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this is what you call a "One hit wonder" Dreams is such a marvellous track I don't understand why C.J. Dolan (is this his real name or is there maybe C.J. D[B]olan[d] behind) did only one hit.

he had the potential to become the best trance producder ... See full review
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posted a comment on Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 5. over 8 years ago
I bought this CD because I became very late aware of the talent of Klaus Schulze and I wanted to have a collection of most of his tracks. When you think of electronics in the 70's you always default to Kraftwerk. But this guy is the master of electronic ... See full review
posted a comment on Millionaire Hippies - Life Is A Celebration. over 9 years ago
One of the best UK acid house record. Master acidline and enchanting female vocals in the Acid in the House Mix, make your mind explode.
Also mastering is quite good a real Deconstruction work. The 303 sounds really mean like on of the Devilfish versions.
posted a comment on Critical Rhythm - I'm In Love With You. over 9 years ago
An Illusion is the track of this EP to be mentioned here. I remember this one played back in 1991 with hammering strobe lights and loads of nebula coming out of the machines. This track with its spiritual futuristic atmosphere is way to technoid for Nu ... See full review
posted a comment on Dennis Ferrer. over 10 years ago
I completely agree, Aurasfere is the best trance project I have ever seen. All tracks where so well produced and hypnotizing as nothing else before (O.K. Damon did a few good trance trax as well), why did he change to the louzy house producer he is now. ... See full review
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - Classics. over 10 years ago
Basically this is a compilation of the Beltram Vol.1 & Vol.2 series. Plus the Mentasm a and b-side.
However if you did not get them by that time buy this release. What is a bit neglected here is that track A2 and A4 coproduced by Per Martinsen (The ... See full review
posted a comment on A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray. over 10 years ago
poor you obviously you never heard that track in club those days. shure it's arrangement is not massive but compared to the time it was made way before 1990 it's acid line a effects are enormous. btw. it's a milestone of techno/house history we are ... See full review
posted a comment on Integrity - The Way I Live. over 10 years ago
Highly underrated progressive label, allthough r and s is the parent label. Maarten van der Vleuten did a really good job here. Most of the tracks are so wildly arranged they almost got a jazzy free flow character with elements from trance, detroit, ... See full review
posted a comment on Peyote - Alcatraz. over 10 years ago
I rememeber hearing Alcatraz or Happy Birthday in my car driving to hamburg and back I rewinded the tape again and again because of the indian vibe and the trance elements it gave me so much energy and helped me to stay awake. Also in the club it was a ... See full review
posted a comment on J.A.P. - Fragments Of Reality. over 10 years ago
Fragements of reality is a real goa classic burner. Deep dissonant melancholic juno bassline and a standard 909 kick open hihat pattern plus a dark male voice offering you to change your life.
Runtime is 10 minutes approximately but does not get boring ... See full review
posted a review of Mantrax - Scarlet Circus. over 11 years ago
I have this record since it was released in my shelf and had written R&S whitelabel on it because there was no cover and no hint that this was a R&S release (no etches also only "White 003" engraved). The fact that I got it out from the R&S S folder in ... See full review
posted a review of Psyance - Motion. over 11 years ago
I believe this is the only record on Plus 8 which is featuring female vocal sample. Sounds like a tech-house record from Swayzak but that time they did not even exist. Classic detroitish handclaps and ride patterns give this song the reason to be ... See full review
posted a review of Ravebusters - Mitrax. over 11 years ago
This is one of Hypp and Krimsons most famous release. It was licensed by many labels and appeared one numerous compilations the time it was relased. Allthough it uses the quite dull "C and C Music Factory" guitar riff in the sound "Mitrax" it is a song ... See full review
posted a review of Hypp & Krimson - HYP-NO-TYZ 2. over 11 years ago
I love this EP because every single track on it is made beautifull. Allthough "Sweep it up" is a little "Ultimo Imperio" by Atahualpa rip-off the record stands on it's own and manifests the belgium trance sound of the nineties. Not agressive in any way, ... See full review
posted a review of Outlander - Aural Scent. over 11 years ago
It has been a long way of evolution for Marcos Salon from his 1991 techno house stomper "Vamp" to this highly progressive album. The sound fit's perfectly into the R&S sound of 1994. It is comparable to the album and sinlges of the acts "The Source ... See full review
posted a review of Lhasa - The Attic. over 11 years ago
The Attic is a.) a sign for the upcoming techno sound which was developed by Belgium, again putting more atmosphere into the previously developed sound called "New Beat"
b.) how a small track on an E.P can become so famous, it is really one of the ... See full review
posted a review of Resistance D - Cosmic Love. over 11 years ago
Nobody has rated this record before? It's a shame. This masterpiece from Resistance D. may be considered as the track which made them become really famous. It's trance intro and pumping beats made it a real floorfiller in the nineties.
The acidline ... See full review
posted a review of EXperimental. over 12 years ago
Yes you are right this is an absolutely underestimated label allthogh they feature a lot a well known artists such as Damon Wild, Ray Love, Joey Beltram (Code 6). The last release I have is CYAN - Peacekeeper which rounds up the picture of this label. ... See full review