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Already smelling unfresh.... Sadly! Because we love Marco Repetto! Push the button, back to the retro, again!
U.S.O.C.A. - Emancipator
posted a comment on U.S.O.C.A. - Emancipator . 6 months ago
Jānis Sils passed away on thursday... Peace to a great shadow and lovely human being!
Enjoy your eventual meeting with the Urinating Statues Of Castred Angels ! See you... xX
Squid (29) - Sludge/Broadcaster
posted a comment on Squid (29) - Sludge/Broadcaster. 9 months ago
What makes this silly good record exciting is due to its mature process guaranteed to be delivered with idea(s). Water + electricity would result in making you move such as a (dead) squid in an elevated sea, made of electronic contents and micronauts.... See full review
Tase - Analyze / Wait
posted a comment on Tase - Analyze / Wait. 9 months ago
'Analyze' finally found a place to be reissued, and it's on next Mélodies Souterraines compilation... 'K/L'.
Alongside great names all around, the track will cloture the record for our strongest pleasure!
'K/L' (sept 17th) >... See full review
Les Cactus - All The Years
posted a comment on Les Cactus - All The Years. 10 months ago
Looking for a copy. If you sell it, please contact me. Danke!
Squid (29) - Near The Westway
posted a comment on Squid (29) - Near The Westway. 10 months ago
Even if I'm a non-digital customer, I must confess that Squid playing Live and previous Warp EP is the only music downloaded to go to work. And it works! I was about to commit the same request concerning 'Near The Westway' / Actually, hearing these... See full review
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The Higsons - Got To Let This Heat Out
posted a comment on The Higsons - Got To Let This Heat Out. 11 months ago
Does someone know what this EP refers to? If not... Kiss Me Deadly, I Got To Let This Heat Out. And because I deeply love her, I'd rather have the blues than what I've got... And that's why it became so intense... Because wherever you run, The Higsons... See full review
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Sax Pustuls - L'Avis Des Animaux
posted a comment on Sax Pustuls - L'Avis Des Animaux. about 1 year ago
No way! Sax Pustuls signs here another outstanding 'coldwave' chapter in the french underground... And surprizingly, in its great creative bretonnesque part... Rennes! Relentless and adventurous as most of the bands emerging from the same wave, the... See full review
Kalima - In Spirit
posted a comment on Kalima - In Spirit. about 1 year ago
Following berb's comment, Kalima didn't changed a lot and kept the best of their style to fit the new world, in a more or less elaborated 'digital' sound. An area they have been close to, but never that much, and it terribly works! Sensual, superbly... See full review
Marquis (27) - Aurora
posted a comment on Marquis (27) - Aurora. about 1 year ago
A big mistake have been commited ...... But, hey! What to say? This is not Marquis De Sade, and hopefully Philippe Pascal can't see this wherever he has find peace and serenity. A memorable adventure we couldn't forget even if we arrived late on it.... See full review
Alain Kan - City Palace
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Brannten Schnüre - Erinnerungen An Gesichter
posted a comment on Brannten Schnüre - Erinnerungen An Gesichter. about 1 year ago
I think Low Company don't have a serious approach in the following case > Why after so much demand, they still try to keep this copy impossible to reach? It's a bit sad, as when a record works, it has to be in the hands of curious heads and not in old... See full review
Nasmak - 4our Clicks
posted a comment on Nasmak - 4our Clicks. about 1 year ago
4our those who missed out the sound of Nasmak - let them be yours for a brief instant! Magnificent as much as innovent in their own individuality and style... Semi-cold, freshly pop-ish / bloodily 'wavey, - A decisive experience as introduction, from... See full review
Marie Audigier - Ces Étés
posted a comment on Marie Audigier - Ces Étés. about 1 year ago
Probably difficult to enter, how far your musical background has its limits, but once you're in, it becomes hard to move out of 'Ces Étés'. Solid production from musicians to mixing & texts... But what defines the sound of Marie Audigier probably stay... See full review
Alain Kan - What Ever Happened To Alain Z. Kan
posted a comment on Alain Kan - What Ever Happened To Alain Z. Kan. about 1 year ago
Série noire, french movies, pop culture, blackout, fantomatic errances & Baby Jane... Alain Kan delivers the most esthetic & darkest album even produced in his short 'à la marge' career, introducing the most elegant and brilliant punk/rock record ever... See full review
Drain - Off Speed And In There
posted a comment on Drain - Off Speed And In There. about 1 year ago
This record assures to be an absolute unique & under the radar album - They told it themselves : 'Off Speed And In There' - Drain introduces their own style ranging between downtempo, free jazz and hip-hop... What people will later call 'breakbeat'... See full review
Marcel Crado - Gina  / Mado
posted a comment on Marcel Crado - Gina / Mado. about 1 year ago
'Classic' chanson française record with a very cool 'sudiste' cover, but music has nothing formidable. Not reliable to new wave, boogie or disco even if we think it could be!
