E-MAIL: [email protected]

FOR ANY DOUBT, QUESTION or some PRICE ADJUSTMENT (only for multiple purchases or very expensive items) PLEASE CONTACT ME: [email protected]

PER QUALSIASI DUBBIO, DOMANDA o PROPOSTA (solo in caso di acquisti multipli od oggetti molto cari) CONTATTATEMI: [email protected]

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O F F E R T A S P E C I A L E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( VALIDA SUI TITOLI FINO A 4,99€ ):

-Compra 6 CDs fino a 4,99€ e il più economico non lo paghi !!!!

-Compra 20 CDs fino a 4,99€ e ne scegli altri 5 GRATIS entro 3,99€ !!!!

----------------- SHIPPING COSTS/FEES -----------------:

Since the recent Discogs fees applied also on shipping costs, I had to raise postage especially for deliveries abroad. Sorry in advance for that and thanks for your understanding !!!!


EACH INSERT and special/particular edition (not on common and regular jewel case) is CAREFULLY CHECKED. Instead DISCS are always scrupulously VERIFY at the DAYLIGHT and THROUGH DIFFERENT ANGLES to report any remarkable/evident scratches or imperfections. So you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. If the conditions of the CD are precarious, I always offer and write the possibility of sending detailed photos. REGULAR JEWEL CASES. SUPER JEWEL CASES, SLIM CASES etc. are NOT GRADED because they can always be replaced (also by me on request)


I CANNOT BE SURE that every of these titles is MINT/FACTORY NEW because it's possible that some of them has been opened and then re-sealed using a transparent envelope. On request, I could check them before shipping. Please write me if you want an inspection !!!!


When you find this wording it means that CDs were new/unsealed or sealed and they have been heard once or twice by me. Sometimes I had to open some sealed CD to replace case or tray that came totally broken.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS (ONLY FOR EUROPE): If you want a trace or a tracking number, the only way is to choose REGISTERED MAIL. All other shipments from Italy are NOT TRACKED. So I do not have any trace or tracking number to give you. Thanks in advance for reading and understanding.

EXTRA-EU SHIPMENTS/CUSTOM DECLARATION (ONLY FOR EUROPE): Custom declaration is NOT a trace of shipment, if you choose unregistered/priority mail. The only way to have a trace or tracking number is through a registered shipping.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS BY COURIER (ALWAYS TRACKED): This is possible and recommendable for big orders but it's more expensive and it depends on where you live. If you want this kind of shipment please contact me before placing order !!!!

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