"meandering between recorded and realtime scratches and distortions".

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if in 1993 you got a copy of M's "domina" and loved it ever since, chances are you would also be into the D1 track on this double pack. Have a listen and you'll get what i mean ;)
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Perception. 27 days ago
i got it for "my dfinition", very useful thing, BUT the general impression is deeply spoiled by the uncredited sample of Bango's "mystical adventure" (track C2).
posted a comment on Marenn Sukie - Malinal EP. about 1 month ago
"interesting" - that's the first word that came to me while checking the EP. From lazy hip hop beats to uptempo breaks, all perfectly connected creating a cohesive record - very strong 6-tracker, good sound, and a jacket easily recognizeable among other ... See full review
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Grant 005. about 1 month ago
what a shame about the distortion heard on B1's bassline - very similar story to that of After Hours on Strictly Rhythm, very good track that you eventually do not play because of this small but noticeable / irritating technical issue. A2/B2 are still ... See full review
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how about a comment by someone who bought 3 copies ofthe running back reissue, and had to gave them away due to barely playable sound quality? a1 - poor dynamic range, muffled drums, completely no match for the vg+ copy of the FinalCut issue that i got ... See full review
posted a comment on Citizen Maze - Serenity In The Woods . 2 months ago
so far so good, if they continue putting out releases comparable to #10 or #13 they'll soon earn a separate shelf right in between SVEK and Alleviated (: both thumbs up & can't wait for the next one..
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whatever happened to this plant i'd love to find the people running the facility between 97 and 99. these records were perfect. pretty much 125-140g and putting to shame the average 180+ discs, perfectly centered too. they were the equivalent of today's ... See full review
posted a comment on Maurizio - M6. 4 months ago
this, m7 and domina are my "speaker / room" testing tracks for years now.. rhythm & sound guys at the top of their game, still unmatched by whole generations of soundalikes..

a personal fave too, everybody has their formative moments, hearing this ... See full review
posted a comment on Maurizio - M6. 4 months ago
because these two mixes are "acting crazy" dubs, just as m7 is a version of "ruff way".
posted a comment on Liquideep - Angel. 5 months ago
havent checked all of the reworks, but the original surely deserves a proper release - preferably the whole side of a 12".
posted a comment on Analogue Attic. 5 months ago
AAR 10 put the label on my radar; this one makes me believe AAR could grow into modern day SVEK.
posted a comment on W-Moon, Unless - Metro Juice Archives Ep. 6 months ago
great re-release. Long lost Tomoki Tsukamoto tracks properly re-cut and pressed flawlessly. Hopefully there will be a follow up including other Metro Juice material. the "re-mastering" (if any) is subtle and the tracks havent lost any of their foggy ... See full review
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i am not collecting labels, artists, or "records" as such..i collect what i find to be good music, BUT there were certain labels that were quite special, and SVEK is definitely one of those..let's say 5 labels that are given their separate shelf. Even ... See full review
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got a few of these and must say im not even checking any further - the sound quality of these reissues makes the sought after originals even more expensive ;/
posted a comment on Merzbow. 7 months ago
definitely deserves a top-10 spot in the ear-fatique ranking (probably no#2 right after Abruptum). His " perfect pain" remains one of the most irritating releases that i've heard, a definition of sonic displeasure.. audio signals dont get any more ... See full review
posted a comment on DeepChord - dc14. 8 months ago
as much as i prefere the A side tracks, the B side label steals the record ;) This one and Echochord 06/09 are definitely my fave works by Rod Modell so far. The later Echospace and Modern Love releases sound..somehow compromised, the mid-late Deepchord ... See full review
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Growth. 8 months ago
cant be cut-related, it's either from badly electroplated stamper, or from "tired" (worn) stamper, or dirty stamper, if the press' cooling of the previous disc went wrong - could be storage related too; if the cut was messed, all stampers -> all ... See full review
posted a comment on Samuel L. Session* - Funk De Luxe. 8 months ago
got it for B2 "Kongo" and sadly the track on my copy suffers from unpleasant glitches - 15-20% of the beats layered with a bongo(?) drum suffer from very short, but loud "snap" / glitch - either something got stuck to the stamper, or the master was cut ... See full review
posted a comment on The Subjective - Tremmer / Critical. 8 months ago
usually one semi tone @ -6% here, but this record "likes" being slowed down as the original kick is pretty high pitched, so pitching down makes it "heavier" within reasonable limits. same applies to BC's Octagon or tim taylor's fear of music 001, both of ... See full review
posted a comment on Perception (2) & Mad Mike* - Windchime. 8 months ago
to me it was all about the B side too, it's been 14 years now, and it is as charming as it's been back then. it definitely belongs to a tight list of faverites inside the UR / RP / LH crate.

windchime was always a bit overjoyed for my tastes, but i ... See full review
posted a comment on Ben Long - Potential 001. 8 months ago
i've got this one on a tape from 1997, so at least the white test pressing had to be manufactured before 1998.
posted a comment on Chance McDermott - Cataclysm. 8 months ago
memories...a1 mixed into Tim Taylor's fear of music 001a1, by oliver bondzio at evosonic radio back in winter 1997... that hour ending with this track and you had no other option but to find all these tracks, and spend next 20 years mixing dance music to ... See full review
posted a comment on Reload - Autoreload EP. 9 months ago
i'd say that this version of Peschi is pretty disappointing, and not really relevant. it is the "short stories" 7th minute mix of the track that forces people to ask for an ID. Personally i found the single version of "Peschi" to be a vague shadow of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Regis - We Said No / Allies. 9 months ago
it's all about the A side for me. Red hot, boiling mixture of anger and nonconformity. this and "divine ritual" remain my faverite Regis productions from that era.

