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pretty sure these guys came from eligin illinois though they did play dekalb often from what I recall.
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there is also a blue vinyl version ava through southern lord records, I ordered a copy.

i see on the discogs page for this release they have the two, for lack of better word at the moment, 'weakest' tracks from the lp to sample. that'll help sales. dont ... See full review
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To my knowledge this was a self released effort.

Short track listing but long songs, could be considered an ep or album, depending on how one classifies. EPs are generally short "Extented Play" singles, this is not the really case with this release, ... See full review
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This is an excellent album. One of the best in the genre.

Track 4s name is actually 'Dusty Planes and Daydreams Of Adventure' as seen on the cd itself and by CDDB / Gracenote database's.