booking at several local clubs and Hookah bars.
• I am the only Dj on TheNightPartyRadioShow picked to represent The United States, currently airing out of Denmark and is also affiliated with many other internationally based radio stations that are saturating the airwaves, Athens Greece, Buenos Aires, Argentina & France.
• I own The House of Boom it's my nest egg with a Dj booth/studio in the center of my house and a room full of records. This is my escape where I can have friends over and other Djs just BECAUSE!!!! I decided to start spinning because I knew what songs I wanted in a mix, all of my favorites of course, no one was spinning them at all or I would hear one here or one there, it wasn’t enough. I had a great idea and was on a mission that I was going to spin my own stuff and not have to worry about it anymore how hard can it really be? I Called my brother told him I needed turntables he said I’ll find you some pioneer 1200’s. That same day I went and picked them up. I came home and started my journey. I worked part time on the weekends at The Drop Shop, after all I was the one checking in all the records, needless to say there were always a few to go on the floor and a ton to go in my Suv. What an awesome way to start my collection.
• The Drop Shop is where all my networking and meeting the right people to understand the promoting, flyers, sound, wires, mixers, needles, etc.. Being there eventually became my 2nd home & my new extended family.
• I taught myself how to mix just by watching others and getting pointers and advice. I had many volunteer teachers until they saw my record collection, then it went downhill from there.
• At about 10 months of day in and day out, over and over trying and trying, watching YouTube Video’s and telling myself this really sucks. I finally matched a beat. After thinking it looked so easy. I had no idea how to use my mixer or even what to listen for in my headphones. Djing for Dummies is what I was looking for to cure my wondering of what I was doing wrong or what can I do to just get this.
• It's a battle out there that's for sure, but all in all it's been a great learning experience for me. I continue to learn something new every day. My compassion for what I do is very much deeply loved and felt.
• I have spun with Sharaz, Kyngnova, TommyWho, Funk Lab, EdDjspecial, Def Jeff, Bakker, Centrifusion, Dj Driver, MoRex, Fatius Jeebs, CB4, UH-Oh, D-Xtreme, Jellybean, BasSlut, Joshua Niemeyer, Nichole Spindle, Intrikit, Scott Angel, iRate, Chris Wheelz, Beat Mavricks, Mesh( Dj Mischeif ),Dj Nostalgia, Squirrel