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Chris Morris - My Wrongs # 8245 - 8249 & 117
posted a review of Chris Morris - My Wrongs # 8245 - 8249 & 117. over 17 years ago
Warp's first venture into short film sees Morris's excellent monologue from Series 2 Episode 4 of Blue Jam which recounts the tale of Rothko the talking dog. It remains true to the orginal script and it allows Morris to mess with an extra sense. If... See full review
Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse
posted a review of Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse. over 17 years ago
'Jagger the Dagger' will always be the remembered and praised track from this superb album, but the quality does filter through to pretty much all the other tracks. 'Supermarket Blues' is an amusing tale about the Rev Mc. D purchasing a tin of... See full review
Rahsaan Roland Kirk* - Bright Moments
posted a review of Rahsaan Roland Kirk* - Bright Moments. over 17 years ago
Now this is the kind of release I will always seek out, a live performance that keeps the interaction between musicians and audience as tracks in their own right. His sense of humour shines through, making jokes about his blindness along with some... See full review
Roland Kirk
posted a review of Roland Kirk. over 17 years ago
Rahsaan was considered to be either crazy or a genius, from what I can hear my conclusion is a worthy genius. How many musicians can play multiple nose trumpets/flutes along with an array of self-modified saxophones. For me, this is a purchase on... See full review
The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband - Soul, Steel & Show
posted a review of The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband - Soul, Steel & Show. over 17 years ago
This whole album is worth a listen just for the sheer ballsy covers selection.

DJ Shadow really needs the credit for putting this into the mainstream of oddity vinyl collectors when he played it on Gilles Peterson's 'Worldwide' show a few years... See full review
Deniece Williams - This Is Niecy
posted a review of Deniece Williams - This Is Niecy. over 17 years ago
Although the radio edit of "Free" did reach No 1 in the UK charts in Apr 1977 it is extended version of "Free" on this album that caused me to hunt it down, a typical Stepney production with a nice long spine tingling intro. Check it!
Origin Unknown - The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows
posted a review of Origin Unknown - The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows. over 17 years ago
The drumbeat, bell-synth and "31 Seconds" sample used for Valley of the Shadows all originated from a sample CD that came free with September 1993's Future Music Magazine, cat# FMCD 01.
Dorothy Ashby - The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby
posted a review of Dorothy Ashby - The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby. over 19 years ago
'The Moving Finger' is the track that beat heads hunted down for many years, heavy percussion, heavy drums, heavy strings and a spooky poem. Note the number of references to alcohol in the track titles, rumour has it that it was her love of the grape... See full review
Ramsey Lewis - Maiden Voyage
posted a review of Ramsey Lewis - Maiden Voyage. over 19 years ago
The pop covers on this release are not that inspiring, but the reason why this release is sought after is due to the production provided by Charles Stepney. Lewis's 'Les Fleur' cover is just as powerful even without Minnie Ripperton's vocal, Stepney's... See full review