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posted a comment on Perm (2) - Quewupp. 1 day ago
Thanks Shanti Celeste that shows this good lp with brablank,good minimal Fast techno !
posted a comment on Buttechno - 1984. 1 day ago
B2 (cxema) is the best track from this lp ! Minimal techno and after such A very good acid breaks That kills a dancefloor !
posted a comment on Todd Terje - It's The Arps EP. 2 days ago
Inspector Norse is a very fabulous track ! Sounds remember me 80’s ! between electro and old italo disco !
posted a comment on Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat. 2 days ago
Classic techno/electro track but I prefer Justin jay called static (same techno sound) seems to be less popular
posted a comment on Choice / Soofle - Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead?. 6 days ago
Very good banger tune by french DJ laurent garnier but I’m surprised to see so higher prices about this record ! Some seller sold it more than 350/400€ ! What’s justifies so higher prices ????
posted a comment on Shadowax - A & B. 12 days ago
Fuck the sellers selling this record more than 50€ ! This is very ridiculous just because they saw Shantie Celeste Presents this lp on YouTube !!
posted a comment on Redshape - 2084 / ULTRA. 19 days ago
Very good electro/techno ! French dj Zadig used to play it In a few times at any sets
posted a comment on Dexter - Raw!. 21 days ago
Very good electro funk sound ! The best 2 tracks are on the B’side of this lp
posted a comment on Salam - Arabian Fever. about 1 month ago
Très bon morceau mélangé house et orientale avec quatre bonnes versions totalement différentes : l’un avec une voix orientale,de la flûte et une version bonus avec un petit semblant de percussions orientale très sympa dommage qu’il n’existe qu’une ... See full review
posted a comment on Voiron / Umwelt - Rave Or Die 02 - Recut series. about 1 month ago
900 € le disque ??? Non mais j’hallucine ! il y a vraiment des vendeurs qui sont à côté de la plaque !
posted a comment on Crystal Distortion - Crystal Distortion. about 1 month ago
Un grand classique des spi ! Repress de l’orig De 1995 !
posted a comment on Charlotte De Witte - Return To Nowhere EP. 2 months ago
First track « sgadi li mi » is a banger tune with a little acid mixed with Bulgarian voices ! Great new album from miss Charlotte !
posted a comment on FKY & BZAR - Micro Machine Concept. 2 months ago
Petite galette très sympa et à petit prix aussi du master FKY ! Le meilleur track est « desaction » très Techno/acid
posted a comment on FKY - RPS07. 2 months ago
Heard acid random on a teknival festival in 2016 ! Great !
posted a comment on Jellybean - Modern Tribe. 3 months ago
2 great techno tracks on this lp by jellybean : drop dead zone and twilight drone,such memories about famous Chicago parties in the middle of 90’s ! All techno fans must to have this lp vinyl on their collection all the more as only two lp’s Exists by ... See full review
posted a comment on Zadig - Londinium. 3 months ago
Londinium ! What a banger techno tune ! Have in my collection
posted a comment on Dynamic Structure - Dynamic Structure. 3 months ago
Great lp from this famous Belgium label ! Old techno 90’s rave !
posted a comment on DJ Sneak - Blue Funk III. 3 months ago
This is a pure classic old school techno ! Stupid dog and tweekin’ are pure 90’s tunes ! Great Dj sneak lp for me to have on your collection
posted a comment on Markey - Jazz Man. 3 months ago
Very good lp with 4 great tunes ! Master Carl Cox used to play cum selector in 1995 on mayday !
posted a comment on Justin Jay (2) - Static. 3 months ago
Expensive record because everybody knows that Laurent Garnier used to play this tune in boiler room !
