Italo disco music is carved into my brain and there is an addiction that strengthens daily, leaving less and less room for normal everyday life. The unique sound and mysterious feeling leaves me wanting more and more. Something about italo disco, something special, just like you!


“Fire Lady” by Christal from 1987.
"Emotion's Game" by Kris Tallow from 1987.
"Invisible" by Patrol
"Cleopatra" by Kono
"Freeway To Love" by Kono

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Kono - Cleopatra
posted a comment on Kono - Cleopatra. 5 months ago
This may be my favorite hidden gem of Italo disco. You can listen to this song and it always makes the evening so much better. The U.S Dance Mix is fantabulous, a must own for any collection if you what you seek is beauty, sorta like Cleopatra!
posted a comment on Christal. 5 months ago
I have a theory that Christal is pretty much also Kristal (7), as both have Massimo De Martino and Michele Di Salvia involved in both and a real good close look at both Christal and Kristal (7)'s female, they do look alike, anyone knows (Francesca... See full review
Andrea (4) - Macho Man
posted a comment on Andrea (4) - Macho Man. 6 months ago
The best way to experience this gem is the Italian 12" on Baby Records. The longer versions of both songs are far superior to the short 7" versions. So what's this song all about? Really good italo disco song, that much is for sure. "Macho Man" sounds... See full review
Various - Fior Di Loto 1
posted a comment on Various - Fior Di Loto 1. 6 months ago
Fior Di Loto 1 compilation from Paradise Records contains several italo disco songs only found here! First up is the only appearance for Debra (3) and the song "Night Fantasy", it is such a sexy italo disco song. Beautiful female vocals, fast beat,... See full review
Double Take (2) - When You Said Hello
posted a comment on Double Take (2) - When You Said Hello. 8 months ago
"When You Said Hello" is on the frontline of the best euro disco. It's just an all-around masterpiece with one hell of a catchy chorus. I used to mistake this as italo disco before I realized that Double Take was from Germany. We have great beat,... See full review
posted a comment on Slowteer. about 1 year ago
Holy shit is this a good song. Too bad nothing exists on it other than featured in the Mixage mix off Baby Records, 1984. Careful searching, "Slowther" is printed on 1 version fo Mixage, "Slowteer" on the other, I believe.
Radio Movie - No Escape
posted a comment on Radio Movie - No Escape. about 1 year ago
"Search" is a godforsaken gem. What a beauty that song is. I really like the 12" cover art here, but the real winner is that b-side. Good male vocals and gorgeous synthesizer work. Going over the a-side, "No Escape", it's a very good italo disco song... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Why Not* - Smile / Comet 059
posted a comment on Why Not* - Smile / Comet 059. over 2 years ago
Why Not is more akin to space disco like Dutch artists Rofo and italo disco master Koto. And what an awesome song "Smile" really is. Instrumental other than the laughing giggles of what could be assumed to be mister smiley take this song to the high heavens! See full review
Chiara (3) - Around
posted a comment on Chiara (3) - Around. over 2 years ago
"Around" by Chiara is such an A+ italo disco gem, I can't understand even for a second how it sits at a 3.25 rating! Everything about it is wonderful. Beginning w/ the ob-VIOUS: the beautiful woman on the sleeve, Chiara! The song has that... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Mariella (7) - Cœur Mandarine
posted a comment on Mariella (7) - Cœur Mandarine. over 2 years ago
"Coeur Mandarine" is a beautiful French minimal wave/italo disco-style song that is highly under the radar. I wish a longer version/12" existed, it's just such a great song that is over too quickly. Sadly, nothing else exists by Mariella, not... See full review
Various - Snake's Music Presents Vol. 9
posted a comment on Various - Snake's Music Presents Vol. 9. over 2 years ago
I guess this is the final destination if you're looking for "Trans Rainbow Xpress" by Mind's Eye. I can not find proof of a 12" or any other point to locate this hidden gem. If you're a lover of italodance and eurodance, this one is for you! There's... See full review
Lady DV* - Dolce Vita
posted a comment on Lady DV* - Dolce Vita. over 2 years ago
A very good song. Don't think for a minute this is a rip-off of Ryan Paris' 1983 classic italo disco song. This is nothing to do with it, and it's a very wonderful male + female vocal track. A definite underrated italo disco gem!