(we said "no" too)
posted a comment on Ross 154 - Fragments. 9 months ago
the original sounded even more middy/milky, but in a tasty way, the reissue sounds ...somehow wrong, as if recorded on an underbiased type II cassette. i guess someone tried to restore some of the missing trreble, but boosted some dirt along with the ... See full review
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Jazz It Up. 10 months ago
after giving the record a few chances i give up, dont know what the source was (juno download wavs?) but something really did go wrong here, it's neither a match for the FVR release, nor it actually fits between two other properly cut/pressed tracks in ... See full review
posted a comment on International Music System - Nonline. 10 months ago
where is "run away"? it seems that someone has cut off 90% of the original ep, turning a classic into a headless corpse, well done, mr.surgeon.
posted a comment on Dennis Ferrer Feat. K.T. Brooks - How Do I Let Go. 10 months ago
it is a lacquer cut, with 15-16 minutes per side it cannot be loud,but of course it is possible that your copy has very low noisefloor and plays clean, i've heard threee copies so far, and mine was the best of the three, but im far from hearing all of ... See full review
posted a comment on The 65 D Mavericks* - Last Journey. 10 months ago
you buy it for "east of the sun", but you'll probably keep it for the b side. side A would be played a lot, if only the structure was diffrent..if there were a few "drums only" sequences where the main melodic elements are absent, it would probably never ... See full review
posted a comment on Sterac AKA Steve Rachmad - Secret Life Of Machines (Remastered). 11 months ago
still waiting for draghixia, hydroxy and satyricon to get re-cut and reissued the way they deserve. secret life and sitting on clouds make this repress a valueable possesion, but i'd still insist on publishing the missing tracks (if possible).
posted a comment on Bileebob - Call Me. 11 months ago
shit music doesnt make me smile and i'd never classify this as a problem that needs curation of any sort. this one is a mistake, an absurd scar on their catalogue, facts are facts.
posted a comment on Alex M - It Works. 11 months ago
lot's of bs surrounding this reissue, cool story really, but compare the original cut/presss (the only GOOD final cut pressing btw) to this reissue, castrated, "weak" and noisy, similar to badly stored avilyn tape (TDK AR etc.) sorry, i pre-ordered 3 ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr Fingers* - Cerebral Hemispheres. 11 months ago
any sort of Advisor has never been necessary. maybe this is a turning point for some people. Stop reading about music, music should be "written", not "written about"!
RA are simply crying for attention with this one, and sadly, they get what they want.. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Tresor IV - Solid. 11 months ago
overall signal to noise ratio is quite all right, but Think Quick should be given whole side because of the long, subtle fade in..As it is - the noise floor kills the opening 45 seconds imo..playable, but it is only a little bit cleaner than the original ... See full review
posted a comment on Gaussian Curve. 11 months ago
i dont think there were many post-2000 LPs that i'd call "important", but these guys really stand out, both "Clouds" and "Distance" sound strangely familiar when you first hear them..and stay with you.. for weeks..for months..for good.
posted a comment on The Vision - Spectral Nomad. 11 months ago
ive heard 4 copies of the original 1996 press and they were full of random crackle, especially on A1 and B1, the NSC cut might have been crispier, more.."edgy", but i'd prefere this reissue ANYTIME.. This reminds me of Clone's reissues of the drexciya ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr Fingers* - Cerebral Hemispheres. 11 months ago
why should anyone ever bring the RA irelevance to a review of a music LP? why should any owner of a pair of ears be guided by children is beyond me ;/
posted a comment on Biosphere - Substrata. 12 months ago
the 2017 pressing is nothing short of a masterpiece, not a single crackle, pop or whatever defect from a1 till the very end - i am impressed. the same plant should reissue S.A.W II ;)
posted a comment on Digital PrinceZZ - Constitution Of Sound. about 1 year ago
it obviously is his work, there was a long epic internet drama surrounding this release, but if you simply connect the dots, you'll realise this was recorded and delivered to Pacou by the same producer who recorded LL 08 ;)
posted a comment on Georges Vert - An Electric Mind. about 1 year ago
one thing could be improved; if it ever gets a re-issue, please dont save on the mastercut, and give it four sides it really deserves, this is screaming for a 2x12" release. if it was up to me, it would be 4x12 45 rpm with one track per side, it's that ... See full review
posted a comment on Nature Rhythm - Lost In The Jungle. about 1 year ago
if you miss the mid-late Svek sound, give this one a try, you won't be disappointed.
posted a comment on Various - Pop Ambient 2002. about 1 year ago
tal'90, ag penthouse, donaunebel - they're all special, as personal as music can get, come on..this is not "just another ambient music compilation", this is somehing else*. 2002 was a special year, and this CD is one of the reasons that made it special.
posted a comment on Richie Hawtin - 006. about 1 year ago
slowed down by 6% this becomes one of the very few techno releases i'd still want to hear on a bigger system, the 007 - sounds like 97 purpose maker with a bit of Rob Hood, funked up with a pinch of Magic Juan to me. why wasnt he satisfied with that? was ... See full review
posted a comment on Porter Ricks - Zebu. about 1 year ago
this is one of the records that makes you addicted to the "hardware sound" - once you dive into one of these, you will never, ever use a laptop as a sound source for whatever track or sound project, it's that different. it's like.. the choice of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Biosphere - Substrata. about 1 year ago
all three of my copies are cut and pressed flawlessly, zero noise, no pops, no crackle, a bit like the mid 1994 Cro2 tape with the bonus of dolby B (which was unnecessary for actual BASF chromedioxide anyway ;) we ve sold about 20 copies (taken from 3 ... See full review