Hi, I am a 34yr old Construction Engineer from the UK. I am interested in electronic/post-rock music from a broad spectrum of labels.
Favourites include:
- Nuphonic
- Morr Music
- Peacefrog
- Force Tracks
- Fabric (London)
- Studio !K7
- Hefty
- Kranky
- Resonant
- Kompakt
- Tirk
- Crosstown Rebels
- Kitsune Music

If you have any items on my wantlist for sale please get in touch!
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posted a comment on Ladyvipb - Stories Of A Broken Heart And Recovering. over 8 years ago
Yes this is one of my all time favourite records, from one of my favourite (sadly now defunct) record labels.

I wait patiently for another Ladyvipb release :)
posted a review of Port-Royal - Flared Up Port-Royal Remixed. over 11 years ago
Where 'Flares' is an excellent album in it's own right the remixers here have taken each song and expanded on them to offer the listener a unique approach.

From the glitchy tape rewind of Fizzarum to dub minimal of Judith Juillerat and of course a ... See full review
posted a review of Radioactive Man - Fabric 08. over 13 years ago
Radioactive Man's Fabric 08 has got to be the most bass heavy mix of the series and that's not a bad thing at all. It starts in fine form with Keith and Andy Weatherall's remix of Slam's 'Visions' then into a dark trip of electro with a suitably dirty ... See full review