Nutcho - Dreamin' On
posted a comment on Nutcho - Dreamin' On. over 2 years ago
Don't be fooled by the bland cover art. This is a wonderful male/female italo disco gem. Hear the chorus once, it will be with you for life as a result! There's a trumpet in this song too.
Dance Express (2) - All Of Your Heart
posted a comment on Dance Express (2) - All Of Your Heart. over 2 years ago
"All Of Your Heart" is such a good song! This is mostly italo disco in everything but country of origin. While Paolo Ragatzu may be Italian as well as the other people involved in this song, his works are all out of Belgium. There's a tiny bit of... See full review
Denise (2) - Baby
posted a comment on Denise (2) - Baby. over 2 years ago
Here's a hidden gem if there ever was such a thing at this point in time! It's not entirely eurobeat, only headed in that direction with some of the components by 1989. In fact, this is the year that you decided which way to go as the Italian... See full review
D.J. Arch. Marcello Bertini - P.A.N.D.A.
posted a comment on D.J. Arch. Marcello Bertini - P.A.N.D.A.. over 2 years ago
100% masterpiece of italo disco! This has a haunting rhythm while some singers spell out the word P-A-N-D-A. What's not to love about that? "P.A.N.D.A. (Sigla Side)" is barely over 5 minutes, but regardless of the short length, it's still a... See full review
Ze Carlos - Venha
posted a comment on Ze Carlos - Venha. over 2 years ago
If you're looking for a pretty obscure italo disco gem, well look no further than the B-side of this record! The "Dub Bob One Remix" by Bob One AKA Roberto Attarantato is really something else! Sounds nothing like the original version of the song,... See full review
Humphrey - Devil Love (Passion In The Dark)
posted a comment on Humphrey - Devil Love (Passion In The Dark). over 2 years ago
One of the best, this should be on everybody's top 25 list for italo disco. "Devil Love (Passion In The Dark)" has wonderful male vocals, his voice so familiar yet so unknown. 3 godfathers of italo disco production are onboard here, including Jimmy Mc... See full review
Louis* - Bad Times
posted a comment on Louis* - Bad Times. over 2 years ago
"Bad Times" is a great subsequent follow-up to "Rocks Mumbling..." + "Summer In The Dark", one of the best 12" italo disco releases on all time. This song is amazing, with his distinct voice, you can tell straight-away it's Loui$. And wow is this song... See full review
Boys Gang - Mary-Lou
posted a comment on Boys Gang - Mary-Lou. over 2 years ago
"Hey Little Rocker" is quite unknown, but it will one day be much more beloved because one listen to this song and you will fall in love with it! I don't know how old these guys were, but whoever programmed this song is a genius with amazing skill. If... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Various - Different Styles - Maxi Power X 4
posted a comment on Various - Different Styles - Maxi Power X 4. over 2 years ago
The only way to hear the song "Back To My Boy" by Pat is right here. And that's a shame because this is an amazing song! For years I had mistaken this as an Italian production. It's italo disco music at its heart, even though it's by a German artist.... See full review
Naked In Paris - Caza
posted a comment on Naked In Paris - Caza. over 2 years ago
Well, the b-side here is a very hard-beat club song (for 1983). It's up there with the production values of "Transdance", another favorite, also on the UK! My opinion is that "No-No Heh-Heh" is better than "Caza"!
