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posted a comment on Hi Mount & C.K (2) - I Know. 2 months ago
take 6 - "something within me" is most likely the original source for the vocal sample
posted a comment on L-Vis 1990 - Forever You. 4 months ago
eight years on i heard some classic hip hop tunes and found that "into the stars" is based on a vocal sample from "passing me by" by the pharcyde.

"as kids we used to kiss when we played truth or dare
Now she's more sophisticated, highly edu-ma-cated"
posted a comment on Matt Karmil - Dans-Maxi Från Nacksving. 5 months ago
sex life + samples from romanthony - the wanderer !
posted a comment on The Persuader - Stockholm. 5 months ago
the six boroughs ... . . . . . .
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Hardcore Edits 1. 6 months ago
redeye recs seems to be taking pre-orders for a repress of this now
posted a review of Deodato* - Keep On Movin'. 7 months ago
has anybody noticed the similarity of the hook "there's nothing better than some music" in 'keep on movin' to the hook of one way & al hudson's "music"?
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posted a comment on Ian Pooley - In Other Words Vinyl Pt.1. 11 months ago
"it's you" is based on david joseph's "you can't hide your love from me"
posted a comment on Herbert* - See You On Monday . about 1 year ago
does the linkwood remix sampled goody goody - it looks like love?
posted a comment on Cajmere - It's Time. about 1 year ago
god sent .... . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Lee Foss - U Got Me. about 1 year ago
isn't it brandy - "wanna be down" that is the source of the vocal on "happen for a reason" ? lee foss is obviously 'down' with brandy as he sampled "baby" on hot creations 9
posted a comment on Roberto (75) - New Sensation. about 1 year ago
my copy has the b-side pressed entirely off center but it plays through ok
posted a comment on Thomas Bangalter - Trax On Da Rocks Vol. 2. about 1 year ago
apparently "club soda" was often played at 45 rpm within the early footwork scene in chicago around the turn of the millenium
posted a comment on Samo DJ*, 5ive (2) - Drunkenstein EP. about 1 year ago
the center label depicts the flag of the Sami People (of northern sweden and finland)
posted a comment on Chez Damier - Forever Mona. about 1 year ago
sounds like it is A1 from BL06, slightly different lenght possibly
posted a comment on Hammer - At Once EP. about 1 year ago
Double A-side samples Felix - "Tiger Stripes" (Arthur Russell, Nicky Siano)
posted a comment on Tommy Vicari jnr - U May Not EP. about 1 year ago
Vision of You samples "Dreaming About You" by The Blackbyrds
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posted a comment on Lil Louis* - French Kiss. about 1 year ago
Is there any version of this tune without the moaning?
posted a comment on Paradis (2) - Parfait Tirage b/w La Ballade De Jim. about 1 year ago
i have absolutely no intel on this but my guess that this is in fact a "secret" repress. otherwise quite a lucky strike to find boxes of the three most sought after records from the bis catalogue. the shipping date 1 march 2017 on the boxes in this ... See full review
posted a comment on Dom 877 - Do It Right. about 1 year ago
I believe that the main vocal sample in do it right is sampled from roy davis jr. - about love
posted a comment on Hauke Freer - XK. about 1 year ago
Good Almond is based on Mark Almond's "Busy on the Line". XK is based on Jan Akkerman's "She's so divine".
posted a comment on Dan Curtin - Dream Not Of Today. about 1 year ago
if you are looking for one evening at mrs. applebees it is available 4 cheap on this release
posted a comment on C.V.O.* - Party Time. about 1 year ago
the spoken word sample saying "tonight" in party time (detroit mix) seems to originate from lil louis and the world - club lonely
posted a comment on Âme - Rej EP. about 1 year ago
It's unbearable indeed! Not a great loss to me personally since i don't think that basic track is a particularly special tune. I usually let friends and family trying out mixing on my decks use this one to try out beat matching.
posted a comment on D.F.C.Team* - I.C. Love Affair. about 1 year ago
this record is an acid house version of Gaznevada - I.C. Love Affair:
posted a comment on Norken - Southern Soul. about 1 year ago
i'd never heard of this before today but southern soul is a silly good tune and is being reissued on delsin "soon". whether or not the other tunes on the record are being reissued along with it is unclear
posted a comment on Garrett David - The Queen! Tracks. about 1 year ago
the chords used in that queen! track is extremely similar to the ones used in shakarchi & stranéus - mogadishu
posted a comment on Various - If This Is House I Want My Money Back III. about 1 year ago
hnny track samples triste janero - rene de marie from 1969
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posted a review of Paris Underground Trax - Vol.1. about 1 year ago
GTFO! samples vocals from Colonel Abrams - Trapped. Thanks to Tim Sweeney
posted a comment on House Of Styles - Zanz Tranz. about 1 year ago
bassline in disco queen/acid queen is sampling or at least playing the same notes as steve silk hurley - jack your body which in turn is a sample of first choice - let no man put asunder if my ears aren't deceiving me.
posted a comment on Various - How To Kill 002. about 1 year ago
i've been looking for the original of the edit track since this came out, thanks to a youtube commenter (named "manila folders", credit where it's due) i was made aware of homegrown syndrome - confrontation being the source tune ... See full review
posted a comment on Soundstore. about 1 year ago
a tune on the new sound stream record is credited to soundstore. have a look here
posted a comment on KiNK - Beats. about 1 year ago
this record contains 4 locked grooves according to juno's online record shop
posted a review of John Talabot - My Old School. about 1 year ago
using moaning samples over the tunes(naomi) had become cheesy by 1990 however afrika has got me grooving
posted a review of Mr. G - Personal Momentz. about 1 year ago
the vocal sample in hip flexer is from vicky martin - not gonna do it, marshall jefferson production.
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posted a review of Julio Bashmore - Everyone Needs A Theme Tune. about 1 year ago
ask yourself samples the pad from after hours - waterfalls, battle for middle you samples a mateo & matos tune(as stated below) which in turn samples mass production - people get up
posted a review of After Hours - Waterfalls / Feel It. about 1 year ago
I think that waterfalls is quite a great tune, however in every youtube version and other online versions (e.g. beatport) the 3am mix seems to contain some major distortion in the bass sounds. it's noticable right at the start of the tune and throughout. ... See full review
posted a comment on 3Suli - Desna EP. about 1 year ago
the tune listed as rachel seems to be known as rachelle elsewhere
posted a comment on Mistress Recordings. about 1 year ago
pictures of naked women on the labels? how progressive. some great tunes on the label however
posted a comment on Soul Capsule - Overcome. about 1 year ago
"Lady science" samples Vicky Martin - "Not gonna do it" (marshall jefferson production)
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posted a comment on Garrett David - Octagon Blues. over 2 years ago
i'm sure that there was a discogs page for 003 before but it's not there any more

edit: still exists but doesn't appear either on the label page or on ross from friends:
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posted a comment on House Of Spirits (2) - Holding On. over 2 years ago
the tom noble speical remix (promo remix for bis001-020 comp) is not to be released in the foreseeable future according to tim and will remain a soundcloud exclusive
posted a comment on Larry Levan - Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage. over 2 years ago
the videos on discogs are the same for every version of a record, so tunes that are on the cd version show up on the vinyl version. (same goes for all discogs pages)
posted a comment on Various - Get Down. over 2 years ago
a2 samples kelis - milkshake

10 words r u l e
edit: being played by zip might be the reason that the price differs from other igloo recs