posted a comment on Jeanne Calment (2) - 121. 3 months ago
Devenu un collector tellement ce cd fut un flop lors de sa sortie à l’ep Vu la polémique
posted a comment on Bohemia (13) - Mortal Storm. 4 months ago
Seen and heard in famous horror film : « the hidden 2 »1994
posted a comment on Purple Plejade - Blanche / Realms. 4 months ago
Very good acid banger tune ! Englishman Dj DAX uses to play this one on a few parties
posted a comment on Mr. Gasmask - Ténébreuse Musique 00. 4 months ago
Quatre styles complètement différents : on passe de la grosse techno acid à de la transe limite goa et pour finir un morceau très très cool Mimie chill out
posted a comment on D-Kontrol* - Microdot E.P.. 4 months ago
Aliens lifeforms visit heart is terrible acid techno track ! Seen on french film « les trois frères ».
posted a comment on Anml Mthr - Cannonball EP. 4 months ago
Berlin nights is so very good exellent acid tune ! Played by Dj female Charlotte de witte !
posted a comment on Cuften / Minimum Syndicat - Underground Activities EP. 4 months ago
Best track is acid Trojan 3 ! Helena Hauff plays this tune s few times on her techno set
posted a comment on Locked Club - Russian Banya. 5 months ago
Helena hauff used to play WC on a special electro mix !
posted a comment on Clouds (5) - Opera 2001 . 5 months ago
Good lp ! Helena hauff uses to play on her sets RIP !
posted a comment on Various - Trinacria 01. 5 months ago
B1 with zeitgeist is a killer acid techno track !
posted a comment on Thee Maddkatt Chronicles - Vengeance Is Mine. 5 months ago
Favorite B’side said Dj Ellen allien ! Classic techno track played in few parties all over the world ! Even now...
posted a comment on Jan & Mattheus vs. Tiracon - Tarcat Special. 5 months ago
Best track on this lp is « spiral nuts » played at any time by Carl Cox on a few parties ! (Mayday 1995).good acid-trance tune
posted a comment on Virus - Sun. 5 months ago
Mixed by master Carl Cox in mayday in 1995 ! Great goal trance tune
posted a comment on Resistance D - Dreams EP. 5 months ago
Bloody Mary on YouTube presents this good lp trance,best track is eclipse
posted a comment on Fred 4* - 'Fred Light District' EP. 5 months ago
Maceo plex recommanded this lp on YouTube Channel : my favorite is b side with electro remix do it from the back ! Great !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Talamus - Ctac / Alfonso. 5 months ago
Ctac is for me an interest track : mi-techno or mi-electro !
posted a comment on O.H.M. - Entropy EP. 5 months ago
I heard tele on a special spiral tribe mix 1994
posted a review that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Plastic Sleeves - Messages From Machines. 5 months ago
Helena hauff recommanded this record i’t incredible so higher prices
posted a review of Analog Confusion - Acetic Progress II EP. 5 months ago
B side of this lp is very good ! Said helena hauff but what’s justifies so expensive price ????
posted a comment on Kiko And Oxia - Parametres. 6 months ago
Very good record from this French label made in Grenoble ! Parametres is a good techno and structure very hot single acid track
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann - Acid Seduction 3. 6 months ago
Acidulent is the best track of this lp ! Simple but really good ! Good record clear orange
posted a comment on Maurizio - Domina. 6 months ago
Such a classic minimal techno ! Maurizio remix is better
posted a comment on Surgeon - Surgeon EP. 6 months ago
Best surgeon EP released ! 4 brilliant masterpieces !! Atol is one of the best..
posted a comment on Convextion - Convextion. 6 months ago
Such a brilliant minimal techno masterpiece ! Such a collector
posted a comment on Racket Knight - The Wood E.P.. 6 months ago
2 very good tracks ! Model op-8 mixed a few time by English Dj Darren price in 1997 at Paris La Défense France
posted a comment on DBX - High Voltage. 6 months ago
Live wire is wonderful minimal techno track ! One of the best lp from DBX
posted a review of Bandulu - Bisness. 6 months ago
Part 5 and part 7 are the Best ! Part 7 mixed a few times by master Jeff mills In a few parties
posted a review of AIROD - Rave Cycle EP. 8 months ago
Bloodshed is a very good acid techno track ! Amélie Lens plays this track a any Time ! Even in tomorrowland 2019