Just Lanky - Baby, Save Me
posted a comment on Just Lanky - Baby, Save Me. over 2 years ago
A very nice SABADELL SOUND! This is relatively unknown, but it should be known to you! Much like other's from the same period in Spain, this has all the classic elements including some dual male/female vocals and the sabadell drum beat. Makes sense,... See full review
Miko Mission - Two For Love
posted a comment on Miko Mission - Two For Love. over 2 years ago
Here lies one of the greatest italo disco songs ever made. Every aspect of this song was perfected, from the vocals to the instrumental segments, there is not a single thing that could make this any better than it is! The music video is one of the... See full review
The Family Number One - Lara De Bahia
posted a comment on The Family Number One - Lara De Bahia. over 2 years ago
This is one of my personal favorite italo disco songs ever. Wonderful summer sounds and whatever it is that they are singing about doesn't even matter because it's such a perfect happy song. Certainly feels like 1984 and that final instrumental break... See full review
Noëlle Joyceky - Somebody In The Sun
posted a comment on Noëlle Joyceky - Somebody In The Sun. over 2 years ago
If you covers of italo disco music by another italo disco artist, then this song is for you! "Somebody In The Sun" takes the same framework of "Afrikan Man" by Hally & Kongo Band from 5 years earlier and replaces it with new lyrics and subtle changes... See full review
Page 2 - Beat The Clock
posted a comment on Page 2 - Beat The Clock. over 2 years ago
Very easy to give this 12" 5 stars. "Beat The Clock" is such a wonderful dance song, feels like it'd fit wonderful out on the beaches or somewhere warm and happy. I love everything about the song, including the great male vocals throughout. The B-side... See full review
Rat Atà - Rap In Ha
posted a comment on Rat Atà - Rap In Ha. over 2 years ago
Here we have an amazing italo disco song by a one-off artist known only as Rat Atà. The song of "Rap In Ha" is not what you would think a rap song from 1988 would sound like. So what is it then? It's just a gorgeous italo disco melody filled with many... See full review
Toys For Boys - Your Body, Your Feeling
posted a comment on Toys For Boys - Your Body, Your Feeling. over 2 years ago
Some very late italo disco, 1989 when the genre basically did not exist! Every Italian producer had split in one of two directions: Eurobeat popularized in Japan and Italo House, similar to that of all other late 80's house. But this song is like a... See full review
Clad - Song Of Arabia
posted a comment on Clad - Song Of Arabia. over 2 years ago
One of many italo disco songs with the theme of Arabian Desert. Nemesy's "Arabian Sacrifice" and Growing Beats "Sahara" are but two examples that do it well. You can add this song to the mix, because it's an easy 5 out of 5 record! At over 7 minutes... See full review
Stella Steevens* - Butterfly
posted a comment on Stella Steevens* - Butterfly. over 2 years ago
A very, VERY good song. "Butterfly" by Stella Steevens is top-tier italo disco, without any doubt. It is hard to find a plethora of gems from 1987 when italo disco was almost done, but this is one of several examples of the genre still can be... See full review
Jerry Co - Mathematic Dance
posted a comment on Jerry Co - Mathematic Dance. over 2 years ago
What a wonderful gem this song is! No other music by Jerry Co, and this being from Belgium is more or less italo disco-style with a tad of the sabadell sound mixed in. A faint male vocal singing about the 'mathematic dance' that is almost impossible... See full review
Mary Anne - Astrology Charts
posted a comment on Mary Anne - Astrology Charts. over 2 years ago
Killer double gem by Mary Anne. "Astrology Charts" has some amazing female vocals on a very slow, sexy italo disco beat. And likewise, the B-side is just more of it. "My Baby My" is a very good song that complements A-side so well. It is not as dark... See full review
Jimmy & Susy - Come Back
posted a comment on Jimmy & Susy - Come Back. over 2 years ago
What a wonderful song by Jimmy Mc Foy and Susy. "Come Back" is a classic italo disco song, the only release of these 2 together. For more similar, you can hear anything else by Jimmy Mc Foy. This song is very, very similar to "Cenerentola" AKA... See full review
Max Black & Robert White - Please
