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posted a comment on Naeem / Hits Only / Shawn Rudiman - PGH Electro Vol. 1. 9 days ago
There's no repress. Not sure I will be able to either
posted a comment on Him (3) / Her - Startup. 22 days ago
anyone know where i can hear samples of this ?
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posted a comment on Transform - Transformation (The Remixes). 27 days ago
lowkey Mortiz Von Oswald trance remix on here. Nice and drifty, restrained but euphoric. Funny that the Maurizio stuff started popping up right around then too.
posted a comment on Device Control (2) - The Spirit Module. about 1 month ago
this rips. American beatdown techno. Europe can keeps its cavernous reverbs and white noise washes
posted a comment on Subfunk / Mac & Rudedog - Untitled. about 1 month ago
damn this rips. futuristic tech house that goes so hard it breaks the membrane and enters futuristic detroit techno realms
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 month ago
submitted Nick Douglas (2) - Untitled. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Aaron Palmquist - Cohesion E.P.. about 1 month ago
extremely cheesy record that some of the bolder 'digger' djs have been playing out. Interesting stuff but you better play with tongue firmly in cheek
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posted a comment on Outa The Blue. about 1 month ago
these records are incredibly special to me. anyone looking to improve their own productions can look to these for lessons in sampling, drum programming, arrangement and generally not giving a fuck about style or convention. The early ones are mutant ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Happy Trax VI. about 1 month ago
this is a bizarre record for UR. When have you ever heard of them putting out a record from someone outside of Detroit? I can't think of a single example. But here we are with a four cuts from Charles Webster joined with productions from a couple of ... See full review
posted a comment on Affected Music. about 1 month ago
Affected introduced a sound of their own and kept the quality high in an era when dance music was very much at a low point. Shoutout for keeping it real with such timeless tunes.
posted a comment on 2 Sound Boys* - 4 Style EP. 2 months ago
this record is a beast. Sweat and Read My Mind are rabid house heaters
posted a comment on Nebula II - Chased / Gods. 2 months ago
two ripping trancy-but-not-trance acid techno beaters on this one .
posted a comment on Air Liquide - Homicidal Diary. 2 months ago
hard to really rank this in Air Liquide's massive discography, but it is certainly one of the best EP I've spent time with.
posted a comment on George T - Gladrags. 2 months ago
the lesson here is patience. There are so many overhyped, overpriced records on discogs that they all cant stay $40 forever. Copies now up for $10.
posted a comment on Monochrome (2) - Reconnaissance. 2 months ago
for those holding their breath: this will never get a repress >:)
posted a comment on Johnny Fiasco. 2 months ago
there are some serious hidden gems in the JF discog. Lots of freaky, loopy, Relief-meets-UK-tech-house jams waiting to be deployed.
posted a comment on Artwork - Red E.P.. 2 months ago
super interesting record squarely positioned where uk garage, dubstep and grime meet. what a wildly prolific time in uk dance music
posted a comment on Frankie Bones vs DJ ?* - The U.S. Ghetto Selecta. 2 months ago
despite its name, Get the Hoe is actually a pensive heart tugger perfect for those peaktime closing moments when u want to bang it out while making the crowd contemplate love and loss and the mysteries of the universe
posted a comment on Khan - Traditions 08. 2 months ago
shoutout Khan shoutout Libertine. Much respect to all involved
posted a comment on EBE* - Neural Response EP. 2 months ago
this comment (and the hundreds of others like it) distills whats wrong with discogs in 2018 quite nicely. Boiling every record down to its potential monetary value in an effort to commodify and make them tradeable like stocks or securities is gross. ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on High Lonesome Sound System - We're Go. 2 months ago
pretty cool to hear records like these... made in one country, perfectly mimicking the emerging sounds of another, and all pre-internet! West Coast USA nails the UK rave vibe to a tee.
posted a comment on Megalon. 2 months ago
Megalons strike rate from 93-96 is pretty impressive. Tripping, mutating, complex gems litter these records. Many producers go an entire career without reaching this level of polish and nuance, but somehow these guys came out the gate fully cooked
posted a comment on Champagne Bubbler Pt 1 - Rump Funk. 2 months ago
Give you love is a real earworm. The vocal is a high point in ukg sampling
posted a comment on Cratebug - MLK Dreams. 2 months ago
4-5 years ago, prior to the Black Madonna completely blowing up and making cameo appearances in video games, I was lucky enough to witness her play MLK Dreams in a dusty lot in Detroit during a family-affair type Movement afterparty. The way she built ... See full review
posted a comment on Wild Geese - The Wild Geese EP. 2 months ago
New master by Dietrich @ Complete Mastering in NYC .
posted a comment on Manhattan Brooklyn - Join Hands. 2 months ago
Can only imagine the damage Mike Delgado and Danny Morales could have caused with a dub mix here
posted a comment on Dean Street Crew Featuring Sweet Pussy Pauline - The Credit Card. 2 months ago
All four mixes of this will do damage though I find myself pulling for the Buddha-Aim mix the most. It perfectly distills the hard hitting, dark and tracky NY style that dudes like Danny, Mood II Swing, KOT and Benji Candelario pioneered around this ... See full review
posted a comment on Remy & Sven - Cut The Bassline. 3 months ago
ahhhh this records rips! Cheap and cheesy ! !
posted a comment on Dynetic - Smoke. 3 months ago
some of the best sleeve design in the game here
posted a comment on Blunt Funkers - God's An Astronaut. 3 months ago
The Johan S. mix might be the first appearance of the big throbbing bassline that would later define speed garage.
posted a comment on Kate & Joan - Are Back. 3 months ago
freaky, tweaky joints abound. The B2 i think is a real late night stunner
posted a comment on Anoesis - Eight Day Music. 3 months ago
extremely freaky deaky breaky rave nugs from top to bottom on this one. I reckon the strongest of the D Fusion records after giving almost all them a spin.
posted a comment on Anoesis - The Anoesis EP. 3 months ago
I have a copy of Eight Day Music to trade for this
posted a comment on Polygen. 3 months ago
would love to know how to get ahold of these lads
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Tusken Raiders - Inchstar Static EP. 3 months ago
because the scent of hype gets them sprung . .
posted a comment on Midi Production Center - Ultimatum Within A Day . 3 months ago
PRODUCED BY WHOMST??? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?
posted a comment on Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi - Planet Euphorique. 3 months ago
Killer stuff. A very mature record from younger producers. Reminds me of mid-90s Peacefrog home-listening type jams but seems like they will be equally effective in the club
posted a comment on Noodles Groove Chronicles* & Dubchild* - Rip N Run Vol1. 4 months ago
The B2 on this is a modern day masterpiece. I’m not one for anthems or tracks of the year but I don’t know how this can be beat for 2018. Timeless ukg up there with the all time greats
posted a comment on DJ Emma (2) - Based. 4 months ago
this record sounds very ahead of its time for 1994. More akin to the breaks records that were aplenty in 97-98. Could very well have come out on Wiggle in 1999 even.
submitted Wild Geese - The Wild Geese EP. 4 months ago
submitted Teakup - Miscellanea I. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Wild Geese - Goose Bump E.P.. 4 months ago
this one is quite nice too. dont sleep :)
posted a comment on Phreax - Jitterballz EP. 4 months ago
this is one of those records that no one wants to comment on in fear of drawing more attention to it lol. Its great and the silence here speaks volumes.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on God Of The Machine - Fog Of The Unknown. 4 months ago
would like to trade something for this. anything in my inventory is fair game