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Stano - Anthology
posted a comment on Stano - Anthology. about 1 year ago
The absolute mistake has been commited.
Stano was a mysterious elaborated project for private and instactive enjoyment. Doing a comp', w/ such dark artwork, compiling, off-course the most sharp/pinky/dancing tracks was without doubt awaited, not by... See full review
Mass Devia - Mass Devia
posted a comment on Mass Devia - Mass Devia. about 1 year ago
Anyone got informations about cover's illustrator? A very graphic one here, sympathic for its broken/central disposition, permitting us to adjust our eye to 3 possible perspectives. The main character is not without reminding the personnage Olivia... See full review
Discos Transgénero
posted a comment on Discos Transgénero. about 1 year ago
Discos Transgénero is a generous and 'original' reissue label working mostly with contemporary-DIY-multi-genre sources. An entry to international odd-scure music through great pressings and original new (or re-worked) covers. Desesparately trying to... See full review
Ken Ishii - Abyssal Plain Remixes
posted a comment on Ken Ishii - Abyssal Plain Remixes. about 1 year ago
Anyone knows who took care of this blissful artwork? -
Skunk Funk (3) - Wouldn't Give A Damn
posted a comment on Skunk Funk (3) - Wouldn't Give A Damn. about 1 year ago
wow!!! doobie doobie doo!!! such an electric record embodied by surrealistic effects! catchy - funky & smokey as a lezard grillé sous les coconuts!
the exploitation of nordic jazz///fusion savoir-faire offers here a wonderful and even 'larger than... See full review
Beaumont Hannant - Texturology
posted a comment on Beaumont Hannant - Texturology. about 1 year ago
Yes, I also have the poster... Useless but still a sympathic accompagnement.
Bataille Solaire - Amen Herb
added Bataille Solaire - Amen Herb to their collection. about 1 year ago
Trans Value Access - La Convexion Des Vaincus
posted a review of Trans Value Access - La Convexion Des Vaincus. about 1 year ago
Definitely a strange record! Something talkin' to masos or lost weirdos looking for a bit of harmony in their dust... Very deconstructed music. Still orchestrated but with lot of effects... I hear some english influences... But it has the french... See full review
SFV acid - ResedaVill
posted a review of SFV acid - ResedaVill. about 1 year ago
anti-muzik ; acidic-excepted ; reversed-snares ; baltringue-sound and cloudy-melodies are terms refering to the very discolored 'ResedaVill' - an aesthetic EP influenced by the masters, and more, revisited by his own and very unique perception of idm... See full review
Tout Simplement Noir - Le Mal De La Nuit
posted a comment on Tout Simplement Noir - Le Mal De La Nuit. over 2 years ago
Chill and smart hip hop album! Seems to be quite underground 'til today! Last track 'La Solidarité Noire' is important for the participation of following names.. . . . Doudou Masta, EJM, Hamed Däye, Lamifa, Les Sages Poetes De La Rue, Ludovic,... See full review
Не Ждали* = Ne Zhdali - ...Не Гони Лошадей = Hey, Driver, Cool Down The Horses!!!
posted a review of Не Ждали* = Ne Zhdali - ...Не Гони Лошадей = Hey, Driver, Cool Down The Horses!!!. over 2 years ago
'PUNAISE'! At the listenning of 'Poitiers', came to my mind the french extravagant band Ptôse emerging early 80's (1979), building its own world and scene with talented freaky team/label AYAA, connecting in-directly many others avantgardists from... See full review
Charlène Darling* - Saint-Guidon
posted a comment on Charlène Darling* - Saint-Guidon. over 2 years ago
Three tracks were playlisted by Iggy Pop on BBC Radio 1 • April 2020 • https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000gn0c
Krootchey* - Qu'Est-Ce Qu'Il A (D'Plus Que Moi Ce Négro Là ?)