posted a comment on Max Black & Robert White - Please. over 2 years ago
This is one of the best songs from the wonderful era known as "italo dance". Extremely obscure artist here, Max Black & Robert White, together produced many wonderful songs but none appear on Discogs. A few of then: My Love, Stay A Little Longer, Take... See full review
Various - Disco Tozzo
posted a comment on Various - Disco Tozzo. over 2 years ago
What have we here? This compilation is filled with some amazingly good italo disco music that has never had its own 12" releases. This is like buried treasure that some italo disco collectors have found! Maurizio Serafini and "Oha... Oha..." is a... See full review
David Gray (2) - Let's Dance Tonight
posted a comment on David Gray (2) - Let's Dance Tonight. over 2 years ago
Just 2 by this artist, but both are masterpeices in their own right! And both equally loved, the artwork to this record, I used to as a child draw my own version of this, tilting skyscrapers in the clouds. Such simple yet deep art, and this song, very... See full review
Etnika - Ondarabia
posted a comment on Etnika - Ondarabia. over 2 years ago
"Ondarabia" by Etnika is a very nice italo disco/new wave song with great male vocals. There are 4 versions of the song on this 2-record 12". You have your normal club mix which is the "Extended Version", followed by the "Instrumental Version" which... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Valerie Dore - It's So Easy
posted a comment on Valerie Dore - It's So Easy. over 2 years ago
So many wonderful songs made by the Valerie Dore team, but this one is my favorite. Love the beat so much on "It's So Closer", more danceable than her first 2 gems, albeit very dark italo songs. The female voice of Valerie Dore is probably the... See full review
Body Games - Summer Sunshine / Castle On The Sand
posted a comment on Body Games - Summer Sunshine / Castle On The Sand. over 2 years ago
"Summer Sunshine" by Body Games is a lovely italo disco song, part of a double-track 12" also featuring "Castle On The Sand" on the b-side. I am floored by the low rating this holds (3.4 out of 5) here, because it is an easy 4.5 star song. If you like... See full review
Body Games - Stop Love
posted a comment on Body Games - Stop Love. over 2 years ago
Early italo disco from 1983 using all soon-to-be established ingredients of the genre. Here we have raspy male vocals with the Italian accent, and a great dance beat. I can't really think of much to say about this song other than it's very, very good... See full review
Bobby Game - Baby Big Man
posted a comment on Bobby Game - Baby Big Man. over 2 years ago
"Baby Big Man" is one interesting song!! Immediately, you may notice that it sounds like a cover of "You Are A Danger" by Gary Low, but in fact is a production by the team of Gary Low. I really like "Baby Big Man" because it holds a few things "You... See full review
Orient Affair - Love Computer
posted a comment on Orient Affair - Love Computer. over 2 years ago
While this is categorically classified here on Discogs as New Beat, I would strongly disagree. What we have here is a beat-pound song that belongs more to the italo disco and euro disco genre's of the latter half of the 80's. This is a fine release on... See full review
Mozzart - Malice & Vice
posted a comment on Mozzart - Malice & Vice. over 2 years ago
This MOZZART has a few wonderful songs on his belt. One of my favorite euro-disco songs appears as the b-side on this 12" record on the Metronome Label out of Germany. The song I speak of is "Devil's Rendezvous" which is just perfection of the style... See full review
Arud - 2001... The Saturnus Mission
posted a comment on Arud - 2001... The Saturnus Mission. over 2 years ago
A-side is a 10 minute ambient track that is fine for a quick listen. But flip the cassette over and be prepared for something entirely different... "Coldwave" is really something else, I have to consider it one of my favorite songs. Hard to classify... See full review
Dee Jay Roby - Mister X
posted a comment on Dee Jay Roby - Mister X. over 2 years ago
Synth-line on "Mister X" is what dreams are made of. Awesome male vocals, very fast and heavy bpm here, some other weird sound effects thrown in. During the instrumental break after 2 minutes I feel like I'm experiencing a high of all highs on drugs,... See full review