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posted a comment on Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack EP. 5 months ago
Oh boy, do I not regret missing out on this. PLEASE REPRESS
posted a comment on Jonny.L* - Synkronize / Phreak. over 2 years ago
Synkronize is without doubt the worst tune on Metalheadz, the worst drum & bass tune I've ever heard and the worst vocal in history. I have no idea what Jonny L was thinking when he wrote it but even stranger is that Goldie thought it would be worth ... See full review
posted a comment on Dillinja Featuring Tate Williams (2) - Time For You / Play Away. over 3 years ago
Fucking LOL at this massive piece of shit. A true masterpiece of turd.
posted a comment on Andy Cole - Outstanding. over 3 years ago
This is, without doubt, the greatest piece of music of all time. Outstanding indeed.
posted a comment on Cool Hand Flex - Give Me That / Dark & Misty. over 3 years ago
I think an issue with a lot of these cheap old releases is simply that there is no audio, so people can't use their own ears without already having risked buying it (and potentially buying a dud). Oh well, I've risked its so thanks for the review.