Graphic designer, musician, reissue producer and sound engineer, as well as (almost) retired vinyl and file DJ. Record collector since the early 1980s. Expert on Czechoslovak rock/pop/jazz records from the 1960s and 1970s. Author of the Funky Czech-In blog. Member of Collector of 1970s funk, soul and jazz. External collaborator with labels Vampi Soul, Munster Records, Indies Happy Trails and Galén, particularly in terms of their respective association with Supraphon.

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Recent Activity
submitted Jaromír Mayer - Šedý Dým / Včera. 1 day ago
submitted Various - Big Beat Story 1 (1964-1965). 2 days ago
submitted Jiří Šlitr Jiří Suchý* - Největší Hity. 2 days ago
submitted Karel Vlach Se Svým Orchestrem* - Směs Skladeb Duke Ellingtona (Č. 3 / Č. 4). 3 days ago
submitted Ferdinand Havlík Se Svým Orchestrem* - Tennessee Slop. 4 days ago
submitted Metronom (3) - Zlaté Ráno / Takovej Lord. 4 days ago
submitted Metronom (3) - Mademoiselle Ninette / Zavolej. 4 days ago
submitted Petr Němec - Co Se Povídá • Bílým Klíčem. 4 days ago
submitted Petr Němec - Já Tu Byl / Vždyť Je Letní Den. 4 days ago
submitted Beatings, Fontána - Rytířův Návrat / Já Tak Mít Tátu. 8 days ago
submitted Banjo Band* - Banjo Band 1973-1975. 8 days ago
submitted Naďa Urbánková A Milan Drobný - Modrý Tričko / Pánbu Ví. 8 days ago
submitted Myriam Acevedo* - Oguere. 8 days ago
submitted Jeňýk Pacák* - Chodidla / Upírova Píseň. 8 days ago
submitted Karol Duchoň - Elena • V Slovenských Dolinách. 8 days ago
submitted René Glaneau, Karel Duba - Big Beat Party. 8 days ago
submitted V+W*, Jar Ježek* - Jaroslav Ježek - V + W. 8 days ago
submitted Bedřich Smetana, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra* Conductor Karel Šejna - Má Vlast = My Country. 9 days ago
posted a comment on Nirvana - Nevermind. 18 days ago
Since this 1992 pressing with silver labels obviously causes major confusion amongst avid collectors regarding its legal status, I have contacted Karel Havelka, the founder and owner of Globus International. Here is an excerpt from his reply:

* [i]"Dělali jsme ... See full review
submitted Various - The Best Of Blue Note Vol. 2. about 1 month ago
submitted SHQ - SHQ A Přátelé. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Musiques De L'Islam D'Asie (Pakistan, Inde, Malaisie, Indonésie). 2 months ago
submitted Don Gi*, Dr. Gui, Guido Rath - Musikalische Seilschaften 1982-2017. 3 months ago
submitted Barnodaj - Mauglí. 4 months ago
submitted Madukas - What They Can Leave Behind. 4 months ago
submitted Tina* - When The Heartache Is Over. 4 months ago
submitted John Williams (7) - Bridges. 4 months ago
submitted José Feliciano - ポップスシリーズ 1 = Pops Series 1. 4 months ago
submitted Gipsy Kings - Live. 4 months ago
submitted Dacio Ferrera - Un Cantador De Leyenda. 4 months ago
submitted Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man. 4 months ago
submitted Edith Piaf - La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean … (Bravo Pour Le Clown). 4 months ago
submitted - Troubles, Troubles. 5 months ago
submitted Carl Orff Musikalische Leitung: Mark Mast Choreographie: Tomasz Kajdanski Solotänzer: Benito Marcelino - Carmina Burana. 5 months ago
submitted Various - Disco Klub. 5 months ago
submitted Eva Olmerová - Vítr Rváč. 5 months ago
submitted Frank Duval & Orchestra - Die Schönsten Melodien Aus Derrick & Der Alte. 6 months ago
submitted Jaromír Hnilička & Karel Velebný Tentet - Týnom Tánom. 6 months ago
submitted SHQ - Motus. 6 months ago
submitted René Glaneau / Taneční Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu* - Malý Gonzales / Růže V Okně. 6 months ago
submitted Sabina* - Sirkama. 6 months ago
submitted SHQ - Jazzové Nebajky (The Jazz Nebyeki). 6 months ago
submitted The Ugly Blues Connection* - Sladké Je Žít. 7 months ago
submitted Lukáš Machata - Ögl Sei Dank…. 7 months ago
submitted C. Worth - Emilia. 7 months ago
submitted Tito Puente - Homenaje A Beny Vol. 2. 8 months ago
submitted Franco* - It's A Magic Night, Tonight. 8 months ago
submitted Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber*, Donny Osmond, Richard Attenborough, Joan Collins - Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 8 months ago
submitted Bror Gunnar Jansson - And The Great Unknown (Part I). 8 months ago
submitted UFO (26) - III. 9 months ago