posted a comment on Krootchey* - Qu'Est-Ce Qu'Il A (D'Plus Que Moi Ce Négro Là ?). over 2 years ago
For the cover of this disc, Pierre & Gilles created the portrait of Philippe Krootchey in black Banania. The clip is in the same vein, as Alain Pacadis describes it: “(…) the former DJ of Le Palace and Les Bains-Douches, tries a cross between a trendy... See full review
Ben Bertrand - Manes
posted a comment on Ben Bertrand - Manes. over 2 years ago
> textured _emotive and moody album asking patience to penetrate the hypnotic world of ben bertrand and his cool 'solo' band ! meditative electronic piece evocating something dystopic, building a good paradox between chaos and harmony in one main... See full review
Age - The Orion Years
posted a comment on Age - The Orion Years. over 2 years ago
Masterpiece just reissued on a 'perfect'-'hiting' strong blue cover designed specially for the 25th anniversary of 'The Orion Years'. 2 tracks been added while 2 from the original moved out. >>> https://www.discogs.com/Age-The-Orion-Years/release/14601547 See full review
The Transmitters - Still Hunting For The Ugly Man
posted a comment on The Transmitters - Still Hunting For The Ugly Man. over 2 years ago
Excessive drums and creepy synth! The Ugly Man is wanted ! ! ! ! Casper where are you.???
Brilliant for its tenebrous injection and incredibly well orchestrated cinematic play !
We are calling from California.. .. . . Surfin' on that trip! .... ;... See full review
Prutser - Netels
posted a comment on Prutser - Netels. over 2 years ago
Pruster...!!!!! ' D'oh! ' Curious calling !!!! From cover to muzik you don't know where you go till you meet B-Side ::: Executing an excellent coldwave track with classic drumset, here sequenced-. The evolution keeps you focused and permits a small... See full review
Random Factor - Too Fast Into The Future
posted a comment on Random Factor - Too Fast Into The Future. over 2 years ago
Harry_X :::::: yes, agree, he went too fast! - xx
Lionel Pointis - Sans Frontières
posted a comment on Lionel Pointis - Sans Frontières. over 2 years ago
If somebody desire to trade his copy, please visit my sale list and contact me @nytime!
Je danse avec la douce neige... Sous sa robe... Blanche!

'This record is a brilliant piece of music:::: representative of a period in France where mix of... See full review
Art Teachers - AT
posted a comment on Art Teachers - AT. over 2 years ago
> > underrated release! how hOt and dAdA 'AT' is sounding! > smashing pop excursions built on dark background roads surrounded by ironic aspects and not common way to play... or sing . ? after some time on repeat, you can grab the dubby... See full review
Various - Neu Ist Zeit  - Augsburg 1979-84
posted a review of Various - Neu Ist Zeit - Augsburg 1979-84. over 2 years ago
A compilation of early 80's german productions in the range of very minimalistic -punkish new wave... Introducing (or reminding) seriously good forgotten bands from an era where cold times was a main atmosphere for those sounding hard, harsh and ace!... See full review
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Tryphème - Aluminia
posted a review of Tryphème - Aluminia. over 2 years ago
Radiant second EP from french producer Tryphème... Introducing lush-idm and more obscure atmospheres than on 'Online Dating'(2017). /delayed/filtered/infused and cataclyct would resume that EP if we would not forget to consider it as synth pop... And... See full review
Laner Fax - 97 Firebound / Dranzer Beatin
posted a review of Laner Fax - 97 Firebound / Dranzer Beatin. over 2 years ago
Effective 2 - tracks single coming from lyonnaise >FR< suburbs after a limited self-released edition back in 2017. A very welcome repress that would remind me to evocate the (secret) relationship of this spatial environment to productions from... See full review
Che (3) - Narcotic
posted a comment on Che (3) - Narcotic. over 2 years ago
Don't really agree with our previous "seller"... This album has its effect due to Sherwood production and style... But in reality; it deserves no comment, excitation or more talk. This is a common album in the UK i>ndustrial & d>ub range, related to... See full review
Gerard Stokkink - Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater
posted a comment on Gerard Stokkink - Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater. over 2 years ago
"Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater" accompanied a theather performance at the time. Absolutely brillant ambient music, not to be considered as an appartenance to "ambient" style, which would put this synthy soundtrack out of it's domain: catching an... See full review
Grim Lusk - SUNP0101
posted a comment on Grim Lusk - SUNP0101 . over 2 years ago
" minimal to the max " in full effect! diabolic manifesto of straight moves "à la sauce" moderne , Grim Lusk delivers this intime acrobatic debut-single EP made of onomatopées and broken constructions.... And it provides real pleasure !!! - > - -... See full review
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